Debenhams – Celebrating 10 Years of Gorgeous Lingerie

May 24, 2012

Gorgeous Lingerie 10th Anniversary

The Debenhams Gorgeous range of lingerie is something that often gets overlooked. While we bigger busted girls run straight to Panache and Freya, we forget that actually there are some really lovely (and purse-friendly) other options available. Gorgeous do cater for the bigger bust, and I am impressed with their range of sizes and styles.

I saw a beautiful bra on their facebook page recently that really caught my eye. It was pink and girly and just overall exceptionally pretty.

Debenhams – Floral Dot Bra

The photo of this bra on their website doesn’t remotely do it justice. It really is a lovely set, and I can see it being very popular.
This particular style only goes up to a G-cup – which is still something considering most high street stores don’t even go that far.
But, don’t give up hope yet, they do have other styles in bigger cup sizes…

Some of the Gorgeous range bestsellers are actually their full-cup bras, and one of the best things about them, is they go all the way to a J-cup!
Don’t be put off by the fact they do not cater for a 28 band; their bands are actually very firm. I probably couldn’t fit into a 30 band in the Gorgeous range – I always find 32 just right.
However, I do hope at some point in the future as they expand, they will delve into the 28-band range – even though their bras are tight-fitting, there are still girls scouring the net for 26 bands.

The first bra I tried was the Gilda pink embroidered mesh full-cup bra.

Debenhams – Pink Embroidered Mesh Bra

It is unpadded and underwired, and has soft satin-like cups with a scalloped mesh trim. The straps are fully adjustable, but they’re also quite firm, so you won’t need to adjust them all that much. As I mentioned before, the band is very firm, so even the 32G was a nice sturdy fit on me. The cups are generous, I prefer to have a bigger cup for my larger side, so I wouldn’t size down, but some may prefer to.

Debenhams – Pink Embroidered Mesh Bra

It is a beautiful dusky pink colour, the shape it gives is perfectly rounded, with none of that tear-drop or pointy-ness that some unpadded bras can cause.

Debenhams – Pink Embroidered Mesh Bra & Brief Set

It comes with lovely matching briefs in the same style, with the satin-like finish on the front, and soft mesh at the back. I got a size 14 and found them pretty true to size, and very comfortable.

I can honestly say, this is one of the more comfortable bra sets I have tried. It is the kind of bra you could wear all day long, and completely forget it’s even there.

The next bra that I tried was the Provence white embroidered mesh full-cup bra.

Debenhams – White Embroidered Mesh Bra

Now while they are a similar style, the white bra has a full mesh cup with embroidered trim, rather than the satin-esque cup of the pink bra. This is just as lovely, especially as the detailing is beautiful, and it feels very cool to wear (which is brilliant for this warm weather we’re having!) The fit is much the same as the pink bra; fully adjustable straps, firm band and generous cups. It is another really comfortable and useful everyday bra.

Debenhams – White Embroidered Mesh Bra

I’m actually very impressed with these two hidden gems, they are going to make my days at work a lot more easy going 🙂

My only criticism isn’t about the bras themselves, but rather the fit on their models – on their website there are a lot of arched bands in the photographs, and I do have a little bit of concern regarding what their customers will assume a well-fitting bra looks like. In any case, I cannot fault their fabulous range.

Next time I’m in Debenhams I definitely won’t be racing to the branded section, I’m much more likely to be saving my pennies and checking out what other lingerie the Gorgeous range has to offer!

Click here to check out Georgina’s review of the Gorgeous range on Fuller Figure Fuller Bust.


Sophia xxx


  1. You know, I just got introduced to some of Debenhams own brands and I am wearing one right now and am in love with it. Got it on a great sale too…Definitely agree that this is a store brand to check!

  2. And wow, I am able to find the floral dot bra you are posting, but the panties are a no go. What a bummer 😦 I love them on the photo. Have you seen them somewhere else?

    • If they don’t have them available on the site, they may do in one of their stores. It’s such a lovely set!

  3. 😉 I am moving to the UK in the fall, so I might have to get my man on it. It is really super cute. Thanks!

  4. i found your blog through google and i am checking everyday for new post of yours..

    please continue to post more and infos about new variety of bras..

    its really amazing and helpful !

    thank you

  5. I have that white bra too, I love it.

  6. I have that white bra too, I love it!

  7. I have the Provence bra in navy and I agree on the tight band, I needed to size up to a 32 but the cups seem spot on. Best of all it was only £10 in the January sale! Like the look of the pink one too

  8. […] you are not convinced then check out this post by Sophia Jenner where she reviews the same bra and one […]

  9. Debenhams Gorgeous were one of the first companies I discovered through Kelly Parks’ blog. Incidentally I’m about to do a post on 6 bras I ordered from them back in February for about £50 🙂 Not bad when you consider the designs, the fit and the sizes compared to the usual £30 I’d spend on a bra! Great post Sophia 🙂 xx

    • Thanks Michelle, I really like your blog – I also have that blue memory foam bra (I found the cups quite big in my usual size so don’t wear it as much as I’d like to).
      Agree with you about the prices, sometimes I just cannot afford the big brands! xx

  10. I just discovered how well stocked one of my local Debenhams branches is with big cup size bras 🙂 brilliant as the main branch seems to stop at a G cup in all styles.

    I bought the first bra you have in a gorgeous purple and in nude. Did you find the cups in this style run large? I normally wear 30J or 32HH but the 32H seemed to fit perfectly (they didn’t have a 32HH in any colour so fingers crossed I’m not just being deluded to satisfy my longing for a purple bra!)

    I already have the lacey bra in navy, got a second one in turquoise.

    Both styles are available in such lovely colours

    • Hiya, glad to hear you had success with them! Yes I did find the cups very generous. I considered sizing down, but on my bigger side it was more comfortable in the end. I can definitely imagine others wanting to size down though. x

  11. hi sophia….its really nice to tell you…i got this white sheer mesh bra last month…it give me some uncomfort in wearing , i am unable to find it why i was not comforable at all. i have measure 32 G. and always 32 G is comfortable , supportive and give in shape as well….

    • Zoni, try working out which part is uncomfortable. Does the band feel tight? loose? Do the cups feel small? large? Remember that even if your usual size is 32G, sometimes different brands mean that the size can be different too.
      If you still think it is a perfect fit, but just feels uncomfortable, then perhaps it is just that particular bra is not best for you.

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