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Christina Hendricks – Bra Size Controversy

June 30, 2011

I have so much to say about the lovely Christina Hendricks, it’s hard to know where to start.

First of all, it’s important to say that I personally think she is a stunning, elegant and very talented woman. She rocks what she’s got like no one I have ever seen. Half the world has gone Christina mad, the other half seem to dislike her purely because she flaunts her curves – not sure I understand how that can be a bad thing, but anyway.

She has always been someone I admire, especially because I can be insecure about my own curves. Far less now than I used to be, but I think it’s a difficulty that a lot of women face.

The one thing that irritates me no end however, is the topic of Christina’s bra size. There are all sorts of apparent ‘facts’ circulating about her being something like a 36DD or a 38DDD (in the UK, DDD is not a real cup size). If she really measured 38 underbust, that would makes her a UK size 16-18 – something she is most definitely not. If I was going to guess, I would say she is probably a 32H or HH – or something along those lines. I often see her practically bursting out of her outfits, and it makes me think she has a lot of difficulty finding both bras and clothes to cover her bust.

Christina Hendricks

Sometimes it becomes more obvious that a bra just doesn’t cover her assets, and she’s gone for something in the wrong size. Of course she still looks gorgeous, but it does appear she might burst out of those dresses any second.

The sides of Christina’s breasts are not being fully encased by her bra.

Even more disappointing, is how companies using her in their advertising campaigns, also cannot seem put her in the correct size. Here are a couple of shots from magazine shoots with Christina. Below on the left, the cup is clearly miles too small for her, and you can see the underwire is actually sitting on the breast tissue. On the right, the centre gore of the basque is not remotely flat, and is being pushed out because the cups are again, too small.

Christina modelling in badly fitting underwear.

It is made more difficult to guess her size because unfortunately, I have noticed, she often wears a bra that is at least a few cup sizes too small, pushing her breasts up much more than her correct bra size would. This fact was actually pointed out to me by fellow blogger Brittany from Thin and Curvy.
We have both decided to test this theory out ourselves…and show you the results!

Wearing a ‘DD’ – four/five cup sizes too small.

Above I am wearing a DD – a size which some lingerie companies (who incorrectly use the ‘plus 4’ band method) actually recommend I wear.
You can clearly see that it is miles too small for me – but I do have the ‘Christina Cleavage’ effect.

Wearing the correct bra size ‘G’

For a fair comparison, I have used a deco bra, (which is good if you want to show a little cleavage anyway). This is in my correct size, and you can see that the amount of cleavage on show is far more toned down and appropriate – I say appropriate, but in real life I would probably wear a top underneath for modesty!

Brittany wearing a ‘DD’ – five/six sizes too small

Above, Brittany who normally wears a 26HH, tried on a size 30DD – this is apparently her ‘correct’ size according to Victoria Secret’s online bra calculator. Here is what she had to say on the subject:

“I had bought this Fantasie 30DD bra because it was on sale and I thought it might fit my little sister. It occurred to me that it is the same size that I would be according to Victoria’s Secret’s method of measuring that they have on their website, so I decided to try it on just for fun to see how awful it would be. It was just as bad as I expected, but what struck me about it once I had it on, is how much my cleavage looked like Christina Hendricks!
I have often wondered how she achieves such massive cleavage, since I have pretty full, close set breasts and mine never look like hers even with the best plunge bras. Now I know how she does it. Of course, this bra looked horrible from the side and cut into my breasts painfully. I feel very sorry for her, and anyone who goes around wearing such a badly fitting bra.”

What makes the ‘too-small’ bra idea even more bizarre, is that obviously on the set of ‘Mad Men’ (which I love by the way) Ms. Hendricks has clearly been fitted into proper garments of the correct size. Now fair enough, I don’t know what sizing method they use, perhaps it’s vintage sizing which would probably render us even more confused, but you’d think she might have been given a little information about sizing.

