Star in a Bra 2012

February 7, 2012

Yes ladies, it’s that time of year again – Star in a Bra!

For those of you who don’t already know, I entered Star in a Bra last year, and was lucky enough to make it through to the final 10.

Now let me tell you a bit about it.

Star in a Bra is run by the lingerie company Curvy Kate. Every year they begin their quest to find a curvy DD+ girl to model for the brand. The idea behind it is to have models that represent the public, and women we can relate to. It’s no good having a B-cup girl modelling a bra for someone who is a J-cup – how can you know what the fit will be like on a larger size? Curvy Kate start their bras at a D, and a 28 band, and go all they way up to a 44 band, and a K cup.

Be the next Curvy Kate!

You may be reading this and thinking “I’m not a model” or “I’m too shy to walk around in my underwear in front of anyone”, but from my experience, about 90% of the girls who enter feel that way. I thought that way too, but what have you got to lose? Be brave ladies, they are looking for curvy girls, women who are down to earth and willing to give it a go, and you certainly don’t need any previous modelling experience. If your friends or family see the photos, so what? This is for you, and you can encourage other women to be proud of their bodies, and show how a correctly fitting bra should look. That 80% out there still wearing ill-fitting bras need role models to help them, and no woman should have to struggle so much just to find a decent fitting bra. You could be that role model.

If anything, just being part of the competition is a massive confidence boost. Whether you get picked or not, you get to put on all your favourite lingerie, pose and have a little fun while you’re at it. The thing is, you never know, you might get picked. Be happy and confident in your photos, and they are sure not to miss your smiling face.

Star in a Bra 2011

My friend and current Curvy Kate model, the lovely Lizzie Haines, won the competition last year, and it’s easy to see why.

Lizzie Haines

You just need to look at her lovely smiling face in her entry photo to see she’s happy and confident. Even so, she’s publicly said she has body insecurities (not that we can see why of course) but the point is, everyone has them, even the most beautiful women.

Those of you who read my blog while I was still in the competition, know that I had a hard time accepting the final photos and the way I looked, but I don’t regret being part of it. You need to get rid of those old insecurities (easier said than done, I know) and just take everything in your stride. I am a different person to the girl I was when I entered the competition, but it is all for the better, and I hope I can encourage others to enter. It is a wonderful experience.

I made some great friends by entering Star in a Bra, and in fact, this blog wouldn’t exist if I hadn’t taken the plunge and gone for it. Those girls made it all worthwhile. The lovely Astrid Lopez and Kelly Parks aren’t in the photo below, but they are in spirit. 😛

Hannah Rowe, Me, Lizzie Haines, and Georgina Horne

Details on how to enter the competition will soon be up live on Curvy Kate’s facebook page. ‘Like’ the page and keep an eye on it, the competition launches on the 23rd February. You will have to enter three full length lingerie or bikini shots, and two head shots – although make sure your head is showing in all the pictures!

Curvy Kate needs your Curves!

Go on girls, be brave and enter!


Sophia xxx

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  1. Aww thanks for the mention, lassie :-). I cannot reiterate enough how right Sophia is about the Star in a Bra competition – such a confidence boost, such lovely people involved! Don’t fret ladies, just do it! 🙂 xx

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