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Twelve Gossard Bras of Christmas

December 13, 2011

A few months ago, Simply Yours and Simply Be launched a ‘Get Your Straps Out’ competition – you were asked to send in a photo subtly exposing your bra strap in the most imaginative place. After entering the competition, I was really surprised and over the moon to hear I was picked as one of the lucky winners; the prize being 12 sets of Gossard Lingerie (the equivalent of a years supply!)

I was so excited to be chosen, and thought what better way to test out this lovely underwear, than review it on here. It’s no secret that I’ve often struggled with Gossard, and have previously had trouble finding the perfect fit. This is largely because they don’t make my regular size of 30GG. It is important to note that their bras go no higher than a G cup, and no lower than a 30 band although I do hope this changes one day.

Having tried only 32Gs in their styles in the past, and knowing that they were too loose all over, I felt confident enough to decide on 30G. It was a risk, but a risk I’m glad I took. All the styles I was sent are 30G, and all the pants are a Large.

When the very large box arrived, I was slightly overwhelmed by what a great gift it was. I opened it feeling like it was Christmas morning, to find an array of beautiful and striking garments. I have since been (not so patiently) waiting for my day off to test them out.

There are a total of 12 sets, and what seem to be 5 different styles.

Three Gossard Superboost Laces
Two Gossard Wild Prints
Two Gossard Superboosts
Two Gossard Fleurs
Two Ooh La La’s
And One Gossard Allure

Unfortunately the only full length mirror I have is permanently scuffed, so I’ve taken some more photos of each set on the hanger to give a better reflection of the colour and material. Please do excuse the shoddy full length photos.

Numbers 1, 2 and 3; the Superboost Lace bras.

Gossard Superboost Lace Sets

Superboost Lace - Jade

Superboost Lace - Rouge

Superboost Lace - Black

I found the Superboost Lace bra very sexy, especially with all that lace, but the cup felt a little more like a 30G than some of the others, which meant it was on the small side. Fortunately it’s not so small that I can’t wear it, but I definitely could do with wearing a cup size bigger. The back was nice and tight, definitely a firm 30. I preferred the comfort of the briefs compared to the thong, but I did think the thong looked great alongside the lacey suspender belt!

Numbers 4 and 5; the Wild Print Bras:

Gossard Wild Print Sets

Wild Print - Jade/Brown

Wild Print - Purple/Black

I very much love the Wild Print bras – I think every woman should own at least one animal print undergarment. I’ve tried this style of Gossard bra before, but in a 32G, and the fit was just way off. I’ve discovered it’s actually big in the cup, so to downsize to a 30G was actually spot on (phew!). The colours are bold and exciting, and the 30 back was just perfect, not too loose and not too tight, the briefs were comfy too!

Numbers 6 and 7; the Satin Superboost bras:

Gossard Superboost Sets

Superboost Celebration - Champagne

Superboost Satin - Purple

The Satin superboost bras actually fit surprisingly well. The back was very firm, and the cups were actually quite comfortable. I don’t often wear thongs, but these ones were very soft to the touch. The Celebration set has a little champagne bottle detail on the front instead of the classic ‘G’ detail – a nice added touch!

Numbers 8 and 9; the Fleur bras:

Gossard Fleur Plunge Sets

Fleur - Blueberry

Fleur - Rouge

Possibly my favourite sets out of them all. I am a sucker for blues and purples, so the Blueberry really caught my attention. The red with the black lace edges just looks divine – lingerie heaven!
I found again that the cups and the back fit very well – I definitely wouldn’t want this one in a GG, the G was actually perfect, the back felt very similar to that of the Wild Prints. This time I actually liked the briefs and thong equally. The thong was cut in such a way as to flatter curves rather than cut into them. A great set all round.

Numbers 10 and 11; the Ooh La La bras:

Gossard Ooh La La Sets

Ooh La La Longline Strapless - Ivory

Ooh La La Plunge - Ivory

I got on very well with The Ooh La La plunge bra, the back was tight but not too tight, and the cups just about fit, although I could do with a bigger cup. The strapless, which has some useful removable straps, is a full cup bra – because of this, it meant there was no way I could really fit in to it. It is a lovely garment, but the back was also much tighter compared to the plunge – I think this may be an instance where I could fit into one of their 32G’s, possibly! The suspender belt was lovely, but as I was wearing size large pants, the belt was also a large, but my waist isn’t. Now I know this, next time I order with them I will pick a different suspender belt size for sure!

And last but not least, number 12; the Allure Plunge bra:

Gossard Allure Plunge Set

Allure - Noir

A smouldering and beautiful set, the Allure certainly lives up to its name. There is a sort of nude underlay, which makes it more exciting than being just a simple black bra. I found the cups very small. They were quite stiff which made it less easy to squish myself in, I think even a 30GG would’ve been just about manageable, and probably even in that size I may have wanted to size up. For those who can fit into it, I would recommend it, it feels great on.

With all of these sets, I felt they were supportive enough for an evening, but perhaps not all day long. They wouldn’t be the bras I wear to work, but they would definitely be bras I would wear on a night out…or a night in.

So, after my twelve day rendezvous with Gossard, I am now convinced. They have really won me over…well almost. My few criticisms are purely about size. Why is it that they use a model who is at most a 28 band, or possibly something as small as 26 or 24, yet the smallest band available is a 30? If you compare my underbust to that of their models, it is clear we would not need the same band size. I would love for Gossard to factor in smaller bands and bigger cups, hopefully one day, my wish will come true!

Dear Gossard, thank you for the fabulous lingerie, and dear Simply Yours, thank you for choosing me!

Merry Christmas!


Sophia xxx