Joan Holloway – Mad Men

There is of course, the possibly that Christina is well aware of her correct bra size, and perhaps in her own free time she wears a HH and is perfectly content – I could quite easily imagine that she might put on a smaller size for public appearances, to show off her famous assets. Either way, I wouldn’t judge her for doing that. Why not show them off; she has a truly fabulous figure. I only hope that she really does know her correct size, and spends the majority of her time wearing the right one, otherwise she will end up (if she isn’t already) very uncomfortable and probably in a lot of pain.

Something I discovered today, is that Christina Hendricks plans to bring out her own line of swimwear. Again, it is yet another article stating she is a 36DD, click here to see it. I fail to see how she can design her own range of swimwear for a larger bust, when she isn’t wearing the correct size herself.

There is actually a photograph out there of Christina in a swimming costume that does imply she has a lot difficulty finding her size – a problem a lot of us busty women face. Soon I will be compiling a list of all the best places to shop for large cup bras internationally – hopefully this will help anyone having trouble (the way Christina possibly is) find well-fitting bras too.

I really hope the world can start to understand that a DD isn’t necessarily a big cup size and definitely not the biggest, not to mention that the band measurement must be taken into account.

I measure about 31″ underbust and wear a band size 30 to 32.
Brittany measures 24″ underbust and wears a band size 26 (finding a 26 or a 24 band is a struggle in itself, you can read more about that on her blog).
In my personal opinion, Christina doesn’t look much wider than either of us, in fact she looks to be about my measurements (or smaller) underbust. Does that sound like someone who should be wearing a 36 or 38 band? I don’t think so.


Are you wearing the correct bra size?

June 18, 2011

Most ladies are already aware that it is really important to make sure you wear the correct bra size – however, this does not mean everyone necessarily is.
Wearing the wrong size can damage your back and posture, it can change the shape of your breasts, not to mention make you look bigger than you really are (and I don’t just mean around your bust…)

Bravissimo Campaign

80% of women are wearing the incorrect bra size, and it’s not even necessarily their fault.
DD+ sizes just are not talked about in the media. They are largely ignored, and sometimes considered ridiculously ‘big’ sizes because they haven’t been openly discussed; people are not quite aware of how common these sizes really are.
I know a few years ago, I myself wouldn’t have even thought that there was anything beyond an E cup – that was the biggest I had come across. I didn’t have busty friends, or female family members to ask, and there was no one to tell me that the 34DD I was wearing was completely wrong for me in every way.

One day I got so fed up of being in pain, and feeling uncomfortable in my bras, that I agreed to a fitting at La Senza. The woman there was quite hard on me for wearing a bra that was “so clearly the wrong size”, going on to say that my breasts were becoming deformed because of all the ‘sideboob’ squishing out – she wasn’t wrong, but she wasn’t nice about it either!
She decided (without a measuring tape) that I was a 34F and that’s what I should wear from then on. So, I did.


I was probably a 32FF at the time. The problem is, that if a professional bra fitter tells you “this is your size” and you don’t know any better, then that’s what you will wear.
Nowadays, I know immediately if my breasts are changing and whether I need to increase/decrease my bra size; I’m currently a 30GG-32G, and so clued up about my sizing, I wonder how on earth I didn’t see it all through my teens and early 20s.

So, I thought I’d give a few tips on how a correctly fitting bra should look, and what to avoid.

First of all, tape measures are unreliable. BUT, if you have no clue where to start, I would recommend using one just to measure your underbust. Say for example you measure 31″ underbust; that gives a pretty good indication that you should try both a 30 band and a 32 band, and see which one fits you the best. It is important to note that both band size and cup size can vary depending on which brand you wear. As for finding the right cup size, try a few around what you already wear, and you may discover that some seem far more comfortable than others.
When you become familiar with your size and shape, you will probably have no real use for a tape measure. You will know instantly by the fit and feel whether a bra is right or wrong for you.

I will be using this gorgeous Curvy Kate bra as my ‘correct’ example of how a bra should fit. It’s new, today, this is the first time I have worn it. I measure 30.5″ underbust, and this is a 32G. Remember, it’s important to try a few of the closest band sizes to your measurements to find the best one.

