Star in a Bra – Top Ten

April 6, 2011

I was absolutely shocked today to discover I’d made it through to the top 10 finalists of Curvy Kate’s Star in a Bra, along with many of the other lovely girls – including the ones from our ‘Proud and Curvy’ facebook group!
I am fairly lost for words, there were so many gorgeous girls that entered, and it’s a shame only 10 could be picked – they are all winners really (…yes I know that sounds ridiculously cheesy).

Anyway, now somehow I have to contain my nerves for the photo shoot that will take place next Monday the 11th (for me) and Tuesday the 12th.
I will be baring myself, yet again in my undies – only this time in real life! Hair and make-up will be done for us, and I suspect some behind the scenes filming, so lots to think about. I feel like I should be doing something…grooming…working out…hmm. I think I’ll have to go on my EA Active Wii game a bit more often this week 😛

One last thing to share; last night (before voting closed) I discovered a wonderfully lovely and extremely flattering article written about me online. As usual, I am fairly lost for words on how to thank this person, but I really do appreciate the support – so much. It obviously helped me get through to the top 10, which I am so excited (nervous) about, and frankly, still a little surprised! 🙂

Wishing on a Star in a Bra

Thanks so much for the support everyone!!


Sophia xxx

P.s. For more updates on the competition, follow me on Twitter: @sophjenner

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