The Possible Wonders of Wonderbra

June 4, 2011

I’m always looking for new versatile strapless bras, and so far, Freya’s strapless deco has been my favourite. I do however occasionally long for a little more cleavage in a strapless, something which appears to be quite a challenge to find.

After reading a great joint review – by two lovely busty ladies; Cheryl Warner and Becky Mount over at ‘Invest in your Chest‘ – on strapless bras (including Wonderbra’s ‘Ultimate Strapless’), I decided to test it out myself.
Unfortunately, this bra stops at an F-cup, so a 32F was the biggest I could get to try it out. Even though I swing between FF-G, I figured there was a possibility I could get away with F, as from time to time strapless bras can come up loose in the cup.

The ‘Ultimate Strapless’ comes in the colours ‘skin’ and black, however, I was pleased to see there was a little extra variety when it came to the style.

Option 1:

'Ultimate Strapless' - Plain smoothe cup in 'Skin'

Option 2:

'Ultimate Strapless' - Plain smoothe cup in Black

Option 3:

'Ultimate Strapless' - Nude lace overlay in 'Skin'

Option 4:

'Ultimate Strapless' - Black lace overlay in 'Skin'

I chose the ‘Skin’ coloured bra with the nude lace overlay, I thought it was actually a really delicate and beautiful twist, on what would normally just be a plain moulded cup.

The Ultimate Strapless

When my ‘Ultimate Strapless’ arrived, I have to say, I was very impressed. This bra feels like a piece of hardware! It’s very sturdy, and seems almost mechanical – but to be honest, that’s generally what I’m looking for in a strapless bra if it’s going to hold me up all day long!

Without a doubt, it gave me the best cleavage from a strapless bra yet, and it really is so close to being perfect.

Wonderbra 'Ultimate Strapless' - Nude Lace 32F

Alas, I can’t bring myself to wear a bra that is probably about one or two cup sizes too small for me. I’m a girl that struggles to contain the ‘sideboob’, and if that ‘sideboob’ can’t be contained, then unfortunately the bra has to be avoided like the plague.

I was quite surprised about two things: first, that the ‘Ultimate Strapless’ didn’t actually go beyond an F-cup, (because they do go beyond that in some of their other styles; one of which I will talk about presently), and second that it starts at a 30″ back band, and not 28″.
Now fair enough, often strapless bras are tighter than regular bras, but it seems as though Wonderbra don’t do anything with a 28″ back. This surprises me even further, because I can quite clearly see that some of their models, are indeed a 28″ back size or less.

Despite all of that, in my opinion, this bra is very worthy of its ‘Ultimate Strapless’ title, just… not for anyone over an F-cup or under a 30″ band. Other than that, I really would recommend it.

Now to review my second Wonderbra purchase, the ‘Embrace’ bra.

I liked the look of this bra immediately; it seems sturdy and beautiful all at the same time. It’s a lace covered moulded cup plunge bra, with velvet detailing.

It also comes in a range of colours, which I always approve of.

Option 1:

'Embrace' - Black lace overlay on nude

Option 2:

'Embrace' - White lace overlay on white cup

Option 3:

'Embrace' - Blue lace overlay on nude

Option 3:

'Embrace' - Purple lace overlay on nude

Option 4:

'Embrace' - Pink lace overlay on nude

This bra goes from an E-G cup, so I tried it in a 32G. I actually felt the cup came up a little big, so for an inbetweeny like myself, I would prefer to opt for my smaller size of 32FF.

Wonderbra 'Embrace' Blue - 32G

Again I found it was a great cleavage enhancing bra, and very sturdy. I also loved the look of the blue lace particularly, it’s very enticing as bras go.
While at least this one does go up to a G cup, I still think they should considering going bigger, and including a 28″ back. There seems to be a myth that busty women either don’t want or need a cleavage enhancing bra, and while, yes, some J-cup women I know wouldn’t dream of wearing a wonderbra, I can think of quite a few HH-cup women that really would like to. These kinds of bras can really flatter the figure, and keep your breasts lifted and in place all day long. Who doesn’t want that?