Curvy Kate ‘Emily’ Flame – 32G

The first thing to remember is that you should always start off using the loosest hook. Bras loosen with wear and age, so you need those other two sets of hooks to be able to tighten it up over time. Otherwise, within a few months your bra will become useless and unsupportive.

Horizontal bra band – doesn’t ride up your back, fully supportive

You should comfortably be able to fit two fingers underneath the band; any looser and it will be too big, any tighter and it will be too small. If you stand side-on, the band should run horizontally around your chest, and not ride up at the back.

Check that two fingers can fit comfortably under your bra band

The band is 80% of the support for your breasts, this means the straps should not be tight on your shoulders. Again, you should be able to fit two fingers under the shoulder straps – they should not be digging in or causing you pain.

Enough space for two fingers to fit under your shoulder straps

The centre gore (which is the join piece in the middle of your bra), should lie flat against your chest, and not pull away from it at any point. If it does pull away, then you need a bigger cup size.

The centre gore should lie flat against your chest

The cups should fully encase your breasts, and there should be NO overspill on top, (creating the four boob effect), or round the sides (giving you the ‘sideboob’ effect). Most women will have one breast slightly larger than the other, like me.
If this is the case, it’s best to make sure the bra fits your biggest breast, not the smallest. If you have a noticeable difference that you’re not comfortable with, there are lots of breast fillet products that can placed inside the cup to even them out.

Your breasts should be fully encased in the cup, with no overspill on top or around the sides

What to avoid:

These are the same sort of examples, but wearing the ‘wrong’ bra, to show you what it shouldn’t look like.

If your back band is riding up all the time – this means you need a smaller band size, and you current one is not supportive enough; your shoulders will be feeling the effects.

Band riding up indicates you need a smaller band size

If the band feels tight instead, and is causing you pain – this means you need to try a bigger band size.

If the centre gore pulls away from your chest, then you will need to go up a cup size so it lies flat.

Centre gore pulling away – bigger cup size needed

The same goes for breast over spill on the top (or underneath) of the bra, and also what I like to call ‘sideboob’, where breast tissue spills out of the sides of your bra – this again means your cup size is too small.

Over spill and ‘sideboob’ indicate a bigger cup size is needed

If instead, you find you have excess material in the cups – this means you need a smaller cup size.

Don’t forget, when you put a bra on, you should ‘arrange’ your breasts inside them so they are properly encased. This is the best way to tell if a bra fits you or not.

The most common mistake is wearing a band size too big, and a cup size too small.
If you have just discovered you are wearing the incorrect band size, and you need to downsize, remember that you must increase your cup size too. For example, if you have been wearing a 34DD that’s too big in the band, you would be a 32E or a 30F. Even then, if your original 34DD was small in the cup, you may still need to go up a few more cup sizes, and vice versa.

If you want to get measured professionally, I would recommend heading into a Bravissimo store – they are the most accurate fitters I have come across.
If you also want to buy a new bra to try some alternative sizes, I recommend having a browse on Brastop, they do some great deals on gorgeous Lingerie.

If you want to check your measurements online, the most accurate bra calculator I have come across is here: Butterfly Collection Bra Size Calculator
It may not be perfectly accurate, it was for me, but of course it depends on the person. Give it a try anyway.

If you have any questions, or concerns that I haven’t addressed here, please feel free to ask me. Between me and my blogging bra friends, we can probably work out what the issue is.


Sophia xxx

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Vintage Style

June 14, 2011

Partly due to my busty and bottom heavy shape, and partly because I like to pretend I’m in an episode of ‘Mad Men’; I wear a lot of vintage-style clothing.

I try and pick things up wherever I can; this usually means vintage stores, eBay, charity shops, and of course, well known companies that make or sell vintage clothes (two of my recommendations being Vivien of Holloway and Pin Up Girl Clothing – well worth having a browse).

I thought I’d take a little break from bra reviews, and show you a select few of my favourite vintage dresses. So, delving into Sophia’s wardrobe…

The first thing I’m going to show you is a lovely little peach tea dress that I picked up on eBay, for a grand total of £3. It’s label-less and brand-less, but to me that doesn’t really matter. It’s quite a loose size 14, so it was a bit big on me to begin with, however, a quick waist-cinching belt later, the size doesn’t matter so much.

