Are celebrities bad bra role models?

February 20, 2012

We’ve all heard the statistic that 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size, but no one really talks about why.

Countless times I’ve heard the phrase “but a DD is huge” or “a G-cup is glamour model size isn’t it?”, and often, these phrases come from women.

Both men and women need to be more bra-aware. How do cup sizes and band sizes relate to each other?
The most imporant thing to remember, is that a cup size means nothing without the band size. A 28DD and a 38DD are vastly different sizes.
The volume of a cup from a 28DD bra is equal to the volume of a 34B. If you held those two bras side by side, they would look the same size (excluding the band).

If you wear a 34E, and you find that the band is a bit loose, the next step is NOT a 32E. Each time you decrease the band size, you must increase the cup size – so a 34E with a smaller band becomes a 32F and vice versa.

DD+ cup sizes have somehow become taboo. There are jokes made about women based on bra size, and implications that if a woman over DD does not look like Christina Hendricks in the bust area, that surely she must be wrong about her size. These jokes and ignorant assumptions are so outdated, especially when there is so much more information about bra sizing available to us. Despite this, many women still insist on wearing the wrong size.

It is precisely this sort of thinking that bothers me – as I have blogged about before, Christina Hendricks is apparently something like a 38DD or 38DDD according to the media. Now whether she has confirmed this or not, I don’t know, but I don’t see why a woman in the public eye should let us believe she is a size that is actually incorrect. Frankly, that’s just being a bad role model for all the women out there unsure of their correct size. I have heard many a woman say “but I’m not as big as Christina so I can’t be over a DD”, and this really skews our perception of women’s bodies. (I speculated at the time that she was probably a 32H/32HH).

But, Christina is not the only one, she’s just a more obvious one. There are many more celebrities who really need to do a little more research to find out their correct bra size. Here are a few that come to mind:


Beyonce is the ultimate independant woman, which is why this one stresses me out so much. She’s been both slimmer and curvier through the years, but always seems to be in the wrong bra size. Her gorgeous figure looks squished in that yellow bikini, and even in her very popular Best thing I never had video, she is wearing a basque where the wires are pretty much lying directly on her breast tissue; it’s even more obvious when watching the video. She is probably around a 30E.

Liz Hurley:

What can I say, Liz just never looks supported in the bust area. All her bras seem far too big in the band and small in the cup. Famously an advocate of diets and being slim, she is well known for once saying “I’d kill myself if I was as fat as Marilyn Monroe”. She claimed that having seen Marilyn’s dresses, she wanted to get out a tape measure to check the vast size. I get the feeling that as her breast size has increased over the years, she has refused to accept that she’s bustier than she once was, as quite clearly the label matters more to her than what she actually looks like; some role model.
A well fitting supportive bra could do wonders for her shape, my guess is that these days she’s more like a 30FF or 30G.

Tyra Banks:

The gorgeous model claims that she is a DD, but with what looks like a back size of about 28, it’s quite clear she’s bigger than a DD. More likely a 28GG or 30G. On the left she’s squeezed herself into a very small bra, and on the right, you can see that the band of the red bra is loose and not supporting her.
Tyra has embraced her curves as they grown over the years; I really think if Bravissimo could get their hands on her to measure, that she would be very surprised with the outcome. She could be a great role model with the correct size.

Sofia Vergara:

With roles such as Gloria in ‘Modern Family’, it’s hard to know whether Sofia creates this big cleavage-y look on purpose. I get the feeling she doesn’t know her real bra size, but I’d guess quite similar in size to Christina Hendricks. In my opinion, Sofia looks to be a 30HH, but most likely if she wore her correct size, she wouldn’t have her beloved chin-high cleavage effect.

Kelly Brook:

The bra on the left has a band that is far too loose, not giving her any lift or support. On the right, it’s a cup that is far too small, cutting into her breast tissue on the side (I’m certain that minus the airbrushing on that one, it would be far more obvious). I’d put Kelly at a 28H, possibly 30GG.

