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The Trials and Tribulations of Bra Shopping

May 28, 2011

Recently I have discovered that some of the 32FF bras I’ve been buying, aren’t quite as perfect a fit as I would’ve liked them to be.
From years of wearing the wrong sized bras, ranging from C’s to E’s with bands in 34s and 36s, I have developed a problem, that is really quite common among women these days.
The term I use to describe it, is, ‘sideboob’ (be warned that this is not the official term, it’s just my chosen name for it :P).
It occurs because breast tissue has, over time, migrated to other areas (in this case towards the armpit) causing it to separate from the rest of the breast, and look a bit out of place.


These are some pictures I found online showing how a bra that is too small, can cause the hideous ‘sideboob’ effect.
It can be fixed, over time, by wearing the correct fitting bra. For me personally, I need to wear a bra that well and truly contains this extra breast tissue, otherwise the tissue will not be able to migrate back. It is a slow process, but an important one nonetheless.

I buy most of my bras online, but of course, because the sizing between brands varies to such an extent, it is inevitable that I will have to make my regular trip to the post office, sending the lovely things back.
If you buy from Brastop (which I often do) you will have noticed that while they have fantastic discounted prices, you will need to pay the postage for your return; which can be a pain.

I despise schlepping to a lingerie or department store; shuffling through the sizes on my hands and knees, checking all the incorrectly hangered (is that a word?) bras praying they have my size, queuing for the fitting rooms along with 10 other grumpy women for half an hour, which then results in getting very hot, flustered and wound up in the changing room, often resulting in tears.
However, I discovered recently, that my local Debenhams (which is only 5 minutes away) stocks Freya and Fantasie bras. Reminding myself that I did in fact have some free time today, I went to try on some bras…calmly.

My selection of bras

I took sizes closest to my regular 32FF. Not all were available, but I picked up all the 30Gs 32FFs and 32Gs I could find.
It was quite interesting to see such a variation with the sizing, and the ones I ended up purchasing, were not the same ones I would’ve bought online.

Among my favourites were:

The Freya Trudie Bra

Freya 'Trudie'

The 32FF was too small in the cup; in the picture I’m pointing to my ‘sideboob’ that isn’t fully encased in the cup. The 30G (also too small) was just to test the back, but I preferred the 32 Back for comfort. The 32G was perfect. It contained pretty much all the extra breast tissue, and was comfortable.

The Freya Pollyanna Bra

Freya 'Pollyanna'

The 32FF in the Pollyanna was perfect, it came far enough round the sides for my liking. I don’t own very many black bras, but the pretty lace detail and blue flowers just drew me in.

The Fantasie Sylvie Bra

Fantasie 'Sylvie'

Blue is my favourite colour, so I just loved this bra competely and utterly. The pictures don’t do it justice; it has this really beautiful delicate lace over the top of the cup, and the rest is a very soft material.
Again, I found the sizing off. Or maybe I have grown, who knows. In any case, the 32FF again, didn’t completely encase the ‘sideboob’ (as you can see), so I went up to a 32G which I found much more comfortable.

And…last but not least…

The Freya Sophia Bra

Freya 'Sophia'

The Sophia bra, well, I think you can all guess why I tried this one. Despite it’s slightly muted colours (which had put me off trying it until now) I really wanted to try the Sophia bra purely because it is, of course, my name.
In actual fact, I found the bra a lot nicer here than it looks online. I tried the 32G, but this time (made more obvious because of the sheer material) it wrinkled too much on one side. The 32FF however, did actually have quite a nice fit. You can tell by my happy face!

If I could afford to buy all of these bras (and the other ones not pictured) I would have; alas, it will have to wait for another pay day 🙂

Remember ladies, evil ‘sideboob’ can be eliminated…slowly 😛


Sophia xxx


PZI Jeans – Miracle Jeans for Big Bottoms

May 12, 2011

I only recently discovered PZI Jeans this year, after a friend of mine (who has a very fabulous curvy bottom of her own) recommended them to me.

PZI is located in the United States, which for me, either meant ordering online, or one hell of a long journey to go and try them on.

So, in order to get a better idea of what size to purchase, I watched their video about finding your PZI jeans size (located on their website), and discovered that I would either be a US size 10 or 12.

Over here in the UK, I have always had serious problems finding jeans that fit. If you’re like me, and you have a bottom that sticks out, or is disproportionately larger than every other part of you, then I’m sure you will have had trouble too.

In the past, I’ve made the rookie mistake of buying jeans that are a few sizes too big, or completely the wrong shape for me, just to accommodate my bottom, or find some that might flatter it. I think the closest I have come, is New Look jeans. They do a pretty good job, and I do have a very nice, and quite flattering pair, but I still need to wear a UK 16 to try and fit in to them; and evidently, it leaves them gaping at the waist. I think at one point, I had about ten pairs of jeans sitting in my wardrobe that were barely worn, and didn’t fit – the only solution being a mass sale on eBay!

Deciding to err on the side of caution, I bought a couple of pairs of PZI jeans on sale in a size 12 instead of 10. I figured it would be better if they ended up being too big, rather than owning yet another pair of jeans that would be too small.

Now of course, you will incur charges having them sent abroad, and it probably isn’t worth sending them back if the sizing turns out to be wrong, but that’s to be expected, and it was a risk I was willing to take.
I won’t lie, they didn’t arrive quickly, and I waited a good long three weeks for them to turn up – but again, having had them sent abroad, I wasn’t surprised UPS and Parcelforce took their sweet time delivering!