Peach Polka Dot Tea Dress - eBay

Believe it or not, this (I think) is the only peach-coloured item of clothing that I have ever owned. It’s not a colour I would usually go for, but I actually really liked it. I’m a sucker for polka dots, so I loved it immediately….it also has lots of boob and bottom room 🙂

White belt – also from eBay.

Navy Dress - Jaeger

This next dress, is actually from Jaeger (somewhere I couldn’t exactly afford to shop regularly). I bought it for a special occasion, and remember being astounded by how silky it was, and what great material it was made from. I can only describe it as being something you know is expensive as soon as you put it on. This picture doesn’t do it justice at all – because of the dark colour, I had a lot of trouble getting the camera to focus, but believe me, it’s a fabulous dress.
It’s one of my smarter dresses, but it’s also very sexy too because as it does up at the front, it gives a sort of split-type thing when you sit down. It skims the curves and is such a flattering style (although, not necessarily in these pictures). It’s a very loose size 12, so feels a lot more like a 14.

Poppy Dress - Dorothy Perkins

Here is a dress I bought a couple of months ago from Dorothy Perkins. I really like this one particularly because it’s very light and great for summer. I really love my dresses to have sleeves, so this was a great find for me. Sometimes I have bad luck with Dorothy Perkins, as occasionally their dresses just don’t have enough boob room – but this, is a lovely stretchy poppy dress in size 14, and it has lots of space.
I know strictly speaking this isn’t a vintage dress, but the fact it has sleeves and I’ve teamed it with a red vintage belt from eBay, made me want to include it.

Pony Print Dress - Whistles

This is my adorable ponies dress! (In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s covered in ponies :P)
It’s from Whistles, and is a size 14. It’s nicely tailored at the waist, and pulls in tightly – but also has a zip at the side so it’s not a pain to put on. It’s actually made of silk, so it’s really soft and feels lovely. While perhaps this is a more modern dress, to me there’s still a vintage-feel about it. In the first two pictures I’ve paired it with a brown belt I had, but it works just as well without because of the tailored waist.

Purple Dress - Rokit

The next one is from one of my favourite vintage stores – Rokit (click to check out their website). There are four Rokit stores, all located in London, and they sell vintage clothes from the 20’s all the way through to the 80’s. Both I and my other half have picked up numerous items from Rokit, including cowboy boots, Levi jeans, belts, jackets, dresses, you name it. I bought this dress – which actually appears to be originally from America – for a great bargain of £20. Again I’m afraid the photos aren’t that clear.
The thing I love about this dress, is that it looks a little like an 80’s power suit. I’ve teamed it with a blue belt with gold detail, again for a few £’s from ebay.

Last but not least, I’m going to dedicate the next section to Vivien of Holloway; a really great company specialising in recreating vintage clothing from the 40’s and 50’s. They have one London store, located on Holloway road – easy to remember!
I cannot praise this place enough. When I went in to the store, I felt like my time machine had suddenly worked! All the staff were dressed up, there was some rockin’ 50’s music playing, and all around me were stunning, beautiful, brightly coloured vintage-style dresses. The staff were very helpful, and brought me all sorts of extra bits and bobs to go with the dresses I had picked out. One particular thing they brought me…which I then had to purchase, was the most incredible petticoat I have ever seen 😀

Pink Petticoat - Vivien of Holloway

If you want your 50’s circle dress to be big and noticeable, this petticoat will definitely give you that!

'Rose Garden Blue' 50's Circle Dress - Vivien of Holloway

This dress pattern is called Rose Garden Blue’ and was the first one I picked out. I was desperate to get my hands on a ‘Rosa White’ 50’s circle dress, but alas, both online and in store they had none in my size.
However, the Rose Garden Blue 50’s circle dress was more than good enough. The sizing is what they call ‘vintage sizing’ meaning you usually have to go up by one size to get the right fit. After being in store only 5 minutes, I had already had been measured round the waist for them to bring me the right sizes. Size 14 was pretty much spot on. What I adore about these dresses, is that they are lightly boned down the bust/waist area – this means that the shape just looks so perfect, and won’t budge while you’re wearing it.