Katherine Heigl:

Katherine Heigl

Gorgeous, but often wearing a bra or bikini that is a few sizes too small. I’d put her as a 30F/30FF or similar.

The fact is, whether these women know it or not, they are putting out a really distorted idea of breast sizes. It’s no wonder 80% of women don’t know their own bra size, because these are the sort of references we have.

Take a look at the following picture of D/DD sized women, with varying band sizes:

D-DD Cup Sizes

And next, a picture of G/GG sized women with varying band sizes (65 = UK 30 and 70 =UK 32).

G-GG Cup Sizes

It just goes to show that you cannot estimate a cup size without estimating the band size too. There are far more sizes out there than A-DD, and we all need to be more bra-aware.

If you think you are wearing the wrong size, try putting your measurements in Curves and Corsets bra calculator (the most accurate one I have come across) and see what you get: Bra Calculator

A great place to go and get measured professionally, is Bravissimo, I highly recommended them for both the fit and service.


Sophia xxx


  1. Such a great post! I think the media is one of the biggest reasons why women continue wearing the wrong band size. I just wrote about our situation here in Finland in my post at http://branightmares.blogspot.com/. In the other hand, I think some of these women are also victims of the bra industry, which has its own reasons for telling us that everyone is 32-38 B-D.

    Especially in the US there’s not much choice when you go to a lingerie shop. When Victoria’s Secret is ruling the lingerie market there’s not much women can do unless they’re properly educated. I think even the celebrities don’t want to feel the odd one out and that’s why they keep wearing the wrong size. Because everyone says that DD is huge, it must be so.

    I’m so glad that the situation is a bit better in countries like UK and Poland. But sadly there’s still a lot of countries (like mine) where you just can’t get bras over the “normal” sizes unless you buy online.

    • Hi Saija,
      Thanks for your comments, and I love your blog!
      I think you’re right, that a lot of them want to fit in and assume they are a particular size, but at the same time, they get measured and fitted all the time for television, so they should be more size aware than the average woman. x

  2. I just measured myself! thank you so much for all of the information. I have always had a difficult time buying bras and they never seemed to fit. Now I know why!

    • Glad I could help! πŸ™‚

  3. And, as a former Bravissimo model, Kelly Brook should know better!! X

    • You’re quite right, I had forgotten that! X

      • It may be that she doesn’t have much choice as to what bras she gets to wear for photo shoots… it must be remembered that a poorly-fitting bra can give lots of cleavage, which may be all they’re going for in the photos anyway..

      • That may be true, especially given I used the photo-shoot pictures, but I almost used the bikini ones I found, which were the wrong size, and of her own choosing I would assume.

  4. A celeb who does seem to know her (well above a DD) correct size more or less is Hayley Atwell. You cans see in this interview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPyZl_duKnw

    • Well unfortunately she has claimed to be a 36C or 36D, so while she is quite clearly above that, and closer to FF/G, she’s yet another actress who will make women think they’re smaller sized than they really are.

  5. Very good points…. I think women in the media have the potential to do a lot of harm or a lot of good in terms of bra size awareness. How will young women accept that they’re over a DD when the media trumps up the notion that D’s are HUGE and very busty movie stars are only ever a D or DD?
    (I do think that Katherine Heigl isn’t quite a 30GG, though – she looks definitely smaller than I am at a 28GG. I would guess she’s more like a 30F/28FF)

    • Thanks for your comments, I agree that the media has a lot to answer for.
      In those pictures yes Katherine Heigl does look to be a smaller size, but I was sort of going by what she looks like in general, and usually she looks a fair bit larger.
      To be honest, it’s hard to estimate anyone’s size, it depends what they are wearing to begin with! πŸ™‚