When they arrived, the size 12’s were both a little too big. I purchased the Red Wide Leg Jeans; which were sadly far too big, and the Curve Boot Leg Jeans, which were only marginally loose, and still very wearable – one out of two, not bad, especially as I had been guessing my size.

So, fairly happy with my one correct pair of my jeans, I saw that PZI had another sale on a couple of weeks later, and couldn’t resist testing my theory of downsizing. I have noticed that PZI often do a wonderful weekly sale, which means they put a different pair of their jeans on sale for that week – if you have your eye on a certain pair, it’s probably only a matter of time before they come up in a sale, and if they do, I advise you to snap them up quickly!

This time, I ordered the Shape Skinny Jean, in a US size 10. Now I have NEVER owned a pair of skinny jeans in my life. I spend most of my time trying to hide my big bottom rather than accentuate it, but I thought, “why not just go for it?” and just took the plunge. Three weeks later, they arrived, right on schedule.

These skinny jeans are probably a tighter style than the Red Wide leg jeans were, because the 10 was quite tight, and felt about two sizes smaller than red ones had. However, I could just about squish into them, although I don’t think I have ever worn jeans that skin-tight before! Once again, I was pleased that I managed to get my bottom into the jeans, it never ceases to amaze me; perhaps that’s just years of having jeans get stuck at my thighs! :S

Shape Skinny Jeans - US Size 10

I think it’s safe to say I’m very impressed with PZI Jeans. I have been looking for a company that caters for the larger behind, for quite some time. This is the first company I have found which is just about affordable for me, especially with their regular sales. You can find them here on their facebook page.

If you have a big bottom too, and you’re fed up with getting flustered in changing rooms, trying on pair after pair of useless jeans, then I really recommend trying a pair of PZI Jeans instead. You won’t be disappointed.


Sophia xxx


A Polka Dotted Discovery

May 8, 2011

So, one day through some fellow tweeters, I heard about The Big Bra Bar (; a new online shop for the bigger busted woman, created by Nikki Hesford.
They cater for a D cup to an H cup, and even start at a 28” back band, (which I know is often difficult to find for those smaller backed, bigger chested ladies), and go up to a size 38”.

They sell lingerie, swimwear, and clothing; however the first thing that caught my eye was one particular gorgeous item of swimwear. There are four ‘Slinky Dip’ bikinis currently available on the website, one of which is a stunning navy blue bikini with white polka dots. I am an absolute sucker for polka dots, and something about this bikini just drew me in immediately – blue also happens to be my favourite colour. 😉

Luckily I managed to pre-order this bikini before its availability date, and get myself a nice little discount (score for my weeping bank account!) Long did I await the arrival of this beauty, but alas, I am incredibly impatient, and it did in fact arrive very speedily after being despatched. So, the question is, how does it fare in the world of the bikini?

As bikinis go, this is a very lovely one. It is very soft, with gorgeous long tie up straps; which drape elegantly down your back when tied up. The top is a general size rather than specific one; it fits a 28-32 back band (because of the long tie around straps), and is made for a FF-G cup. For me personally, being at the smaller end of the band range, I think the sizes could do with being slightly less general, but it works for me just about. This style of top is especially suited to me, for one very important reason; it has a lot of spare material around the sides, and as I am a 32FF and do not fully fill up the cups, it pulls round to contain/cover all my awkward ‘sideboob’ that tends to appear whenever I wear a halter-neck bikini. Brilliant!

In terms of support, it is only lightly padded, and not underwired. Again, because it fits FF-G, it doesn’t give my FFs that much support, and I do have to tie the halter-neck very tight to get some cleavage. I think if you are close to my size, you might want to size down, to get more support. However, this brings me to another interesting discovery about this bikini. I found that if I move the breast tissue to the sides, they can be completely encased in the bikini material; meaning I now have the option of having a cleavage or non-cleavage look. This is a massive bonus in my book, as occasionally I do need more modest look whilst wearing a bikini, and this sure does give me that useful option.

The bikini bottoms are very simple, elegant, and fairly small – however with tie sides, again, the size doesn’t caus me any problems, as it means the tightness is adjustable. They come in a Small, Medium and Large – I bought them in Large because, well because there aren’t many clothes I can fit this bottom in to!

All in all, I am really happy with my purchase, and I would definitely recommend this bikini, and in fact The Big Bra in general – great quality, great customer service, and the prices aren’t too bad either. 🙂


Sophia xxx

N.B The lovely Cheryl Warner over at Invest in your Chest has also written an interesting review of the Slinky Dip bikini.

Invest in your Chest – Slinky Dip eenie-weenie-polka-dot Bikini


Star in a Bra winner – Lizzie Haines

May 5, 2011

Just a quick post to congratulate, the beautiful, talented and lovely Lizzie Haines who won Curvy Kate’s Star in a Bra this year. And what a star she is indeed.

Along side her were the wonderful runners up; the adorable Emma, and sexy minx Georgina.
Congratulations girls, you deserve it, and it was lovely to have met you all; I have made some great friends. I look forward to seeing (hopefully all of you) in the upcoming Curvy Kate catalogues. 🙂

For those who don’t already know, I entered Star in a Bra because I was so inspired to see the gorgeous and curvy Erika Elfwencrona in a Simply Yours catalogue. She is a model with very similar measurements to my own, and I was blown away by how fabulous someone my size looked selling lingerie – and hoped that one day, I might be able to follow in her footsteps. I won’t give up hope anyway 🙂

Congrats again girls!


Sophia xxx