'Rose Garden Blue' 50's Circle Dress - Vivien of Holloway

I was wearing the dress outside before a party a few weeks back, and my other half took a sneaky picture while I was spinning around in it – I thought I’d share it with you, so you can see the fabulous petticoat in action!

'Black Pink Polka' 50's Circle Dress - Vivien of Holloway

My second circle dress purchase was the ‘Black Pink Polka’. Having already purchased a light-coloured material, I was looking for a more ‘evening’ colour, just for some variety. I didn’t think much of this one on the rack, but after the shop assistant brought it to me as a suggestion, I loved it on. I actually got this in a size 16 instead of 14, because the material for this one had a little less stretch – made in just the same way as the other one, it is again, boned down the middle and perfectly structured.

'Pink Rose Floral' Tea Dress - Vivien of Holloway

The third Vivien of Holloway purchase was a tea dress. It was during a sale, and I hurriedly bought it without checking the size. It is one size too big for me, but I loved it anyway. It kind of gives me a little bit of a ‘nurse’ vibe, but a lot of tea dresses have that feel about them. This one is in ‘Pink Rose Floral’ and it was a size medium. Again, another nice day/summer dress with sleeves – something I am constantly searching for. For these types of vintage dresses, the prices are pretty good. Of course it’s not as cheap as general high street shops, but you wouldn’t really expect it to be. If you can’t afford a VoH dress, I suggest just going into the store to try them on anyway – totally worth it!

I hope this might give some other girls ideas on where to get some nice vintage clothing. If you have any suggestions for me, I am always keen to try new places, so just comment and let me know.
I haven’t been able to place an order with Pin Up Girl Clothing yet, but when I do, you can be sure I will be writing a post about them too.


Sophia xxx


Simply Ill Fitting

June 12, 2011

It’s taken me quite a while to write this post, because I wanted to place an order with Simply Yours first, so I would be able to talk about their positive aspects as well as their size chart. I haven’t been able to get hold of anything lately due to lack of funds, but whenever I have ordered from Simply Yours in the past, it has always been a pleasure. They are one of my favourite ‘Plus Size’ companies, and the two models I recognise best; Erika Elfwencrona and Laura Catterall, are not only curvy, but simply stunning as well. They are a friendly and helpful company and I would always recommend them.

However, I, as well as many other lingerie bloggers, do take issue with their sizing chart. They recently wrote a blog post which was a reply to queries on their fitting method of adding 4 inches. The post is called ‘Bra Fitting Blog Post Reply’, and you can read it by clicking here.

Simply Yours Sizing Chart

Above is a Simply Yours sizing chart (inside the catalogue) that was posted to me, along with a free measuring tape. They use the outdated method of adding 4 inches on to your underbust measurement to get your correct band size. This actually comes from back in the 50s where the ideal hourglass measurements were 36-24-36, so inches would be added to the band size as ‘vanity sizing’. Not only that, but the materials used in the 50s were much firmer, stiffer and less pliable than they are today – meaning there would be no wiggle room if you did have a size that was too tight. This is no longer the case nowadays; stretchy material is used for everyday bra bands in order to give maximum comfort and support.
I normally measure 31″ underbust, which means according to the Simply Yours size chart, I would be advised to wear a 36 band size. The size I actually wear currently is 32G or 30GG; here I want to demonstrate why that is in fact the correct band size for someone of my measurements, and why I don’t believe that adding 4 inches is appropriate.

Measuring Underbust - Wearing Freya 'Mischa' 32G

Today, as you can see from the picture above, I measure closer to 30″ underbust – this does however vary for me depending on time of day/month, but I generally measure between 30-31″ at all times.
(I also measure 39 over bust, and generally I wear a 32G in most bras, but a tape measure is not always going to be accurate for every person. For example, even if you had those exact same measurements, it’s still possible to be a slightly different cup size, because it really depends how your breasts are shaped as well, and what feels comfortable for you).

