Panache: Masquerade Amira Bra & Brief Set

May 20, 2012

I love the Masquerade bras by Panache, they are just so beautiful; I always think the style looks like the love child between Gossard and Fauve. The sultry uplifting shape combined with the perfectly chic elegant material.

Panache Masquerade Amira – Elderberry

This Amira set is stunning, and a difficult colour to describe. Listed as Elderberry, it looks like a latte colour with a warming purple hue over the top. Despite being quite fair-skinned, I was surprised at how much the colour actually appealed to me, and didn’t wash me out as much as I had expected.

Panache Masquerade Amira – Elderberry

It is a lightly padded plunge bra with partially adjustable straps, the band comes in sizes 28-38, and cup sizes D-H. I opted for 32G, as I remember some of the Masquerade sets being tight in the band in the past. I actually found the 32 spot on; not exceptionally tight, but not so loose that I would size down. The cups are quite generous, I did consider sizing down, but decided against it because they weren’t really loose enough to cause any discomfort or problems whilst being worn. It’s a very comfortable bra to wear; I could easily wear it on a daily basis.

Panache Masquerade Amira – Elderberry

The briefs were a size L, but be warned, they come up quite small. However, they are very soft and comfortable with seamless edges which is a bonus.
The wonderful cream embroidery (which reminds me of some of those lovely Fauve sets) really sets off the Elderberry colouring and the satin finish.

While Masquerade’s Rhea half-cup bra is very popular, I think the Amira could be a strong contender as a plunge alternative. I would definitely recommend it.


Sophia xxx


  1. Beautiful! Do you know about how much they are? I live in the US and am looking for a good bra (36D)

    • I think here it’s about £30 or so. You might be able to get one on figleaves, I believe they ship to the US.

  2. How is the band and straps’ stretchy-ness? I have the Rhea, and find the unstretchy-ness of the straps and band a bit annoying, normally when you move your shoulders around, the straps allow for that movement, but with the Rhea I found that the slightest movement moved the whole bra! Which brings to the fact that the band was maybe a bit big, but I felt that with a band that un-stretchy, it would be very uncomfortable with a snug band. This has put me of Masquarade bras a bit! Maybe they are not for everyone

    • The band and straps aren’t that stretchy, they’re fairly similar to the Rhea I’m afraid. I didn’t find it uncomfortable to wear though, but perhaps as you say, they might not be for everyone. Lovely bra though.

  3. hi sophia what size i try in rhea? and do you hear anything about panache sports bra?what size i try?i read you must go down a cup size

    • Hi Maria, rhea should be your usual size, it runs quite close the standard panache sizing.
      As for their sports bra, the first thing to mention is that theirs is brilliant, definitely the best. I have it in my usual size, while yes, it does run big in the cups, it can be tightened when clipping the straps together (to make it a racerback shape).

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