Sophia xxx


  1. Great post Sophia – very informative πŸ™‚ I must admit I’d kill for a 28 back Wonderbra! xxx

  2. Very interesting, would love for them to make this bigger in the cup

  3. Totally agree- I hate that they don’t do any 28 backs; surely in a strapless the band has to be snug. I can only get one strapless bra in a 28H and it’s so ugly and unflattering! Would love it if they made smaller back sizes and defiantly bigger cups than a G! Nice work Sophia πŸ™‚ xx

    • Thanks Amanda, yeah I was surprised about the limited range of cupsizes too. I hope they realise bigger busts would like nice bras like this as well, and maybe think about making some! xx

  4. Hello Sophia, only me! Just wanted to comment on how your posts really show off your journalistic abilities and your affinity with the bra buying public out there.Good use of imagery that is choicely interspersed with the text, I’m sure there’s a fashion editor out there that’s taking notes!
    All the best, Ru.

    • Ah thanks Ru, that’s really nice of you to say πŸ™‚
      I do enjoy writing posts, so hopefully it’s something I can do more often once I finish university (which is…in a week!) πŸ˜€

  5. WOW at your boobs in the strapless, I wish wish WISH Wonderbra would make that in bigger cup sizes, I would buy the whole colour range! And of course smaller back sizes – in short, small backed larger breasted women want hubba hubba cleavage too!
    Keep up the blog work – I love your chebs xxx

    • Thanks lovely! Yeah I really think Wonderbra would start getting A LOT more business if they catered for us larger breasted women, and the smaller backed girls!! xxx

  6. Hi! I’ve only just come across your blog (thanks to a ReTweet from Bravissimo).
    You’re writing about a subject very close to my heart, and I’m often found preaching to friends after a glass or two of wine about the importance of the correct bra size!

    I just had to comment on the ultimate strapless, it is the best strapless bra I have ever bought, it takes a little getting used to as there is so much padding/boning/fabric, but it really does stay put all day long.

    What a pity Wonderbra haven’t catered for a wider range of sizes. I don’t usually think myself lucky (28-30 DD/E), but this appears to be one brand that has sized in my favour.

    I’ll definitely be following your posts, keep up the good work!

    • Hi Shelley, thanks for your lovely message πŸ™‚
      Yes I agree, it is such a fabulous bra, I felt really uplifted in it. If it had just been a size or two bigger I would definitely have kept it. I really hope they make something like this in a bigger version soon! x

  7. Hey there, I have been looking around desperately for a strapless bra that can give me support and cleavage at the same time. I wear 30F/G(I don’t follow the DD and DDD, so it’s 30D to 30E to 30F) and I used to wear nu bra a lot as a strapless and cleavage bearing alternative until I realized that my girls are going south a lot because of the lack of support and the dragging effect it has.

    Really glad to see this post, I wonder if you could elaborate on the plunge bra? If you don’t mind, does other strapless bra gives you the same cleavage as this wonderbra or this is like the best strapless bra that gives cleavage and support? I would be ever grateful for your help. Thanks!!

    • In terms of sizing, I think for you the ultimate strapless could work really well. I felt that it was a really great bra & if it had fit me, I definitely would’ve kept it. A couple of others you could try are the Freya deco strapless, and the Ewa Michalak Czarny strapless (which runs big in the band), both of these also give fairly good cleavage, and are comfortable to wear. I hope this helps!

      • Thank you so much for replying! I have decided to get it. πŸ˜€ However we don’t have this in our stores and I cannot try it on. I get confusing advise on amazon on the sizing. Could you tell me if the bra band size is true to the other bras that you have worn? I normally wear 65 or 30 and I don’t know whether to get the 30E or 32DD. Please help!

      • I’d say the band is pretty true to size. The cup might be slightly big as while this size was small on me, it wasn’t as small as I was expecting it to be. However, I did try this on a year ago now, and companies occasionally adjust the style. Probably best to go with your usual size, then on the off chance it doesn’t fit, exchange it.

  8. P.S. I mean the Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless in lace!

    • Thank you very much for your help! I will be sure to look out for your fantastic and extremely helpful posts!

  9. I have bought 3 of the ultimate bra in past and absolutely love them but recently lost weight and now a 28g , don’t think I will ever find a bra this good again !

    • Oh I know that feeling! You could try some of the Ewa Michalak strapless bras as they are very good too. Alternatively you may want to look into a new product being released soon called the ‘rixie clip’, it looks similar to a bra band extender, but makes the band tighter instead.

  10. Hi Sophia,
    I just started reading your blog, and I am hooked! I love your writing style. Just commenting to mention that I bought the Wonderbra strapless bra in a 30G which was understandably small considering I usually wear a 28J/30HH, but worked well enough under low dresses and is comfortable. However I decided that i did want more coverage so when I saw it on offer in 34G I bought it and took in the band, it is a dream! Perfect strapless!! just be nice if we didnt have to alter it ourselves! xx

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