  6. Truly true. But I think it’s important to also say that boob shape will affect how a bra looks hence how big or small boobs look. Plus Bra sizing is not definitive, they vary, I can range from 28GG to a 32F, purely depending on make and model. Best advice to give: Try before you buy! xoxo

    • Hi Katy, yes I know what you mean, I vary with sizes too, and I completely agree. The point is that they don’t suggest they might be between an E and an F for example, they point blank refuse to go over DD. x

  7. I entirely agree that “celebrities” are probably not the best “role models” as far as accurate assumptions of cup size. I am a fan of almost all of the celebs that are a part of this post, but really for their intention to flaunt their goods, as opposed to my estimate of their cup size. Cup size accounts for 10% of the attraction; 90% is how it’s all put to use. You make some good points and have opened my eyes about what might be too small or too large a bra.

    • Hi Christopher,
      Thanks for your comments. I agree that cup size doesn’t necessarily equal attractiveness, but the point I’m making is they would rather suffer for cleavage than wear the right size. Well, either that or they just don’t know their size.

      • Point: celebrities as bra role models equals an injustice for all the wholesome, natural cleavage out there. Recently, the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue is perfect example, tho not necessarily celebrity (perhaps a few). The bra world extends into swimsuits with such ease that even those who think they have the right bra will adjust this attitude to “fit into” a slinkier, and tighter bikini or suit. Sophia points out that women with full busts, or any for that matter, may be suffering due to a media-savvy hope that all the well-endowed in Hollywood will have equally well kept cleavage. Have we discovered a new cause of Hollywood meltdowns?

  8. There is a huge trade off in wearing the right size, Amazing cleavage and verses a tiny waist. Personally I would rather have a great silhouette rather than cleavage. Underboob sweat is not sexy, having a hump back is not sexy, and having fungus growing in between your boobs is not sexy. Trust me.

    Honestly I can’t really blame the celebs for wearing bra that don’t fit. Like most people they can only get was is available. I think alot of people think all celebrities are super rich and can get whatever they want at a drop of a hat. That’s isn’t the case. Plus they don’t really have the control over wait they wear. As boob breasted women that have seen the light about bra fitting we know what is out there. There isn’t that much out there for large breast. How many times can the same bra Panache bra or Cleo bra be photographed. How many basques are out there for DD-H cups. not many. Personally I don’t think most of the bras out for larger sizes are editorial worthy. Freya, Panache, EM, Fantasy, and Bravissimo don’t make bras that can compete with Agent Provocateur, Victoria Secrets, and Aubade.

    When go to try on bras every so often and the fitter pulls out a Tango II I just want to scream.

    • I understand what you’re saying, but the fact is these are A-list celebrities, and they do have enough money to get bras specially made for them if they so wanted. There isn’t a massive amount of choice for the bigger bust sure, but definitely between sizes DD-G there is much much larger range now. A lot of them are so concerned about size, that they don’t do enough research into what they could or should be wearing. Now of course, I’m not saying this is accurate for all of them, and perhaps not even for each woman I’ve mentioned here, but it is definitely the case for some. We don’t know for sure, we can only speculate.
      As you say, some of them also do it for the big cleavage effect, and I think that gets them noticed more than a well-fitting bra would, sadly.

      • Yes i’m sure if these celebs want a pretty bra that fits they will find one.

        This might be odd or even crazy, but when the whole Platex +4 war got me thinking about how to show that large busted women slim or large, aren’t a small market. Today I was watching the Shark Tank which is an American version of Dragon’s Den. A woman came in with a pillow so women with large breast could sleep on their belly. I loved the idea. But the sharks couldn’t get around the fact that women might actually want it because it was for women with large breast. How many those exist in nature.

        Anyways my thought was if you like a brand buy from it then send the companies back the bras and say it doesn’t fit make my size. If bands you want to try could see how much money they are losing maybe just maybe they will try to make some larger cups and small and large bands.

  9. Great post! I’m always disappointed with Kelly Brook when her New Look lingerie collections come out, yes they do go to an F cup but not below a 32 or 34 back. If she’s modelled for Bravissimo she should know better.

