Parfait by Affinitas

June 2, 2012

Affinitas are a brand I was not previously familar with, so when I heard about them from some fellow big busted girls, I had to see what all the fuss was about. It’s safe to say their beautiful selection of lingerie is nothing short of stunning. The set that caught my eye in particular (and Becky’s too, who reviewed it on Invest in Your Chest)  was the Parfait Charlotte set. It comes in red/black as well, but it was the peach/black that really stood out for me. The Parfait range is probably my favourite from their selections, but there are so many beautiful items it’s hard to choose! 

Parfait by Affinitas – Charlotte – Peach/Black

It’s taken quite some time to get hold of this little gem in my size – I contacted numerous companies asking for assistance, including Affinitas themselves, but they just brushed me off suggesting different styles or colours instead. They were at least friendly and polite which is great, but didn’t solve my problem especially as I had my heart set on this particular version of the Charlotte.
The one wonderful company that went above and beyond to help me on my quest for the Charlotte bra, was Large Cup Lingerie. I have heard of them before of course, but never realised quite how brilliant they really are. They are the reason I have this gorgeous set in my possession, and they have very quickly become one of my go-to online shops to buy from.  I cannot fault their customer service, and their online site reminds me a lot of Leia Lingerie, with an outlet section with lots of discounts, yay!

The Charlotte set has a beautiful vintage feel to it; the modest peach colouring combined with the burlesque-style black and satin panelling makes you feel a million dollars as soon as you put it on.
When it arrived in the post, I raced to put it on and headed off to work. I think it must have done incredible things for my confidence, because I received three lovely compliments throughout the day, and the only difference was the bra set!

Parfait by Affinitas – Charlotte – Peach/Black

It is lightly padded with 3 hooks at the back, and fully adjustable straps. I chose to get a 32G; I had heard that the band ran tight, and found that indeed true. It was perfect in the 32, and in fact it’s very comfortable. In the first 5 minutes I thought the label would become really scratchy, but I completely forgot  it was there from that point on, which is very good news (I hate to cut out labels). The cups do run small, so the centre gore was very slightly lifted in the middle. I suspect perhaps a GG would’ve been a better fit, but crucially, it wasn’t uncomfortable, nor did it bother me, and there didn’t seem to be any four-boob syndrome going on.

You will notice in the pictures of the bra, that by the end of the day, my breasts had shifted about, so there is a bit of space at the bottom – once rearranged however, the space goes away again, which is a similar issue I have with the Deco bras. It doesn’t cause any problems, it just means you need to check every so often that everything is sitting where it’s meant to be!

Parfait by Affinitas – Charlotte – Peach/Black

I had a choice between regular or high waisted briefs; I opted for high waisted – given the beautiful retro style of the set, I think they go wonderfully with the bra. I got them in a Large, and they were a perfect fit, very comfortable too. 

I’m amazed actually that such a ‘bedroom’ set is so pleasing to wear. I wore it for the whole day, and didn’t have any real fit or comfort issues at all. 

You can buy this set here from Large Cup Lingerie, and they offer free shipping worldwide!
If you’re in the US, you may also have some retailers near you that stock Affinitas (lucky you). 

I’m still lusting after some of the other Parfait by Affinitas bras, and the next one I have my eye on is the Blue Casey bra…it looks like a light blue Deco, wow!

Parfait by Affinitas – Casey – Pale Blue


Sophia xxx


  1. Your review made me want to buy one immediately. Lovely pics. Glad others aporeciated it even if they didn’t realise.

  2. Looks just amazing on you! So glad that you were able to find it and I also agree that Large Cup Lingerie has amazing customer service! 😀

    • Thank you 🙂
      Large Cup Lingerie really are great, it’s so hard to find good customer service as well! x

  3. Stunning bra but gah, they don’t do bigger cupsizes 😦

    • I’m hoping they will expand their size range once they realise how popular their bras are!

      • I have asked and they said it’s definitely something they’ll be looking into in future. Yay! x

      • Awesome news! 🙂 x

  4. Ooo nice. One for the wish list x

  5. They all look gorgeous but the cups are never enough for my ample bosom and they just come spilling out. Looks good on you though.

    • Hi Sia, yeah there have been a few girls hoping they will expand their size range, I hope so too. Maybe they will once they realise how many people want these bras!

  6. I am totally getting this after reading this review. I was worried about all day fit, but it sounds like you really feel it can be worn…I mean, I like a bedroom set, but if I can get a bedroom set that I can also use during the day, I am all in. Now to decide which color!!!! I like the peach, but I am so so pale….hm….

    • Yeah it’s definitely fine to wear all day long, I was quite surprised to be honest. Also, I’m pale, but I think the peach still works. Just go with your fav, they’re both lovely 🙂 x

  7. I’ve had the Charlotte through a few size changes. The 30F was just as comfortable as the 30G, though the F has only two hooks. Ideally now I’d need a 30J or so. The Charlotte is the top of my dream list, it’s so supportive I’m pretty sure even my pregnancy boons would be happy in it.
    I have several styles of Affinitas bras, all too small unfortunately. The Casey is very comfortable, and is much like the Deco. My other favorite is the discontinued Saffron. I’d love the Fionna. Other then the Charlotte their sizing is so consistent, I never had a worry about ordering online.

    • I loved the casey on you, yours were the first pics I found of it when I googled the bra (at least I think it was your blog, I’m on my phone now so can’t check :P), and made me want it even more! It looks great, and comfy! X

      • If it was my blog then it was my guest blogger, Gettingmomback. She is like an expert in their current line, she has tried almost all of them. She reviewed the Fiona for me as well. I do wear the Casey in a 30G, even though it is too small. It seems to be more forgiving in the sides allowing for a little extra tissue.

      • Yes, you’re right. I can see it now, it was your blog, and it was her review. She gives some really useful info. Thanks for the tips about the Casey, I’m hoping to get one soon 🙂 x

  8. I’m in love with the peach bra and I don’t usually like this colour. I think I need one, right now!

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  11. Parfait, have beautiful styles and more so the comfort for everyday wear. That’s what us women want.

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  15. […] high-waisted retro briefs are to die for.  Check out Invest in Your Chest’s and Sophia’s reviews to see some curvy girls rocking the “Charlotte” […]

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