PL Malachit vs. Ashlee Sorbet

March 18, 2012

I don’t often wear padded plunge bras because I feel more comfortable at work in my unpadded ‘comfy’ bras. However, on a night out, a plunge bra is often called for.

On the whole, I loyally stick to my collection of deco bras (of which I have many). They are trustworthy, effective, and I know I won’t develop uncomfortable bra pain half way through the evening.

Over the past 6 months or so, I have branched out and tried bras from Polish lingerie company Ewa Michalak – as of yet, I have not been disappointed with their products. Recently I bought the PL Malachit bra from Ewa, and around the same time, tried on the new Ashlee Sorbet Deco bra from Freya.

In style, they are not that similar, but in function, they most definitely are. They both seek to enhance cleavage, they look gorgeous, and they are solid supportive staple bras in any woman’s collection.

PL Malachit – 70G (32G)

I read a great review of the PL Malachit, and was immediately inclined to purchase one myself. It is a beautiful teal colour, and has padded inserts that can be used to correct asymmetry.

It really is a very uplifting bra, I didn’t find myself needing to readjust, and it gave me more cleavage than even my decos. The band runs tight – I got this in a 70G (32G) but I felt even this size was tight on me. The cup was pretty much perfect size. With the inserts in there was a little overspill, but fit perfectly when I took them out.

PL Malachit – 70G (32G)

One of the things I find most surprising, is that the lace and material doesn’t really show much under my stretchy tops. I mean fair enough you don’t get the absolutely flawless seamless moulded deco bra effect, but it looks great nonetheless.

The Malachit, is, without a doubt, my new favourite ‘night out’ bra.

I was very excited to try the Ashlee Sorbet Deco, because the colour looks like candy, ice cream and summer holidays all rolled in to one; I’m not surprised they named it Sorbet.

Freya Ashlee Deco – Sorbet

It did not disappoint me. I actually found it smaller in the cup than the standard deco (much the same as Freya’s Carly bra was) but the band seemed the same as usual. Here I’m trying on a 32G, as they didn’t have a 30GG in store – it fit wonderfully anyway.

Freya Ashlee Deco – Sorbet – 32G

It gives great cleavage, and I would definitely recommend it, as I always do with a deco. But, with a choice between the two bras, I went for the PL Malachit. If only they had the Malachit in Sorbet, now that would be stunning!


Sophia xxx


  1. Thanks for the mention – fab review! x

  2. i am completely in love with ewa michalak bras – i have five now and plan to pick up one of the new spring HM styles, it will be my first soft cup from EM. and honestly, since i pay the same shipping anyway, probably one or two more. 🙂 so far, i like the HP cup the most, followed by the CH, although i find the CH seam construction the most obvious under my clothes so far.
    the malachit is a beautiful colour, and it comes in the HP cup… hmm..

    • Go for it Christy, I think I have most of their styles now, and they’re all fabulous! 🙂

  3. I’m tempted to try out EM, since they will custom make 26 backs for you, but you can’t return them, so if they didn’t fit I’d be stuck with them and I would have ended up spending like £25, a lot on my budget. I’ve found a style that I’d love having in a 26 back, from what I’ve read they’re pretty true to size, but I’m a bit hesitant.

    • You should go for it if you can. The Malachit has a tight band so you could probably get away with a 28 band, in which case you would be able to return it. If not, I bet you could easily sell it on ebay – women are always looking for small band sizes!

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  5. I purchased the PL Malachit and after only 2 months the back has stretched, I’ve gone from the biggest to smallest hooks 😦 Also I’m constantly pushing myself back into the cups. I’m thinking I bought a band too big and cups too small?
    Absolutely adore the Ewa bra’s though, I cant wait to place another order as soon as I save up some $$$

    • It sounds that way yes. I usually find when I’ve got a bra that fits really well that it lasts about 6 months at least before moving on to the third set of hooks (and that’s if I wear it all the time). The thing with EM bras is that the different styles fit in different ways, so if you were to get the same style again then yes I’d say a band smaller and cup bigger. BUT, in a different style, you’ll have to find out the fit first. You can always ask me, or I can ask some of my EM wearing friends for you too 🙂

      • I placed my first order and bought CH Onyx, PL Cieluś, PL Malachit and PL Purple.
        The PL Cieluś and PL Malachit have stretched and become quite loose, so I’d say with your advice I do need a smaller band and bigger cup. It’s an amazing style and I love how I look in it, however the PL Purple is a completely different fit. The band is very tight and the cup is definitely too small, I haven’t worn it as much as the other 3 because of this, so I’m thinking of buying an extension to try to wear it in some more.
        Now the CH Onyx is amazing, but like the PL’s I’m thinking I need a smaller band and bigger cup, but I don’t fall out of this one as much as the PL’s.
        With their bra calculator and sizing help they told me to buy a 90DD (40DD) but I was wearing a 40E (16E in Australia), so I went for 90E. I think next time I go to place an order I’ll do what you do and order a few different sizes.
        Thanks for your help! I’m so clueless to things like these, I only found out in January this year about proper bra sizes and I’m 25!!

      • That sounds about right – I have the CH Onyx too and it’s a looser band than the malachit. I don’t go by their bra sizing guide, because it generally puts me in the wrong size, so I think you just have to make an estimate. It sounds like for the majority, a smaller band and bigger cup will work.
        Also, I know how you feel, don’t worry, I’m 26 and I only found out my correct size about a year and a half ago 🙂

      • Thanks so much, really appreciate it!! 🙂

  6. If I generally wear a 32F…should I go for a 34E in this style? It’s so beautiful but I don’t really have money to be shipping things back and forth unfortunately 😦

    • Hi Nat, which bra are you referring to?
      If it’s the Ashlee, this is my advice: have you tried the deco bras before? I normally wear a 30G in deco because the band runs loose and the cups run big.
      The Ashlee fits a bit like the carly & taylor decos do, ie. they run more true to size than the others.
      So, if your usual size in most brands/bras is 32F, you’d probably wear a 30F in the regular deco. But in the Ashlee, probably just you’re usual size of 32F. I don’t think you’d need to size up in the band.
      Does that make sense?
      As for the Malachit: it does run small in the band, quite possibly a 34E would fit best. What do you wear in Freya? Freya is the loosest size I can compare it to, if you wear 32 generally with them, then I suspect 34 is better with Ewa Michalak.

      • Hi Sophia! I’m so sorry, I didn’t even realize I didn’t specify which bra I meant! I was talking about the EM Malachit 😛 Thank you so much for all the info! Right now I have a 32F in the Deco but the fit doesn’t seem the best. I usually wear it on the middle set of hooks for more support. Have you tried Parfait by Affinitas? I find their bands run a bit snug, I’m wondering if Ewa bra bands are similar. Maybe 34E would be best. Thank you!

      • Hi Nat, yes EM bands are similar in tightness to Parfait. The thing about Ewa is that their bands don’t have much stretch to them. I wear a lot of 32s, 32 in parfait and 32 in EM as well, so you may find that if the deco is loose in a 32, then it could be perfect in EM.
        The cups of most of the EM bras run smaller than deco bras, that is to say they’re quite true to size. Do you wear 32F in other bras too? If yes, then I think go for 32F, but if just the deco, then perhaps 32FF. x

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  8. I just ordered the EwaM Malachit bra recently =) if I can look even half as good as you do in it, I will be most pleased!

    • Aw thank you 🙂
      It’s a great bra though, I’d be surprised if you didn’t like it. Hope it fits! X

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