    I think you need to look at this ‘article’ on Helen Flanagan from Coronation St, She’s another one who desperately needs a well fitting bra- thoughts? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2103548/Helen-Flanagan-barely-manages-stay-plunging-flesh-coloured-frock.html

    • I know, she’s at the most a 30 band! I don’t really understand that one to be honest.
      Thanks for linking me that article, Helen Flanagan really needs a bra fitting…pronto!!

  10. This is such a great post, and I love the images of what D-DD and G-GG sizes *really* look like. I like to think that the full-busted US lingerie market in particular would change dramatically if celebrities gave their real sizes and helped normalized the “huge” sounding D+ range. Even my sister-in-law (a model who does lingerie and a former Victoria’s Secret model at that!) thinks she’s a 34C at 5’11” and probably 115 pounds!! If women knew what kind of variety of D+ bra sizes these high-profile celebs really wore, I think there’d be a lot more size awareness and demand for a better range of sizes in stores.

    • Hi Sarah,
      I completely agree. Can you imagine if they all publicly announced their real sizes; we would all be sitting here jumping up and down shouting “finally!” haha. I would just love for more women in the public eye to be open and honest about their size, and embrace it. I mean sure you may get some negative articles coming out written by people who are particularly ignorant about bra sizes, but who cares if you are helping women all over the world find a decent fitting bra!

  11. Just read your blog, much lovage.

    Tried the calculator and it said a 30E!
    I am definitely not a 30. A 32 digs in as it is. I think the E would be too small for the cup as well, as you say it would be the equivalent of a 34D and I have found DD is better, sometimes an 34E is alright too.

    Think the main issue for women is that once you get to a certain size you are made to pay through the nose. Β£35 is a lot for a bra, especially when the A-DDers are able to buy High Street for Β£5.

    I think you should start a campaigning for High Street retailers to stock larger sizes considering the national average is larger than their stock supplies. Places like Tezenis (AA-C), Top Shop (AA-D), Primark (AAA-DD) and Intimissimi (A-C) do such a stupid size range but they are cheap so we squeeze ourselves into their largest sizes. I should also mention that a sales clerk in Intimissimi laughed at me when I asked if they had a 34DD then said sorry we don’t stock larger than C, as if I was abnormal. I turned to her and asked why a business would cut off the majority of it’s clientele when the national average is two cup sizes larger than they stock. She shrugged and said is it. I walked out.

    I have since then checked their website and their sizing guide is completely out of whack. http://uk.intimissimi.com/home.jsp

    It suggests that I am a 2B in their sizes according to their measurements but they also say this size is equivalent to 34A… Check yourself against it too. My measurements are 30″/76cm under, and 35″/89cm cup.

    Makes no sense to me!

    Anyway Love you honey!
    R x

    • Hi Love!
      I know what you mean, I think perhaps you should wear a 32because that’s what seems most suited to you, and it all depends on the person’s structure. This bra calculator (which is the most accurate I’ve come across) puts your measurements at a 30E – http://www.curvesandcorsets.com/uk_files/BraSizingCalculator.htm – but maybe if you can get to a Debenhams or a Bravissimo (although they are expensive, so perhaps we should take a ‘trying on only’ trip) and we can try out some sizes and test them out. I think it would be interesting to see how an F fits you, even if it’s not right, at least you will know for sure! (Remember measurement number 2 is best taken when leaning over forwards).
      I completely agree with you about prices, it’s an absolute nightmare when smaller sizes can just get a bra from any high street store. To be honest though, the amount of size 8 girls wearing 34 bands is vast, and I think high street shops don’t even go as low as 28 band (which would be a size 8 equivelant), so women all over the place just wear whatever they can get. My friend Beckie at http://busts4justice.com/ has been campaining for smaller bands and bigger cups for a while. She’s done an amazing job so far, she got M&S to admit that ‘they boobed’ when they increased their prices for bigger sizes, she also got Playtex to take down their bra calculator – awesome.
      Much love sweetie xxx

  12. Agree so much. For years i used to think how can i be a 28ff, i am not that big? But now thanks to sites like bratabase and blogs like yours i realise 28ff really isnt that big !

