Curvy Kate Lingerie

March 21, 2011

I think the first thing to mention is that I ADORE Curvy Kate Lingerie. I download the online brochures from the Curvy Kate Website, and just sit looking at all the beautiful underwear. As is it, I only own a few sets of Curvy Kate underwear, and I long for the day when I can afford to buy more.Β 

My bra size, as with many women, seems to vary continuously, particularly with different brands and weight loss or gain. In Curvy Kate I usually wear a 32FF, but I think (I haven’t tested this theory yet) I could actually fit into a 30G, as the 32FF gives a bit around the band. As I say, varying brands often mean varying sizes. Take Panache for example – I only own one of their bras, the Porcelain Strapless – I actually needed a 34F/FF for that bra, which of course meant that unless I wanted to send it back (which I usually never get around to doing) I would have to buy some adjustment bra hooks, which in all honesty did the job, just about.
As for the pants, make sure to order up a size. So far all the ladies I know have needed to order one size bigger for the undies.

Bra shopping is a real struggle, especially when you buy online. Occasionally I will venture into a store, but being a student, I generally shop at the much needed discount online stores like Brastop (a favourite of mine). Recently, a few busty acquaintances of mine talked me into buying a really quite fabulous everyday bra, the Deco Plunge Bra by Freya. I bought mine in Pomegranate, a lovely colour, and with its beautifully molded cups it works with everything, and gives great cleavage. The only problem I do have with the Deco, is that it runs a size too small (both band and cup). I bought mine in a 32FF and it was quite loose round the band, so it needs to be worn on the tightest hooks!!

Now, back to my main lingerie topic, Curvy Kate of course. They are still expanding and developing their collection, as they are relatively new brand, and therefore only have a select few styles available at the moment, but one of the wonderful things about them, is that they go all the way up to a K cup, and actually make gorgeous sexy underwear that embrace our larger curves rather than hide them away.
The Thrill Me, and Tease Me sets are just so sexy, I dare any woman not to feel like a goddess in those bras! The Princess sets are just so so pretty, probably why they’re named ‘Princess’! Curvy Kate’s bras are really beautifully designed, and even though I only own a select few sets, they are all absolutely perfect. Some are padded and some are not, and I am 32FF in both, which is good news as it implies the sizes don’t really vary within the brand. I have the Thrill Me bra set in Cobalt/Fuchsia, which is beautifully flattering, the Princess Balcony bra in Indigo – such beautiful detailing on that one, and the Tease Me bra set in Black/Emerald, which is very sultry!

Unfortunately I didn’t take quite as good a picture of the Princess bra as I did of the Thrill me, so I’ve put the two bad ones together to try and show the bra a little more clearly.

As you can see, the Thrill Me bra is a balconette bra; I often wear this style as it fits well with quite a varied amount of clothing. It gives a lot of lift, and is a flattering style, however, this particular bra’s beautiful ruffled edges means it can only really be worn with a round neck top or dress. Still, it’s worth it because it’s such a lovely bra.
The Princess bra, ahhh I just think it’s so delicate, Princess really is the right name for it with the intricate flower stitched detailing. Of course, it’s a full cup bra, so doesn’t do much for one’s cleavage, but, occasionally there will be days when comfort trumps anything else by far πŸ™‚

Now, I’ll move on to the Tease Me set, which is a more recent purchase. I have mine in emerald green and black, and it it just absolutely stunning, you really feel like you ought to be performing for someone! πŸ˜›

Anyway, this is my limited experience so far with Curvy Kate Lingerie, I have no doubt there will be a lot more to follow. Just a quick reminder ladies, you should generally be remeasured every 6 or so months, as your body is constantly changing.

You may want to become a fan of the Curvy Kate Facebook page, which will give you all the info on their newest products.


Sophia xxx


  1. Good blog Sophia, job well done! :)) x

  2. This is a lovely idea for a blog, being a DD+ girl myself, i very much enjoyed reading it πŸ™‚

    JJ x

    • Thanks Josie!
      Sadly these Curvy Kate sets are now too small for me, but I plan to get a few more πŸ˜‰
      I always think it’s great finding out where to get the best D+ bras, it can be such a nightmare! x

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