First I’m going to demonstrate a 36 band bra (please excuse the blurry first picture).



A 36F equals the same cup volume as a 32G. As you can see, I can easily pull it out more than a handful from my chest, and it is very clear that the bra is not supporting my breasts at all, and frankly, not doing me any favours.

This next bra is a 34FF (again, the same cup volume as a 32G).


Now, while it’s not as loose as the 36, it’s still not supporting my breasts as much as it should be – 80% of the support comes from your bra band, so it really does need to be tight to keep your breasts properly supported. Otherwise, you will find that the shoulder straps are doing most of the lifting, and you will most likely end up with a lot of pain. Again, I can pull the band away from my chest much more than is necessary, and when I used to wear this bra, it would constantly ride up my back.

Here is a 32G. Almost perfect size.


As you can see, the centre gore is flat against my chest, there is no gaping in the middle, my breasts are properly supported AND lifted, and the back does not ride up.  The back band looks almost spot on.
In reality, I am wearing this bra on the tightest hook, as is often the case if you are an intbetween size (like my 31″), then you never know whether you will need a 30 or a 32, and in this case, 30 would’ve been a better fit – particularly as I measure 30″ today rather than the usual 31″.
The reason for this, is that you should always start wearing you bra on the loosest hook. Over time they will stretch with wear, so you will need to tighten it up by moving on to the furthest hooks. This way your bra will last much longer, and who doesn’t want that?!

Just for comparison, here is my 30G Carly Deco bra.

Freya 'Carly' - 30G

The deco bras do come up smaller in the band and cup than other Freya bras, which is why I chose a 30 rather than 32, and a G rather than a GG. Although, as I say, all my bras are a mixture between 30 and 32 because really it depends on the brand, and what feels comfortable for you.
As you can see, I can still fit the recommended two fingers perfectly under my bra band – this is how you know you’re wearing the correct fitting bra, (and NOT by being able to pull the band 2 inches from your ribcage as Simply Yours suggests – that would be too loose).

What surprises me most about the Simply Yours size chart, is that they say it is a general guide. But why make it TWO sizes (4 inches) above your underbust measurement? Surely just one will suffice as a guide?
Their answer is that “the underband numbers don’t directly relate to your body measurement” – so I decided to test this. Now bear with me…

Freya 'Arabella' 32 - Band Measurement

Here I measured my Freya Arabella bra, which is a 32 band (it’s important to note that I only purchased this bra a month ago, so it’s NOT a well worn loose one).
Now lying flat, of course the band doesn’t measure 32 inches, because the band is made of stretchy material in order to support your breasts. Upon stretching it out, you can see it does in fact measure 32. Might I also add, that to take this picture and attempt to stretch the bra, I was using my knee and right hand, which means the bra wasn’t even stretched out as much as it could be – this particular bra probably stretches to at least 33, or 34 inches. This makes the point made by Simply Yours, null and void in my opinion.

Too many women in the world are known to be wearing a band size too big for them, in the fight to stop this, Simply Yours are not doing their part. If I were clueless about band sizes, and looked at their chart, I would still be walking around in a bra two band sizes too big. What they fail to remember, is that as a well known professional and popular company, women will believe what they have to say; I know two years ago I would have.

In any case, it is important to add that I am only criticising their fitting methods, not Simply Yours in general. I do value them as a company, and continue to be a loyal customer.

If you want to be fitted correctly, and don’t fancy the idea of trying it yourself, my recommendation would be to book a bra fitting at a Bravissimo store – they always do a great job.

For more opinions on why not to add 4 inches, check out the lovely Georgina Horne’s fitting video here.
Not to mention, Becky Williams at Bust’s for Justice post about it here.
And, last but not least, Cheryl Warner at Invest in your Chest here.


Sophia xxx


The Possible Wonders of Wonderbra

June 4, 2011

I’m always looking for new versatile strapless bras, and so far, Freya’s strapless deco has been my favourite. I do however occasionally long for a little more cleavage in a strapless, something which appears to be quite a challenge to find.