    Does anyone know any positive celebrity bra role models? There must be some that accept their true size and actually wear bras that fit (and maybe even admit what size that is) . Can anyone think of anyone though?

  13. I’ve tried that bra calculator before, it puts me at one cup size larger than I thought I was. Have you used this to figure out your size? And does the size it gives you fit? It puts me at a 26E/F (25 inches for the underbust, 30/31 inches for the bust) and I thought I was more along the lines of a 26DD/E.

    • Yes it puts me in my correct size. Of course it depends how you measure, and may not be 100% accurate for everyone, but I’d say it will at least be very close. You could always go to a shop and test out the size it suggests, see how it feels!

      • Well I know in two of my bras from M&S (they’re the exact same ones) I could fit into a 28DD, I have a Per Una one from M&S as well but that’s about a cup size bigger than those ones. I hate the inconsistency! Also, I was under the impression that a 28D would be equivalent to a 26DD, but others have said a 26E. I’m so confused >.<

      • Yes that’s correct, 28D is the equivalent of a 26DD, every time you go down one band size, you go up one cup size, and vice versa. It’s very inconsistent between brands, and frustrating too. I’m not keen on M&S sizing myself, I’ve never found a perfect fit there. If you can get to a bravissimo, or even just a debenhams, they will have a bigger range of brands and sizes so you can compare.

  14. Hey! I just wanted to say that I find your blog very refreshing, love it! Every bra-size calulator and every woman in a bra-shop in the past said that I sized 36F or something, but every time the band was way too wide. It crawled up after only 10 minutes! I didn’t feel supported at all, and it made me feel very uncomfortable and unsure of myself. But the ‘experts’ said that was my size…
    A few years ago I read a lot more about fitting, and I found out that I was a 32H (31,5 underbust, 40 inches for the bust, something like that). Despite all of the advise from everyone who ‘knows a lot’ about bra fitting. Still most people don’t believe that I am wearing a 32H bra, they think it’s way too small in bandwidth for me and way too big in cupsize. But whatever! I finally can buy bras in my actual size and I feel so much better. My backpains aren’t even that much of an issue anymore. And it’s good to see on your blog that more people have the same point of view. Most people don’t know anything about bra fitting, even celebrities, as we all can see on your post!
    I now usually depend on Ebay.co.uk for buying bras, because the bras in my size are somewhere between 50-100 Euros in my country, if they aren’t allready sold out. (I’m from Holland). It is a shame that I can’t fit them, but I can always return them. Somewhere I read that women in Holland have the second largest breasts, just a little smaller than women from the UK, so I really don’t understand why there are so few bras in bigger cupsizes (and smaller bandsizes in my case). And everytime I see a woman fitted in a bra that doesn’t fit at all in my opinion, I feel frustrated because they can look and feel so much better. Just as I do now.

    • Hi, thank you for sharing your thoughts. I’m so glad you managed to find your correct size, and it’s such a shame that the ‘experts’ as you say don’t do more research. I lived in Holland for 3 years and I remember struggling to find bras that fit me (although back then I didn’t really know my size), so I appreciate how difficult it must be. We can only hope that somehow word gets out and more sizes become available! πŸ™‚

  15. I just wanted to say thank you for this post. It inspired me to stop kidding myself and go get an actual bra fitting at a store with a broader range of sizes (there had to be a reason why Lane Bryant bras never fit quite right). I always thought or was told that I was a 38/40DDD. Lo and behold, I’ve never actually been a DDD! I’m actually a 36G.
    And even though that size is difficult to find and can cost a pretty penny, it is SO worth it! It’s amazing how much a good fitting bra can affect your whole life. πŸ™‚

    So thanks again! Your blog is amazing. πŸ™‚

    • Oh Elissa I’m so glad to hear that! Yeah it’s tough to find our sorts of sizes, but they’re out there. If you’re willing to shop online, brastop, figleaves, bravissimo and ewa michalak are great. x

      • Thanks for the shop recommendations! Since I’m in the US, I’ve only tried BareNecessities so far, but I’ll have to check out FigLeaves too.

