BiuBiu Strikes Again

March 30, 2012

I’ve talked about BiuBiu on my blog before, back when I discussed the Elusive Fitted Top for the larger busted girl; not just a myth. BiuBiu is now my go-to company for these sought after types of clothes.

They are a great Polish brand, and they make clothes specifically designed to fit both your waist and bust measurements. They have a very useful fitting guide on their website, which I have found to be quite accurate. So far, I haven’t bought a single item that didn’t work for me, they are an absolute godsend for my wardrobe.

I have three new tops to rave about. The Blue Lagoon, the Gotham City, and the Midnight Infinity.

I purchased all of them in a 40B/BB, which equates to a UK size 12. I don’t like my tops to be uber tight, and had previously found the 38 fit very well, but I felt a bit ‘on show’ and 40 seemed be a better option for my taste.

Please excuse the camera flash – hopefully you can see past it to the fab tops underneath 😛

The Blue Lagoon is a beautiful floral print top with a round neckline. I loved both the name and the colours of this top, so it was a must-have for me. I found it ran slightly tighter than their Porto top, so it fit me like my 38s do. Even so, it’s very comfortable and definitely a keeper.

Blue Lagoon - BiuBiu

The Gotham City top is striking in my opinion. The colours are bold and the black stripe under the bust really pulls it together. This one was definitely my favourite of the three, and I was complimented on this one the most. I found it a similar fit to the Porto, which meant that it had a little bit more give in the material. A really great design, and perfect neckline; not too high and not too low.

Gotham City - BiuBiu

The Midnight Infinity is a great evening top. The reason I say evening, is because of the neckline – it is quite low-cut, but still in a very tasteful way. It has a ruched middle, which does jazz it up a bit as it’s just one block colour so that saves it from looking too much like the Porto. Again I found the fit very similar to the Porto, but the great thing about this one, is that it comes in four colours: Midnight, Cherry, Forest and Onyx.

Midnight Infinity - BiuBiu

A really lovely set of new tops from Biubiu, and I was extremely happy with all of them. When I can, I plan to try out some of their dresses – they have a new one, the Montparnasse, which I am very excited to try out!


Sophia xxx


  1. They look lovely!! What’s the length like? I tend to find a problem with not only being slim and curvy but tall as well so Pepperberry clothes tend to come up short 😦

    • Hmm, well to give you an example I’m 5ft 7, with a pretty medium sized torso – I find they are perfect length on me i.e. they go a couple of inches past the waistband of my jeans. It will also depend on chest size too, if you are very busty then they may come up a bit short, it all depends really! x

      • Thanks!

  2. I have a Blue lagoon and I love it.

    I am not very tall and although I love Biu Biu clothes I do find them a bit long for me

  3. […] first three tops were also reviewed by the lovely Sophia Jenner on a recent blog post and particularly for the item first up, helped me make the decision to buy as we seem to share […]

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