After reading a great joint review – by two lovely busty ladies; Cheryl Warner and Becky Mount over at ‘Invest in your Chest‘ – on strapless bras (including Wonderbra’s ‘Ultimate Strapless’), I decided to test it out myself.
Unfortunately, this bra stops at an F-cup, so a 32F was the biggest I could get to try it out. Even though I swing between FF-G, I figured there was a possibility I could get away with F, as from time to time strapless bras can come up loose in the cup.

The ‘Ultimate Strapless’ comes in the colours ‘skin’ and black, however, I was pleased to see there was a little extra variety when it came to the style.

Option 1:

'Ultimate Strapless' - Plain smoothe cup in 'Skin'

Option 2:

'Ultimate Strapless' - Plain smoothe cup in Black

Option 3:

'Ultimate Strapless' - Nude lace overlay in 'Skin'

Option 4:

'Ultimate Strapless' - Black lace overlay in 'Skin'

I chose the ‘Skin’ coloured bra with the nude lace overlay, I thought it was actually a really delicate and beautiful twist, on what would normally just be a plain moulded cup.

The Ultimate Strapless

When my ‘Ultimate Strapless’ arrived, I have to say, I was very impressed. This bra feels like a piece of hardware! It’s very sturdy, and seems almost mechanical – but to be honest, that’s generally what I’m looking for in a strapless bra if it’s going to hold me up all day long!

Without a doubt, it gave me the best cleavage from a strapless bra yet, and it really is so close to being perfect.

Wonderbra 'Ultimate Strapless' - Nude Lace 32F

Alas, I can’t bring myself to wear a bra that is probably about one or two cup sizes too small for me. I’m a girl that struggles to contain the ‘sideboob’, and if that ‘sideboob’ can’t be contained, then unfortunately the bra has to be avoided like the plague.

I was quite surprised about two things: first, that the ‘Ultimate Strapless’ didn’t actually go beyond an F-cup, (because they do go beyond that in some of their other styles; one of which I will talk about presently), and second that it starts at a 30″ back band, and not 28″.
Now fair enough, often strapless bras are tighter than regular bras, but it seems as though Wonderbra don’t do anything with a 28″ back. This surprises me even further, because I can quite clearly see that some of their models, are indeed a 28″ back size or less.

Despite all of that, in my opinion, this bra is very worthy of its ‘Ultimate Strapless’ title, just… not for anyone over an F-cup or under a 30″ band. Other than that, I really would recommend it.

Now to review my second Wonderbra purchase, the ‘Embrace’ bra.

I liked the look of this bra immediately; it seems sturdy and beautiful all at the same time. It’s a lace covered moulded cup plunge bra, with velvet detailing.

It also comes in a range of colours, which I always approve of.

Option 1:

'Embrace' - Black lace overlay on nude

Option 2:

'Embrace' - White lace overlay on white cup

Option 3:

'Embrace' - Blue lace overlay on nude

Option 3:

'Embrace' - Purple lace overlay on nude

Option 4:

'Embrace' - Pink lace overlay on nude

This bra goes from an E-G cup, so I tried it in a 32G. I actually felt the cup came up a little big, so for an inbetweeny like myself, I would prefer to opt for my smaller size of 32FF.

Wonderbra 'Embrace' Blue - 32G

Again I found it was a great cleavage enhancing bra, and very sturdy. I also loved the look of the blue lace particularly, it’s very enticing as bras go.
While at least this one does go up to a G cup, I still think they should considering going bigger, and including a 28″ back. There seems to be a myth that busty women either don’t want or need a cleavage enhancing bra, and while, yes, some J-cup women I know wouldn’t dream of wearing a wonderbra, I can think of quite a few HH-cup women that really would like to. These kinds of bras can really flatter the figure, and keep your breasts lifted and in place all day long. Who doesn’t want that?


Sophia xxx


My Fantasie

June 1, 2011

The bra I fell in love with, ‘Sylvie’ by Fantasie, really does deserve its very own blog post.