      • A friend of mine swears by nordstroms. She says they keep a lot of bigger sizes in the back, but if you ask for the size you want, they often have it. X

  16. Those collages are great! How did you collect all those pics? It would be great to have a whole range of what sizes *actually* look like, to challenge this perception: http://www.flashfunpages.com/bras.swf !!

    • Hiya, yes if you check out my latest post on the bra band project, we bloggers are trying to compile a selection of pictures to show what a certain size bracket looks like. πŸ™‚

      • Does that mean there are already more collages out there? I looked at your post, but the one I found was calling for pics of >30 band: The collages here are also 30+. I would love to participate in this πŸ˜€

      • There may be more collages out there, and I know as a 34/36-band girl Fuller Figure Fuller Bust’s Georgina tries to show what those sizes look like.
        The reason the bra band project is 30 and under, is because 30 is a uk size 10 underbust/back (which is more common than people think), and bands aren’t made smaller than a 28, which doesn’t help all the other women out there with smaller backs than that.
        If you contact brabandproject@gmail.com they may be able to tell you if they’re doing the same sort of thing in other sizes. πŸ™‚

  17. Hi Sophia,

    Sofia Vergara stated in an interview that her bra size is 32F, do you think this is correct? I was thinking she was more like a 28HH or something. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2179994/Sofia-Vergara-puts-lot-covers-Allure-magazine–reveals-cup-size.html

    Natasha xx

    • Hi Natasha, I am glad to see she has finally given the media a size above DD, as that’s definitely what we need to hear more of. However, yes, you’re right, I still think she is a bigger size than that. I think 28HH is a very good guess, and I suspect she is really something close to that. x

    • I wonder if it’ll actually fit her πŸ˜›

  18. THANK YOU for this post. Now that I have a much better idea of how bras should fit than I did a few years ago, I cannot go back to my 32B’s. The band rides SO far up and gives me underboob spillage if I raise my hands above my head. Unfortunately, the US doesn’t have any brands/stores that carry my size (28DD). So, I have to look online and even then, it’s a neverending quest -____-

    To be fair, a lot of celebs have stylists (especially in music videos and photoshoots) that put them in sample-size bras that don’t fit. Oftentimes, you’ll see them in cup sizes too small and band sizes too big. I feel that this is meant to create the illusion of “my-boobs-are-so-big-that-they-spill-over” that lad mags aim for. VS is VERY guilty of this, too. I would think that a worldwide-known lingerie company would at least get this right. Of course, they all try to be sneaky and photoshop everything out. I hate this because it gives a false representation of how bras should really fit. Every time I see these pictures of incorrectly fitting bras, I can’t help but think, “Damn, how awkward looking. That must hurt.” A great fitting bra is pretty damn important, people! Get with the program!

  19. Hey – randomly stumbled across your blog post. I work for bravissimo, and I find it amazing how many women come in wearing an ill fitted bra! And not understanding how it should fit, and wear all the support comes from! You’ll find that lots of celebrities shop at Rigby and Peller, which I believe stock larger sizes (the queen goes there!) but I believe that because of medical cup sizes (when people go in for boob jobs) they don’t take into consideration the back size, and then this is where people get confused! Like Jordan for example, she has something like an F boob job but is more than likely gonna be a H-J cup! It’s all madness!

