March 29, 2011

I feel that words must be said about Freya’s Deco Moulded Plunge Bra; I’m surprised it’s even taken me this long to mention it!
The Deco is, without a doubt, marvelous. I do own a strapless Deco, but I’m going to start by talking about the original.
I bought my first one in Pomegranate, and it is gorgeous. Soft, comfortable, flattering and great to wear with practically any outfit. It goes up to a GG cup, so it’s bound to keep a lot of larger breasted women happy, although I do think they ought to consider expanding the size range for such a popular bra.

Pomegranate Deco 32FF

The 32FF (pomegranate) is, as I say, slightly too big for me. The girls need to be pulled up a little further, because the band isn’t quite tight enough, and the cups are a little loose. It’s still nice to wear, and when worn in the right size, will be absolutely perfect.

Among the other Deco’s that I own, are: the Freya Frida Deco, the Pistachio Deco, and the Strapless Deco; however, this is by no means going to be the end of my Deco collection.
The Frida is so pretty – probably one of my favourites so far. It’s purple leopard print, and made of really smooth material, with of course, the lovely moulded cups. I have the Frida in a 32F which is a cup size smaller than my regular size – I think if I could’ve found it in a 30FF (which is my Deco size), it would’ve been a better fit, as here I do have to wear it on the tightest hook.

Frida Deco 32F

As I have briefly mentioned above, before you purchase a Deco bra, you should be aware that you will most likely need it a band size smaller than your usual, and possibly a cup size smaller. I am normally 32FF and as I say, it was loose (in both band and cup).
However, the same cannot be said for the Strapless Deco. I made the mistake of purchasing it in a 30FF, and while the cup is fine-ish, the 30 is too tight – of course, this is because strapless bras are always tighter (a point I somehow failed to remember upon purchasing it). So my advice is, Standard Deco: Band and cup size smaller than usual, Strapless Deco: Cup size smaller than usual.

Strapless Deco 30FF

In order to wear the strapless, and still be comfortable in it, I bought an adjustment hook – which means it’s widened the band to 32; phew.

Last but my no means least, the Pistachio Deco; the newest in my collection (not for long!)
This is not normally a colour I would go for, I would describe it as ‘mint green‘, but somehow, it just works. It looks like ice cream, and I just feel great when I wear it (as is often the case with a Deco). I pre-ordered this one, to make sure I could get it in my regular deco size, 30FF (which seems to sell out fast). It is the best fitting one in my collection, but I still can’t decide whether I prefer this one, or the Frida – they’re both fabulous bras.

Pistachio Deco 30FF

Some places I recommend buying them are:

Freya’s own website: Deco Moulded Plunge Bra

Brastop: Deco Moulded Plunge Bra (Pomegranate)

Figleaves: Deco Strapless

Leia Lingerie: Pistachio Deco

The Frida Bra is hard to find, but here is a place that stocks them – not many sizes left though.

Anyway, that is all my info on Deco bras for the time being, and I thoroughly recommend getting one, or two, or more, if you don’t already own one. 🙂

You may also want to become a fan of the Freya Facebook page.


Sophia xxx


  1. Hi Sophia, love this post. I am also a huge fan of the freya deco bra. I’ve got it in the same colours as you and have the strapless too..literally live in these bras. I find them super comfy. Please check out my lingerie blog too..I will def do a freya deco review in future. Love, kitty @ http://www.undercoverlingerista.blogspot.com x

    • Thanks Kitty, somehow missed your comment originally – I do love your blog, it’s fab! x

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  3. […] bras, sometimes at work I just need something unpadded that I can move around in very easily. A Deco is always my first choice for a night out, but I don’t often wear them in the day time as […]

  4. I find that with the Deco, the centre gore never sits right against me. I need a 30 band, and find that while a FF cup fits, the gore is still out, and a G cup or greater just leaves a bit too much room in the cups. I tried a 32 FF, and it was just to big in general. I could hide a few snacks there. I do the swoop and scoop thing, but the gore is still mostly away form my chest to some degree. Does this mean I am just not compatible with the deco, or could I still be in the wrong size?

    • Hi Sam,
      If the centre gore pulls away, it usually means that the cups are too small. So you would need to stick to the 30 band, and go up to a G cup. Is the 30 definitely tight enough in the band for you? I only ask because I know the bands run a bit big.
      It’s very possible that the deco just doesn’t work for your shape. In fact sometimes it doesn’t work for mine either. To get maximum support out of the deco, I generally need to size down in the cups, but that means I get the sideboob issue, where the cup doesn’t come round the side enough for me. It’s a great bra for under a t-shirt, or low cut dresses (if you want cleavage) but I have to say I wouldn’t wear it as an everyday bra, only because the fit is never completely perfect.
      A friend of mine who has very full-on-top breasts, finds it works really well for her, because the cup doesn’t gape at the top. I however do get a little gaping if I’m leaning back, it’s to be expected with the moulded cups really. You just have to go with what works for you, and what you feel comfortable with. If you’re looks for a plunge bra and can’t get the deco to behave, Ewa Michalak bras are very good as well, and not moulded the way the deco is. Hope this helps a little!

      • Thanks for the tips, Sophia!

  5. Dear Sophia,
    I ordered the Deco in pistachio in a 32ff and I found I was getting quad-breast, which I didn’t when I tried on the same bra in nude at the store! Do you know if there is a size discrepancy between colors? There can be with some manufacturers/models…

    I adore the deco otherwise (I have a 34f in black and pomegranate, they stretched out fast so I’m wearing them on the tightest hook after half a year or heavy use), my breasts are set pretty far apart so it lifts everything but I don’t get much cleavage- it’s actually my everyday bra.

    Thank you so much for your review!

    • Hmm, that’s irritating. The only one I found a slight size difference with was the Carly bra. The pistacio deco I have is much the same as my others. Freya do often have some quality control issues though, so perhaps that was an exception. If I were you, to be on the safe side, just exchange it for a 32G and see how it feels!
      I agree though, when the deco is in your correct size, it doesn’t give massive cleavage. I was a smaller size when I wrote this post, but still, sometimes I wear a 30FF on special occasions just for that cleavage effect, even though most of the ones I have are in 30G/GG now.

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