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BiuBiu Strikes Again

March 30, 2012

I’ve talked about BiuBiu on my blog before, back when I discussed the Elusive Fitted Top for the larger busted girl; not just a myth. BiuBiu is now my go-to company for these sought after types of clothes.

They are a great Polish brand, and they make clothes specifically designed to fit both your waist and bust measurements. They have a very useful fitting guide on their website, which I have found to be quite accurate. So far, I haven’t bought a single item that didn’t work for me, they are an absolute godsend for my wardrobe.

I have three new tops to rave about. The Blue Lagoon, the Gotham City, and the Midnight Infinity.

I purchased all of them in a 40B/BB, which equates to a UK size 12. I don’t like my tops to be uber tight, and had previously found the 38 fit very well, but I felt a bit ‘on show’ and 40 seemed be a better option for my taste.

Please excuse the camera flash – hopefully you can see past it to the fab tops underneath πŸ˜›

The Blue Lagoon is a beautiful floral print top with a round neckline. I loved both the name and the colours of this top, so it was a must-have for me. I found it ran slightly tighter than their Porto top, so it fit me like my 38s do. Even so, it’s very comfortable and definitely a keeper.

Blue Lagoon - BiuBiu

The Gotham City top is striking in my opinion. The colours are bold and the black stripe under the bust really pulls it together. This one was definitely my favourite of the three, and I was complimented on this one the most. I found it a similar fit to the Porto, which meant that it had a little bit more give in the material. A really great design, and perfect neckline; not too high and not too low.

Gotham City - BiuBiu

The Midnight Infinity is a great evening top. The reason I say evening, is because of the neckline – it is quite low-cut, but still in a very tasteful way. It has a ruched middle, which does jazz it up a bit as it’s just one block colour so that saves it from looking too much like the Porto. Again I found the fit very similar to the Porto, but the great thing about this one, is that it comes in four colours: Midnight, Cherry, Forest and Onyx.

Midnight Infinity - BiuBiu

A really lovely set of new tops from Biubiu, and I was extremely happy with all of them. When I can, I plan to try out some of their dresses – they have a new one, the Montparnasse, which I am very excited to try out!


Sophia xxx


Star in a Bra 2012 – Top 30

March 28, 2012

Curvy Kate have announced their top 30 girls in the running for Star in a Bra 2012, and what a beautiful bunch they are.

Star in a Bra 2012 - Top 30

There’s a really great mixture of different shapes and sizes from D all the way to a K cup! They all look unique with great pictures, and all deserve a shot at winning this great competition.

Being in the competition is an incredibly exciting feeling, and nerve-racking too. They will need to publicise themselves as much as possible to get the votes they need to continue on to the next round. Quite frankly I found it exhausting, and I have no doubt they will too.

I waited to cast my three votes until I had read all the interviews that went up on the Curvy Kate Blog. It was interesting to hear why each of the girls had entered; it always makes for inspirational reading. It was a tough decision, and I did have to sit and think about it for quite a while. I picked the three girls whose interviews I liked the most, and considered how well they might suit the brand.

The one thing I will tell you, is that each girl I picked had a different hair colour, but that’s the only clue I can give πŸ˜‰

Top 30 - Vote Now!

I wish them all SO much luck, I know exactly how they feel.

Don’t forget to vote for your three girls before the 3rd of April!!

You can vote here: Curvy Kate – Vote

Remember, if you’re in the USA, the Star in a Bra competition will soon be coming to you – check out the Curvy Kate USA facebook page for more info.


Sophia xxx


PL Malachit vs. Ashlee Sorbet

March 18, 2012

I don’t often wear padded plunge bras because I feel more comfortable at work in my unpadded ‘comfy’ bras. However, on a night out, a plunge bra is often called for.

On the whole, I loyally stick to my collection of deco bras (of which I have many). They are trustworthy, effective, and I know I won’t develop uncomfortable bra pain half way through the evening.

Over the past 6 months or so, I have branched out and tried bras from Polish lingerie company Ewa Michalak – as of yet, I have not been disappointed with their products. Recently I bought the PL Malachit bra from Ewa, and around the same time, tried on the new Ashlee Sorbet Deco bra from Freya.

In style, they are not that similar, but in function, they most definitely are. They both seek to enhance cleavage, they look gorgeous, and they are solid supportive staple bras in any woman’s collection.

PL Malachit – 70G (32G)

I read a great review of the PL Malachit, and was immediately inclined to purchase one myself. It is a beautiful teal colour, and has padded inserts that can be used to correct asymmetry.

It really is a very uplifting bra, I didn’t find myself needing to readjust, and it gave me more cleavage than even my decos. The band runs tight – I got this in a 70G (32G) but I felt even this size was tight on me. The cup was pretty much perfect size. With the inserts in there was a little overspill, but fit perfectly when I took them out.

PL Malachit – 70G (32G)

One of the things I find most surprising, is that the lace and material doesn’t really show much under my stretchy tops. I mean fair enough you don’t get the absolutely flawless seamless moulded deco bra effect, but it looks great nonetheless.

The Malachit, is, without a doubt, my new favourite ‘night out’ bra.

I was very excited to try the Ashlee Sorbet Deco, because the colour looks like candy, ice cream and summer holidays all rolled in to one; I’m not surprised they named it Sorbet.

Freya Ashlee Deco – Sorbet

It did not disappoint me. I actually found it smaller in the cup than the standard deco (much the same as Freya’s Carly bra was) but the band seemed the same as usual. Here I’m trying on a 32G, as they didn’t have a 30GG in store – it fit wonderfully anyway.

Freya Ashlee Deco – Sorbet – 32G

It gives great cleavage, and I would definitely recommend it, as I always do with a deco. But, with a choice between the two bras, I went for the PL Malachit. If only they had the Malachit in Sorbet, now that would be stunning!


Sophia xxx


The Yellow Bra

March 18, 2012

As I walked out of my front door last week, I realised that Spring had finally arrived. There were beautiful yellow daffodils everywhere, and it made me think about the colour yellow.
A friend of mine who has something called Synesthesia – which for him means he sees words as colours – told me that my name ‘Sophia’ is yellow, so when he looks at me, that’s what he sees.
I like yellow very much, it’s happy and cheerful, but I never really wear it, mainly because it doesn’t often go with my pale skin.

However, when I discovered that Panache were making one of my favourite bras – the Cleo Lucy – in a canary yellow in addition to their girly pink, I just had to test it out.

Panache Cleo Lucy - Yellow

This is the first yellow bra I have ever owned, and I’m smitten. It’s also a bright bold yellow rather than pale, which means it doesn’t look quite as ghastly on my skin tone as I had expected. Win!

Cleo Lucy - Yellow - 32G

I actually bought this in a 32G even though I have the pink version in a 30GG, but this is purely because my size has fluctuated a little lately. I found the band perfect in the 32, which is my current ‘usual’ size. The fit is of course, just the same as the pink version; it gives a really great rounded uplifted shape, with fully adjustable straps too.

The Detailing

I really love the stitching and detailing, it really makes it special. I’ve come to the conclusion that you shouldn’t always avoid a certain colour; you never know when a good shade of it can sneak up on you.

A perfect summer bra. I’m hoping to test out some more summer colours soon!


Sophia xxx