A Polka Dotted Discovery

May 8, 2011

So, one day through some fellow tweeters, I heard about The Big Bra Bar (www.thebigbrabar.com); a new online shop for the bigger busted woman, created by Nikki Hesford.
They cater for a D cup to an H cup, and even start at a 28” back band, (which I know is often difficult to find for those smaller backed, bigger chested ladies), and go up to a size 38”.

They sell lingerie, swimwear, and clothing; however the first thing that caught my eye was one particular gorgeous item of swimwear. There are four ‘Slinky Dip’ bikinis currently available on the website, one of which is a stunning navy blue bikini with white polka dots. I am an absolute sucker for polka dots, and something about this bikini just drew me in immediately – blue also happens to be my favourite colour. 😉

Luckily I managed to pre-order this bikini before its availability date, and get myself a nice little discount (score for my weeping bank account!) Long did I await the arrival of this beauty, but alas, I am incredibly impatient, and it did in fact arrive very speedily after being despatched. So, the question is, how does it fare in the world of the bikini?

As bikinis go, this is a very lovely one. It is very soft, with gorgeous long tie up straps; which drape elegantly down your back when tied up. The top is a general size rather than specific one; it fits a 28-32 back band (because of the long tie around straps), and is made for a FF-G cup. For me personally, being at the smaller end of the band range, I think the sizes could do with being slightly less general, but it works for me just about. This style of top is especially suited to me, for one very important reason; it has a lot of spare material around the sides, and as I am a 32FF and do not fully fill up the cups, it pulls round to contain/cover all my awkward ‘sideboob’ that tends to appear whenever I wear a halter-neck bikini. Brilliant!

In terms of support, it is only lightly padded, and not underwired. Again, because it fits FF-G, it doesn’t give my FFs that much support, and I do have to tie the halter-neck very tight to get some cleavage. I think if you are close to my size, you might want to size down, to get more support. However, this brings me to another interesting discovery about this bikini. I found that if I move the breast tissue to the sides, they can be completely encased in the bikini material; meaning I now have the option of having a cleavage or non-cleavage look. This is a massive bonus in my book, as occasionally I do need more modest look whilst wearing a bikini, and this sure does give me that useful option.

The bikini bottoms are very simple, elegant, and fairly small – however with tie sides, again, the size doesn’t caus me any problems, as it means the tightness is adjustable. They come in a Small, Medium and Large – I bought them in Large because, well because there aren’t many clothes I can fit this bottom in to!

All in all, I am really happy with my purchase, and I would definitely recommend this bikini, and in fact The Big Bra Bar.com in general – great quality, great customer service, and the prices aren’t too bad either. 🙂


Sophia xxx

N.B The lovely Cheryl Warner over at Invest in your Chest has also written an interesting review of the Slinky Dip bikini.

Invest in your Chest – Slinky Dip eenie-weenie-polka-dot Bikini


  1. Sophia you look gorgeous in this!!! Your cleavage looks amazing!! Sod the support, this is hot as hell! 😉

    • Thanks Nikki! I absolutely love it, it’s great!! 🙂 x

  2. Great review, Sophia! Mine has arrived but I’m at Uni right now and its been delivered to my home address. Bit nervous about the D-G cup – wasn’t aware of that! I’ll let you know when my review is up in case you’re curious what I thought of it! Looks lovely on you, though – so excited to try mine! xx

    • Hi Cheryl,
      Thanks! I actually got the sizes wrong originally, it’s been corrected in the review now. It’s actually D-F and FF-G, I had the latter, which is why it was looser on me because I was at the smaller end of the band range. Let me know when you get yous, excited to see if you like it! xx

  3. I love it on you, very very pretty

  4. Good evening Sophia, I thought the description and the review you gave was of a professional quality and I’m sure it would fit in easily into a fashion magazine. The photos of you modelling it are great as I’m sure your boyfriend can agree with!
    Keep up the great posts, all the best, Ru.

    • Aw thank you, what a flattering thing to say – I definitely enjoy writing reviews! Here’s hoping it will eventually get me somewhere 😛
      I hope you’re well,
      Sophia x

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  6. You are so beautiful.. you have a perfect body!
    I’ve always wanted this body but I was always anemic, now I’m raising my weight with help of a nutritionist.

    Loved your blog! ^^

    • Hi Amanda,
      Thanks so much, what a lovely thing to say 🙂
      I had a quick look at your blog, you are gorgeous so you’ve got nothing to worry about (and you seem to be an incredible tattoo artist!)
      As long as you are happy and healthy that’s what matters, anemia can be tough – I hope the nutritionist helps you! xx

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