  20. […] I see out there! Similar predictions to the ones I’m about to make have already been cast by Sophia Jenner and I think you’ll see we share smilar bra […]

  21. Wow. What an interesting blog post! I never noticed before that celebs wore the wrong size but I did think it was weird that everyone goes on about size DD. I’m pretty sure they don’t even know what that means!

    Your right about the band size/cup size. I tried telling my friend about it for years and it was until she got a proper fitting and found out that she was a 28DD not a 32B/C that she too notice, especially as she finally got the bust she wanted ;).

  22. That bra calculater is rubbish! Says im a 32E, I wear 32E & 32F balconette bras and they only just pass my nipple, way too small but give me a lift and the reason to why i wear them is because bras that are letter sized bigger than that are really hard to find then when you do find them there even more expensive and grannyfied!! Its all good saying all these women wear the wrong bra sizes but its not the women you should be slating, its the bra commpanies you should be telling all this too! I dont understand once a bra hits into the bigger letter size with smaller back size it becomes ugly! Bravissimo bras are horrible!! I do not want my nipple to show out of my top when i become cold i want padding!! but i cant seem to get this 😦 There is your reason to why 80% of women wear the wrong size! x

    • It sounds to me like you haven’t found the right bra for you. There are plenty of gorgeous bras past an F cup, and they come in all shapes and styles. Half-cup bras (sometimes termed balconette, which I suspect isn’t the right style for you) are just one type, there are also plunge bras, full cup, balcony, moulded, and much more. I can link you to some of these if you tell me what it is you’re after, and what styles you’ve already tried.
      As for ‘slating’ these women, that’s not what this post is about at all. It’s pinpointing that celebrities too do not always know their bra size, so we should not be looking to them as bra-size role models. If you have read any of my previous posts, you will know that I do speak about companies and their bad fitting methods. For example, here is the article I wrote about Simply yours and their 4+ calculation method: https://sophiajenner.wordpress.com/2011/06/12/simply-ill-fitting/

  23. I had a feeling I was wearing the wrong size so I visited four lingerie stores one afternoon to get measured. Indeed I was wearing the wrong size, and all four ladies gave me the same measurement.

  24. Very informative! Thanks for the article, it helped me solidify the fact I am a D cup but am far from huge. I had the misconception that a D cup meant you had to be very large. There needs to be more education available for women.

  25. Thank you so much for this post! I stumbled across it today and it is right on! I am an American woman and have started buying my bras from the UK. It is so hard to find a proper fit here, especially at a reasonable price. After much trial and error, I think I have it figured out as a 30ff or 28g, depending on brand and style. People give me funny looks when I tell them what size I am. Yes, I am busty for my 5’2″ US size 2 frame, but not huge! I have helped friends find their correct sizes when they look a bit…droopy, or I notice them tugging on their straps. Makes a dramatic difference when the support is coming from the band, as it should. I wish this would catch on here instead of everyone thinking they need to fit into Victoria’s Secret’s poor sizing, or assume they are plus size.

  26. Do you know that your article is one of the few that made me go on the journey for the perfect bra ? πŸ˜€ this is a good thing because for years I was ill-fitted into a 36 band whereas I’m really a 32 ! My back feels much much better.
    The only downside is that when I loose or gain weight I have to search again for my new cup size because it changes a lot. I think I’m currently a 32HH but I’m waiting my new bras to be sure because I can’t be fitted in-store (there’s none around where I live).

    I can understand that female celebrities, being ordinary human beings after all despite being famous and rich, don’t know their real size because they’re part of the 80% like most women.
    But the thing that puzzles me completely, is WHY they lie on their bra size when they in fact do know it ??
    I don’t see any usefulness in that…
    If you don’t want your size to be known, then don’t answer the question when it’s asked, that’s all ! Don’t lie, lady, people don’t need to be more uninformed that they already are…

  27. […] celebrities bad bra role models? | sophiajenner [Click!]Feb 20, 2012 – I get the feeling she doesn’t know her real bra size, but I’d guess […]

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