The Trials and Tribulations of Bra Shopping

May 28, 2011

Recently I have discovered that some of the 32FF bras I’ve been buying, aren’t quite as perfect a fit as I would’ve liked them to be.
From years of wearing the wrong sized bras, ranging from C’s to E’s with bands in 34s and 36s, I have developed a problem, that is really quite common among women these days.
The term I use to describe it, is, ‘sideboob’ (be warned that this is not the official term, it’s just my chosen name for it :P).
It occurs because breast tissue has, over time, migrated to other areas (in this case towards the armpit) causing it to separate from the rest of the breast, and look a bit out of place.


These are some pictures I found online showing how a bra that is too small, can cause the hideous ‘sideboob’ effect.
It can be fixed, over time, by wearing the correct fitting bra. For me personally, I need to wear a bra that well and truly contains this extra breast tissue, otherwise the tissue will not be able to migrate back. It is a slow process, but an important one nonetheless.

I buy most of my bras online, but of course, because the sizing between brands varies to such an extent, it is inevitable that I will have to make my regular trip to the post office, sending the lovely things back.
If you buy from Brastop (which I often do) you will have noticed that while they have fantastic discounted prices, you will need to pay the postage for your return; which can be a pain.

I despise schlepping to a lingerie or department store; shuffling through the sizes on my hands and knees, checking all the incorrectly hangered (is that a word?) bras praying they have my size, queuing for the fitting rooms along with 10 other grumpy women for half an hour, which then results in getting very hot, flustered and wound up in the changing room, often resulting in tears.
However, I discovered recently, that my local Debenhams (which is only 5 minutes away) stocks Freya and Fantasie bras. Reminding myself that I did in fact have some free time today, I went to try on some bras…calmly.

My selection of bras

I took sizes closest to my regular 32FF. Not all were available, but I picked up all the 30Gs 32FFs and 32Gs I could find.
It was quite interesting to see such a variation with the sizing, and the ones I ended up purchasing, were not the same ones I would’ve bought online.

Among my favourites were:

The Freya Trudie Bra

Freya 'Trudie'

The 32FF was too small in the cup; in the picture I’m pointing to my ‘sideboob’ that isn’t fully encased in the cup. The 30G (also too small) was just to test the back, but I preferred the 32 Back for comfort. The 32G was perfect. It contained pretty much all the extra breast tissue, and was comfortable.

The Freya Pollyanna Bra

Freya 'Pollyanna'

The 32FF in the Pollyanna was perfect, it came far enough round the sides for my liking. I don’t own very many black bras, but the pretty lace detail and blue flowers just drew me in.

The Fantasie Sylvie Bra

Fantasie 'Sylvie'

Blue is my favourite colour, so I just loved this bra competely and utterly. The pictures don’t do it justice; it has this really beautiful delicate lace over the top of the cup, and the rest is a very soft material.
Again, I found the sizing off. Or maybe I have grown, who knows. In any case, the 32FF again, didn’t completely encase the ‘sideboob’ (as you can see), so I went up to a 32G which I found much more comfortable.

And…last but not least…

The Freya Sophia Bra

Freya 'Sophia'

The Sophia bra, well, I think you can all guess why I tried this one. Despite it’s slightly muted colours (which had put me off trying it until now) I really wanted to try the Sophia bra purely because it is, of course, my name.
In actual fact, I found the bra a lot nicer here than it looks online. I tried the 32G, but this time (made more obvious because of the sheer material) it wrinkled too much on one side. The 32FF however, did actually have quite a nice fit. You can tell by my happy face!

If I could afford to buy all of these bras (and the other ones not pictured) I would have; alas, it will have to wait for another pay day πŸ™‚

Remember ladies, evil ‘sideboob’ can be eliminated…slowly πŸ˜›


Sophia xxx


  1. ❀ it xxx

    • Thank you gorgeous πŸ™‚ xx

  2. […] I tried a 32FF, but I just found it too small, and it didn’t fully contain my ‘sideboob‘. The one I’m wearing is a 32G, and fits much better, although one cup will always be a […]

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