The Yellow Bra

March 18, 2012

As I walked out of my front door last week, I realised that Spring had finally arrived. There were beautiful yellow daffodils everywhere, and it made me think about the colour yellow.
A friend of mine who has something called Synesthesia – which for him means he sees words as colours – told me that my name ‘Sophia’ is yellow, so when he looks at me, that’s what he sees.
I like yellow very much, it’s happy and cheerful, but I never really wear it, mainly because it doesn’t often go with my pale skin.

However, when I discovered that Panache were making one of my favourite bras – the Cleo Lucy – in a canary yellow in addition to their girly pink, I just had to test it out.

Panache Cleo Lucy - Yellow

This is the first yellow bra I have ever owned, and I’m smitten. It’s also a bright bold yellow rather than pale, which means it doesn’t look quite as ghastly on my skin tone as I had expected. Win!

Cleo Lucy - Yellow - 32G

I actually bought this in a 32G even though I have the pink version in a 30GG, but this is purely because my size has fluctuated a little lately. I found the band perfect in the 32, which is my current ‘usual’ size. The fit is of course, just the same as the pink version; it gives a really great rounded uplifted shape, with fully adjustable straps too.

The Detailing

I really love the stitching and detailing, it really makes it special. I’ve come to the conclusion that you shouldn’t always avoid a certain colour; you never know when a good shade of it can sneak up on you.

A perfect summer bra. I’m hoping to test out some more summer colours soon!


Sophia xxx


  1. Does it have fully adjustable straps?

  2. Where did you buy the yellow version? I recently purchased the white and love it! Also if you like this try the Cleo “Eleanor” it comes a brilliant shade of red!

  3. I’ve just ordered a 28D in the black version of this bra, I read that the cups tend to come up a bit small, I’m hoping the back is tight because I’m a 26 really. And I’m hoping it makes me look “rounded” as well because my other non-padded bra makes me look a bit pointy.

    • The band is medium-tight on this one – I find their tango range tighter, but Freya/Fantasie bras looser! I think the shape is very rounded, not pointy like others as well πŸ™‚

      • Just got it this morning, the back wasn’t very tight but not too bad, but the cups were really small, I could barely get into them! I’ll be exchanging it for a 28DD and see how that turns out. I also got Curvy Kate’s Portia in the same size but that was really loose especially at the top of the cup, very odd fit. Probably better for those with fuller breast tissue at the top.

  4. Hi again, I got the 28DD in this one and it’s much better than the D, it still has problems though. The underwires still don’t seem wide enough and where the bridge is they don’t sit completely flat on my chest. The fabric at the top of the cup is ever so slightly loose. My nips keep poking out of the top of the padded bit too, which kind of flattens them a bit at the sides. I’m thinking I should try a 28E but I don’t know if I’d be able to fill it. I think this is why I prefer padded bras xD

    • Also I can stick my finger down the middle from the top of the centre gore, would that mean they are too small?

    • If the underwires don’t feel wide enough (and there is a gap in the middle) it’s usually a sign that the cup is too small, but the gaping at the top implies it’s too big, so perhaps it’s just not right for your shape. It happens unfortunately. I have that with the curvy kate showgirl range. A 30GG is too small for me while a 30H is too big, they just don’t work for me. Don’t give up on the unpaddeds though, you might want to try freya as they have a completely different shape to panache. x

      • I do have a 28D non-padded bra by Freya, same kind of style as the Lucy bra, I had to have the back taken in but the cup is better. Someone suggested that I try a 28E just incase the cup is actually too small. But you may be right that the style just doesn’t work for me. It’s annoying because if the lace part didn’t come up as high it’d be fine.

      • Yeah Freya bras do tend to be looser in the band than most brands. Have you tried the panache tango, or the curvy kate princess bra?

      • Not tried the Princess bra, I tried the Tango plunge bra but that was far too small. The back was tighter than the Lucy bra though.

  5. Yellow is such a fun spring color!

  6. I love the look of Lucy and saw a coral version on eBay i am thinking of buying. However i have read that the fit can vary in different colours and especially that the centre is further apart in older colours like coral. Have you found the same? Any advice appreciated as i have a draw full of bras that aren’t quite right so probably shouldnt buy another bra that isn’t quite right!

    • Hi Deb, in actual fact the difference lies in their old design vs their new design. At one point I ended up with two different versions of this bra in pink, and I noticed the difference straight away. The original band was tighter and actually wider. The newer one has a thinner band and is marginally looser – sadly I think the original was better. If you’re buying on eBay you may have to ask the seller, but most online companies will have the new version I imagine. Hope this helps!

      • Thanks so much for replying straight away! I will give it a go and buy it. Thanks.

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