PZI Jeans – Miracle Jeans for Big Bottoms

May 12, 2011

I only recently discovered PZI Jeans this year, after a friend of mine (who has a very fabulous curvy bottom of her own) recommended them to me.

PZI is located in the United States, which for me, either meant ordering online, or one hell of a long journey to go and try them on.

So, in order to get a better idea of what size to purchase, I watched their video about finding your PZI jeans size (located on their website), and discovered that I would either be a US size 10 or 12.

Over here in the UK, I have always had serious problems finding jeans that fit. If you’re like me, and you have a bottom that sticks out, or is disproportionately larger than every other part of you, then I’m sure you will have had trouble too.

In the past, I’ve made the rookie mistake of buying jeans that are a few sizes too big, or completely the wrong shape for me, just to accommodate my bottom, or find some that might flatter it. I think the closest I have come, is New Look jeans. They do a pretty good job, and I do have a very nice, and quite flattering pair, but I still need to wear a UK 16 to try and fit in to them; and evidently, it leaves them gaping at the waist. I think at one point, I had about ten pairs of jeans sitting in my wardrobe that were barely worn, and didn’t fit – the only solution being a mass sale on eBay!

Deciding to err on the side of caution, I bought a couple of pairs of PZI jeans on sale in a size 12 instead of 10. I figured it would be better if they ended up being too big, rather than owning yet another pair of jeans that would be too small.

Now of course, you will incur charges having them sent abroad, and it probably isn’t worth sending them back if the sizing turns out to be wrong, but that’s to be expected, and it was a risk I was willing to take.
I won’t lie, they didn’t arrive quickly, and I waited a good long three weeks for them to turn up – but again, having had them sent abroad, I wasn’t surprised UPS and Parcelforce took their sweet time delivering!

When they arrived, the size 12’s were both a little too big. I purchased the Red Wide Leg Jeans; which were sadly far too big, and the Curve Boot Leg Jeans, which were only marginally loose, and still very wearable – one out of two, not bad, especially as I had been guessing my size.

So, fairly happy with my one correct pair of my jeans, I saw that PZI had another sale on a couple of weeks later, and couldn’t resist testing my theory of downsizing. I have noticed that PZI often do a wonderful weekly sale, which means they put a different pair of their jeans on sale for that week – if you have your eye on a certain pair, it’s probably only a matter of time before they come up in a sale, and if they do, I advise you to snap them up quickly!

This time, I ordered the Shape Skinny Jean, in a US size 10. Now I have NEVER owned a pair of skinny jeans in my life. I spend most of my time trying to hide my big bottom rather than accentuate it, but I thought, “why not just go for it?” and just took the plunge. Three weeks later, they arrived, right on schedule.

These skinny jeans are probably a tighter style than the Red Wide leg jeans were, because the 10 was quite tight, and felt about two sizes smaller than red ones had. However, I could just about squish into them, although I don’t think I have ever worn jeans that skin-tight before! Once again, I was pleased that I managed to get my bottom into the jeans, it never ceases to amaze me; perhaps that’s just years of having jeans get stuck at my thighs! :S

Shape Skinny Jeans - US Size 10

I think it’s safe to say I’m very impressed with PZI Jeans. I have been looking for a company that caters for the larger behind, for quite some time. This is the first company I have found which is just about affordable for me, especially with their regular sales. You can find them here on their facebook page.

If you have a big bottom too, and you’re fed up with getting flustered in changing rooms, trying on pair after pair of useless jeans, then I really recommend trying a pair of PZI Jeans instead. You won’t be disappointed.



Sophia xxx


  1. Yes! Love the review, love your bum! I need to write a review on them too xxx

    • all the coments are lovelly, but im not able to order them, it tells me my visa card is been declined, even thou there is enaugh money dunno what to do, i really want them 😦

  2. Hi Sophia, just echoing Georgie’s sentiments there, I can only imagine what it’s like as I haven’t worn jeans in many a year but can empathise with the whole finding trousers that fit well and look good on the legs and bum in a manly way!
    Keep up the great work, you’re a natural, all the best, Ru.

    • Thank you 🙂
      Jeans are a real pain, this year is the first time I’ve really worn some since I left school I think – long time!

  3. Nice post. The author looks like proficient on info to do with this topic 🙂

  4. […] would highly recommend checking out Sophia’s review of them as she is also a convert since I introduced her to them (and she has a great bum!) […]

  5. […] by beautifully curvy women.  There’s also a small selection of tops and tees.  Georgina, Sophia, and June (who got to visit the PZI Jeans Denim Suite) have all reviewed different styles of PZI […]

  6. sophie your bum looks average/ small size im surprised you cant find jeans to fit-my butt is bigger than kim kardashians and jlo’s put together and im only a size 10 yet i find jeans to fit me

    • Well, I don’t know Kim or Jlo’s exact bum size, so I’m surprised you know yours is exactly the same. I would say mine looks similar to theirs (size wise) as well, if that’s what you meant about yours. All I can tell you is my waist is a 10, so when I can barely fit my bottom into a size 16 jeans, as you can imagine, they look ridiculous on me. Fortunately PZI is the cure!! It’s really great that you can find jeans that fit you though, you’re very lucky! 🙂

  7. […] by beautifully curvy women.  There’s also a small selection of tops and tees.  Georgina, Sophia, and June (who got to visit the PZI Jeans Denim Suite) have all reviewed different styles of PZI […]

  8. I tried to order online. They sent me an identification proof request form. I don’t buy many things online and none of my friends have heard of a company requesting this information. They wanted a copy of a driver’s license as well. Did you provide that for them? Thanks!!

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