Star in a Bra 2012 – TOP TEN!

April 19, 2012

Finally we get to see the fantastic photoshoot pictures of the Top 10 Star in a Bra girls, and don’t they all look absolutely gorgeous?! Check out the pictures here.

I am at a complete loss of who to vote for. During the top 30 with 3 votes it took me quite a while to decide, and now that I only get one vote, it’s even more difficult!

Here are some great behind the scenes pictures of the girls.

In alphabetical order from left to right: Hattie Bland, Jade Emery, Madeleine Havell, Victoria Holmden, Rachael Holmes, Jesse James, Sophie Morgan, Alice Rose Rayman, Abby Russel, and Charlotte Upton

Curvy Kate have posted a video here full of interviews with the girls, as they have done in previous years. I had my eye on a couple of girls in particular, but after seeing that video I’m even more stuck than ever. I’m unlikely to pick whichever girl is right in the middle of the limelight – I know from experience that they can often overshadow the shy girls, and lingerie modelling doesn’t necessarily require that in-your-face loud confidence that can sometimes be seen in girls that make it to the top. However, they all seem especially friendly in the video. A really great bunch this year.

To me, Curvy Kate is a girl-next-door type of brand that caters to women of all different shapes and sizes. All of the girls this year are lovely, and they are exactly that; all different. I think whoever wins will be a fantastic model for the brand, but my own personal choice will reflect the girl that I feel will benefit the most from becoming a role model for us all, and not let it go to her head.

Please please VOTE HERE for your favourite girl, every vote counts, so don’t waste yours.


Sophia xxx


  1. Can you believe we were part of this last year? it was the first I’d heard of the competition so this is the first time I’ve had an ‘outsiders’ view of it.

    • Same here, it seems like a lifetime ago! x

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