Hot Weather and Big Bras – Not a Match Made in Heaven…

July 4, 2011

So we all know that bras can be a pain, even at the best of times, but what do you do when the thermometer suddenly rises into new uncharted realms of heat? You start to resent all those pretty new bras you just splashed out on, and consider leaving them behind in the drawer.

For the bigger busted girl, this is less of an option. A lack of support can lead to some serious breast swinging action, usually taking someone’s eye out in the process…often your own.

I thought I’d tell you how I have partially managed to deal with this issue. It’s not something that can ever really go away completely, but there are definitely ways to make your life a little more bearable.
If the weather has suddenly taken a very warm turn, and perhaps it’s a work day and an M&S Secret Support top just won’t do, here are a few tips that have helped me.

First of all, if you can, pick some bras with a high cotton content. I find that gives my skin a little more room to breathe and cool down in the heat. The wonderfully sexy Showgirl  Range by Curvy Kate has a 100% cotton lining, so they are a great padded bra option for a hot summer day. As for unpaddeds, Fantasie Lingerie do some lovely cotton mix bras; their Anna and Gabrielle ranges are especially popular.


A good idea is to put on some light moisturiser before you get dressed in the morning. Nothing thick and heavy, just something thin and cooling. My personal favourite at the moment is Garnier Body Tonic Hydrating Firming lotion. It’s fairly inexpensive, easy to get hold of from any Boots or Superdrug, and smells wonderfully fresh and lemony.

Garnier Body Tonic Hydrating Firming Lotion

Putting this light layer of moisturiser on eases your warm skin, and makes putting on your bra that little bit easier. It also means your bra shouldn’t rub or irritate you quite as much throughout the day.
I would also recommend making sure your bra band is nice and tight – this may sound odd when it’s hot and you want loose clothing, but being more supportive it won’t get the chance to wiggle around too much or cause you unnecessary irritation.

Another option, is to wear a strapless bra. A badly fitting strapless can be really uncomfortable – before I was fitted, I avoided them like the plague, but nowadays I have a lovely Freya Deco strapless, that works really well for me in the heat. I wouldn’t say that the deco bras are actually best type of material to wear during hot weather, but for me it does the job, and I do find that my chest feels a lot cooler in a strapless. Another strapless I have been recommended numerous times (but haven’t had the chance to try it yet) is Ewa Michalak’s Czarny.

Freya Deco Strapless and Ewa Michalak Czarny Strapless

Ewa Michalak is a great Polish lingerie company that I was recently introduced to. Their bras are so soft and light, and a lot of them are made using cotton in the lining, and thin soft materials (even in their padded bras) so I barely ever notice I am even wearing anything with them. I currently only own two, but I will definitely be ordering more in the future.

Ewa Michalak CH Toffik and PL Black

Above on the left is the CH Toffik bra; a padded balcony half cup, with a very vintage look which I love. It’s really comfortable, and the band is really supportive (slightly on the tight side, but not in a bad way for me personally).
On the right, is Ewa’s PL Black. A really lovely plunge bra. I was again surprised at how soft the cups were, and almost thought it wouldn’t be supportive enough. Another tight band, but as I measure 30-31 underbust and this is a 32 back band, it seems to work for me.

Cheryl over at Invest in your Chest has written a great review of lots more of their bras, including the aforementioned very popular Czarny strapless bra, so you may find some more useful information there.
Also, Brittany from Thin and Curvy has finally found, in Ewa Michalak, a company that can make her the 26 bands she’s been looking for; her review is definitely worth a read.

If you do decide to order from Ewa, don’t be put off by the site being in a foreign language. There is a UK flag at the top, which if you click, will translate the majority of the site for you, and each bra costs between £20-£30. You can check the conversion of ZLs into £s on google if you are unsure. The check out is with paypal, so again, it’s pretty secure.

A Bravissimo Racer Back top and Cami Top

Last but not least, if you have more of a choice in what clothing you can wear each day, I would really recommend the Bravissimo cami tops and racer back tops. They have built in supportive bras, and a set of hooks underneath so you can adjust it the same way you would with a regular bra. Because the bra is built into the top, the feeling of wearing one mostly disappears – I personally feel a lot more free in them, and consequentially have no concerns about my bra showing or irritating me while I’m at work. They come in all sorts of sizes and styles, but the cups do run large.

Bravissimo Grey Cami Top with Built-in Bra

This Bravissimo cami (above) is a size 32FF which is actually a size smaller than my regular, but it still feels like a 32G or even 32GG. If you can’t afford to buy one directly from Bravissimo, they do crop up quite often on ebay, so it’s worth having a browse every now and then, just in case.

A few last minute slightly more obvious tips are: drink lots of water to keep you cool, wear unpadded bras when you can (as they are generally much lighter/thinner), and wear clothes made of cotton and linen as often as you can, as this lets your skin breathe and deal with the heat more effectively.

I hope this helps, and if you have any keep-cool tips of your own, feel free to comment below!


Sophia xxx


  1. I find bravs night tops way too hot for my bust, my boobs get squished together and they are pretty air tight. Wearing reg bras is more than enough for me, I can’t cope with deco or the reg moulded bras, they are too hot and plasticy, I love EM bras due to the cotton lining but would not wear them on a hot day as a reg bra that divides my boobs is better

    • Well my cami top is quite roomy, and not tight in the bust, so perhaps that’s why. I agree about the regular deco, I don’t wear that one in the heat, only my strapless 🙂

  2. Great tips! I would also like to add that a unpadded bra with good separation of the breasts tend to make one feel better too. Decos might look great, but it might add even more sweat in the cleavage area. 😦

    • Thanks Helena,
      I agree. As I said to Linda, I don’t really wear standard decos in the heat, but my strapless is much cooler than the regular one.
      I wanted to emphasise that strapless bras are often useful in the heat, the deco just happens to be the one I have 🙂

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  4. I need to try that moisturiser! Fab tips! I also say…no make up! It’s better than having it sliiiiiiding off your face!x

    • Yeah I always have to go light on the make-up in summer too! 🙂 xx

  5. Love your blog Sophia. I’m super curious about the fit of EM strapless bras. Any experience with them as of yet, or know any resources or reviews on them?

    • Hi, thanks so much 🙂
      I haven’t actually been able to try the strapless bras yet, I’m planning to purchase one when I’m back from holiday. Did you happen to see Cheryl’s blog post about EM bras? She’s tried them, I think so has Brittany from Thin and Curvy. I have a few friends that have also tried them, and they seem to be very popular, and the fit is very similar to the rest of their bras as I understand. Hope this helps!

  6. This is months late, but I just wanted to point out that sheer mesh bras (Freya Eleanor/Lyla or Ewa Michalak Granatowy Motyl) allow more airflow than satin cups or padded cups! Built-in air conditioning. In fact, my sheer cups are actually kind of cold in the October air.

    • Hiya, thanks for your comment. Yeah I used to wear my freya arabella a lot in hot weather, and it was quite coolling – somehow though most freya bras cause grief in hot weather, so I tend to head for the higher cotton content first nowadays 😛

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