I long for a bra that feels really me – one that is colourful and beautiful, comfortable yet supportive, and most of all; wearable without causing grief. Last week, I found that bra.

Fantasie 'Sylvie'

I have a very love-hate relationship with my breasts. Sometimes I think they ought to be a bit neater, a little higher, slightly rounder; in this bra, they can actually be those things!

Lately I’ve come to the conclusion that I may have one FF cup breast, and one G cup. The difference is slight, so slight that I only noticed it a few months ago, but it bugs me nonetheless. It makes it all the more difficult to find a bra that has that great ‘perfect fit’ feel about it. I have given up hope of perfection, but this bra, is as close as I have come to that.

First things first, it’s blue! If you read my blog, then you already know blue is my favourite colour. I especially love ‘Sylvie’s’ blue, because it’s a very close match to my ring (not that anyone would actually see the coordination, but I can pretend). 😉

'Sylvie' 32G

The  cups are very supportive, and on the lower half, there is a lovely flowery pattern, which actually reminds me of the little blue forget-me-not flowers. The top half is gorgeous sheer light blue lace, with the same embroidered flower pattern. It also has beautiful little bows on each strap, and in the middle; I like bows.

I never really feel like I have very ‘full’ breasts, but in this bra, I kinda do. Originally I tried a 32FF, but I just found it too small, and it didn’t fully contain my ‘sideboob‘.
The one I’m wearing is a 32G, and fits much better, although one cup will always be a smidge looser than the other. In actual fact, I could’ve done with a 30G/GG, as I find the back slightly loose, but not really enough for it to be too much of a bother.

Beautiful in Blue

This is actually the first Fantasie bra I have tried, and I am very impressed. I will be seeking out more Fantasie bras in future, so look out for more blog posts on their lingerie.
I thoroughly recommend this bra, and if you don’t decide to get one, at least try one on!

There’s just something about ‘Sylvie’


Sophia – currently in bra heaven 😉



Something Blue

June 1, 2011

I’m going to veer away from the topic of underwear briefly, to talk just a little bit about shoes….a pair of Manolos to be precise.

Now I, (along with many other women) adored, and in fact still adore, the award winning TV series, ‘Sex and the City’. Anyone who has watched it knows that Carrie Bradshaw; the very relatable protagonist, LOVES Manolo Blahnik shoes. Among my favourite episodes is ‘A Woman’s Right to Shoes’. If you haven’t watched it, you really should, it’s fabulous!

Even though I don’t believe the ‘Sex and the City’ movie to be even remotely as fantastic as the TV series was, I completely fell in love with the (sweetly named) ‘Something Blue’ Manolo Blahnik shoes, that signify both the end, and beginning, of a significant part of Carrie and Big’s relationship.

Sex and the City; The Movie

As much of a cliche as it sounds, my fandom of both ‘Sex and the City’, and of Manolo Blahnik footwear, made me desperately want to wear these same gorgeous blue shoes (probably hidden under my big white dress) on my own wedding day; which fingers crossed, will be about a year from now.

Oh long have I tried to get hold of these shoes, whether real, or just a good pair of fakes, I just wanted a pair I could actually afford. Sadly, having just finished (almost) a Media degree, I don’t have much money to spare on things like expensive (yet beautiful) shoes… *sighs*
A few of times I have even been conned on ebay trying to get these shoes (thank God for paypal disputes!) and it has really worn me down.
A little while ago, a friend of mine told me about a strange site called ‘ioffer‘ – it seems a bit dodgy, but somehow, it was just what I was looking for.

Exciting Box...

A few weeks later, I now have a pair of these fabulous shoes! Now of course, I’m sure they must be fakes, but to my untrained eye, they look real, and being a girl who generally lives in fairyland anyway, I don’t mind if they are. To me, they are more real than I could have dreamed.

'Something Blue'

Anyway, I just wanted to share this with you all, and any other girl who dreams of owning those fabulous blue shoes that Carrie accidentally leaves in her dream house.

Dream Shoes...

Hopefully my little something blue, will bring us luck on the big day, and for the future. 🙂


Sophia xxx