Curvy Kate’s Star in a Bra 2011

March 20, 2011

This has been a real whirlwind, I barely know where to start!

First I’ll tell you about what the competition entails.

Every year (since 2009) Curvy Kate searches the UK for a D plus, naturally curvy, real woman, to become the face and body of new fuller bust brand, Curvy Kate. The winner gets to model with the brand for two seasons and win a year’s supply of lingerie.

 The UK average bust size is now above a D cup and the average dress size a 14, but this doesn’t stop many fashion brands avoiding choosing models that relate to these statistics. Curvy Kate uses real girls to model for the brand, who promote the ‘feel good figure’ philosophy.

So, I discovered the Star in a Bra competition after receiving a Simply Yours Catalogue when buying a very beautiful corset from their website. I went to become a fan of them on facebook (as i often do with clothes and products i like) and saw a post explaining the Star in a Bra competition.
Originally I didn’t think twice about entering, that is until my lovely friends Rosie and Ruth encouraged me to go for it, and believe in myself – something I’m not overly good at doing.
Considering I’ve never modelled in my life, I spent a fair few days mulling it over, um-ing and er-ing before the competition even opened. After a while I thought ‘what the hell, just i might as well just go for it’, and took the plunge! It was a nerve racking few weeks, especially awaiting the results, but I’m glad i put my fears aside and just went for it. I wasn’t overly keen on my photos, I look a bit bloated and a few people that know me in person have mentioned that they aren’t as flattering as they could be, but hey ho, they got me through to the final 30 which is what counts!

It’s important to explain that this competition is very close to my heart. I had such a hard time at school when I was younger. I went off to boarding school in Hertforshire when I was 10 years old, and due to some complicated family circumstances was put into the year above. Being young for my year anyway, I was a good two years younger than almost all my peers, and after very little time I became curvier than them, and was given the rather unoriginal nickname ‘elephant’.

Having grow up in a world where being thin is the only acceptable option, and the media judges everyone by their size, I was over the moon to discover a brand that actually promotes the curvy fuller figured woman. Although, if I do say so myself, the current Curvy Kate models, as stunningly beautiful as they are, are still slimmer (in areas other than the bust) than the national average. Now i have absolutely no problem with this at all, women should be appreciated whatever their size, and as long as you are healthy and well, whether you are slim, curvy, plus sized, whichever, you should be celebrated, and not judged.
Some have said, (including the beautiful Laura Butler, who currently models for Curvy Kate) that this year, is the year of the curvy plus size girl. I myself would quite like to see a size 14/16 girl win Star in a Bra this year, I think it would bring more variation to their selection of models, and I also believe a large majority of the female public would love to see a slightly bigger girl modelling for Curvy Kate; it helps to give a more realistic idea of how the underwear they’re purchasing will look on someone their own size.

Having said all that, I’m going to contradict myself slightly, by saying that in all honesty, all the other contestants this year are so beautiful and so friendly, that they all really deserve to win, regardless of their overall size. I think it’s really important to encourage women of all ages to realise they can be beautiful no matter what their shape, and I was also pleased to see at least two women over the age of 30 make it through to the top 30 finalists this year.

Of course, I absolutely must talk about a few women in the media now that I admire :-).
Without a doubt, the first woman that always comes to mind, is the stunning and effortlessly beautiful Christina Hendricks. Her fabulous curves and confidence (not to mention her incredibly engaging acting skills in ‘Mad Men’ that keep me glued to the TV screen!) never fail to make me proud to be curvy. In fact, last year I made a disastrous attempt to dye my hair red – it was an epic fail. Sadly gingery red hair just doesn’t suit me, but then again, I shouldn’t have tried to be something I’m not. Countless dyes and purple shampoos later, I think I will stick to being a blonde from now on! (Having said that, I hear that Christina Hendricks IS a natural blonde herself, hard to imagine!)
My next curvy girl to talk about, is the slightly less well known Erika Elfwencrona. Ok, so I know fairly little about her, having only recently discovered her on the Simply Yours website, but she is just absolutely gorgeous. Her shape is actually somewhat similar to mine, which is probably why I am so proud to see her modelling Lingerie, and she just seems to ooze confidence in a way I hope to be able to do one day.

Right, back to the point. I need your votes to get me through the the final 10 girls in the Star in a Bra competition. The public votes. The public who I do not know, and now have to convince that I am actually worth voting for! Argh!
All I can say is that I want to represent curvy women everywhere, especially anyone that has ever had body issues or been told to be something that they’re not. Too many women don’t know how to love what they’ve been blessed with, usually through years of being told or shown what they ‘should’ look like. I think it’s time we assorted sized women had a voice, and it’s so wonderful that curvy plus size women are beginning to get the recognition they deserve for being beautiful in all sorts of different sizes.

Lastly, I just want to mention three other curvylicious friends of mine that are also in the top 30 for Star in a Bra.
Georgina Horne
, a sexy 22 year old size 16 girl, who is frankly one of the most lovely not to mention confident girls I have ever met. She knows how to flaunt what she’s got!
The gorgeous and adorable Astrid Lopez, a 31 year old Pin up Girl – I say Pin up Girl because that’s what she looks like in her wonderful burlesque style outfits, and lastly the sweet yet stunning redhead, Kelly Parks!

You get to vote for three girls in Star in a Bra, and if I could ask anything of you all right now, it would be to please use your three votes on three of us curvy girlies!

The website for Star in a Bra is: www.starinabra.com

Lots of love,
Sophia Jenner. x

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