Choosing Bridal Lingerie

September 13, 2012

Buying bridal lingerie is a challenge at the best of times, but when you outsize most bridal boutiques, it makes finding that perfect undergarment doubly hard.

It has taken me quite some time to compile this selection (not least because I’ve been simultaneously planning the wedding – just 1 day left to go now!)
Of course these are just some of the lingerie items I tried and tested. I browsed different brands in Debenhams (not including the Debenhams Gorgeous range, as the current extent of their bridal range is one ivory t-shirt bra) and saw that almost every ‘bridal’ devoted section carried mainly 38Cs – none had bands smaller than a 34, and there were no cups bigger than a D. I was disappointed to say the least, but then again, high street brands never fail to disappoint.

After a great deal of trial and error, I found a selection of lingerie perfect to test out for the big day.

I visited my faithful friend Bravissimo, knowing they would have at least a few pieces of Bridal lingerie in store.

First I tried the gorgeous Evie basque by Panache.

Panache Evie – 32G

First and foremost, this basque looks and feels beautiful. It’s soft, supportive and just lovely to look at. My only problem was that it wasn’t right for my dress. My gown has a v-shaped neckline, so the standard strapless straight-across-no-cleavage style just wasn’t going to work for me. The size however, was spot on for me in a 32G.

The next thing I tried, was the Gossard Ooh la la Corselette in vintage cream.

Gossard Ooh la la Corselette – 32G

This was mildly better in terms of shape relating to my dress, but frankly it wasn’t half as comfortable as the Evie basque, and I felt like it was just too much (especially with the bow in the middle – how does that work under a wedding dress?)
Again I tried a 32G, but this one came up a little big in both the cup and the waist. I just didn’t find it particularly flattering for my shape, and it very much felt like a big busted corset made for a very straight slim figure.

By this point, I felt like even the bigger busted brands were starting to let me down. Why did nothing seem to be quite what I was looking for?
I decided that the answer was that a basque or corset just wasn’t for me. Perhaps it was time to start looking at matching sets rather than a single piece.

I had seen just the thing I wanted to try. Bravissimo’s new Ivory Satine bra. But guess what? They had sold out of every size even remotely close to my own size! I was so disappointed, but never fear, there was something else I could try in the meantime…

The Satine bra is the same design as Bravissimo’s Oh So Kimono bra. All I needed to do was find my size in that style, and rush home to order the Ivory Satine online! Problem solved.

Bravissimo Oh So Kimono – 30H

As I have discovered with other Bravissimo own bras, the 32G I tried ran loose in the band and small in the cup. The best size for me was actually 30H, there was still a little emptiness in the very bottom of the cup, but the style just naturally pushes your bust to the top of the bra. It’s smooth, soft and very very comfortable, I couldn’t wait to try out the Ivory version.

Bravissimo Ivory Satine – 30H

The Ivory Satine was out of stock in my size for quite some time, so it was a month or so before one arrived at my door. Unbelievably, as bad luck would have it, I had lost a bit of weight by the time it arrived, which meant the 30H was just now a little too big, which you can perhaps see a little bit in the pictures. Despite this, I adore this bra, it is just so beautiful – I have decided to keep it anyway, as I’m sure it will fit me again. πŸ™‚

By this time, it was too late to order a replacement, and so I went to my trusty Polish favourite – Ewa Michalak – and bought a couple of bras to test out, hoping one would do the trick.

First I tried their white Mleczny strapless bra:

Ewa Michalak – Mleczny – 65GG (30GG)

This was a terrible fit on me, unfortunately. I got a tighter band 65 (30), and that felt perfect, but for some reason, the cups just did not work for my shape. Weirdly the side I have that big gap at the bottom of the cup, is my bigger side. The shape of this bra is really better suited to a top-heavy breast shape, unlike mine. You may often find that a bra that works for one woman, won’t work for another woman of the same size, purely because their breast shapes are very different.

The last one I tried was the very lovely PL Malwa bra.

Ewa Michalak – PL Malwa – 70G (32G)

This was perfect. Both comfortable and cute (look at that adorable flower detail!), it was just what I was after, not to mention it gives great lift and cleavage. I got this in a 70G (32G) and it was absolutely spot on in that size – a nice tight band (considering I measure 30 underbust at the moment).

Ewa Michalak – PL Malwa – 70G (32G)

The matching pants were very cute too! They do run small, so I made sure to size up.

I should also mention that I was very keen to get hold of the PL Lilia bra to try, as it has that beautiful satin-y finish that I was after, but alas my size was out of stock, and I really had run out of time by this point.

I think looks-wise, my real favourite was the Ivory Satine bra, but in terms of what worked with my dress, the Malwa was the clear winner. Both brilliant bras, and definitely my favourites out of everything I tried on.

Well girls, sorry for the fairly short post this time, I am finishing this just as I nip out the door to my hotel, and won’t be back until after the wedding! Wish me luck!


Sophia xxx


  1. I wish you all the best for your marriage, have a nice wedding day πŸ™‚
    Love your blog and posts.

  2. Congrats! And you look lovely in pretty much everything you tried.

  3. Congratulations! And I feel your pain with basques not ever being the right shape for your dress. The dressmaker had to alter mine to fit under the dress (strapless), so I can imagine wearing a V neck makes it even more difficult. The PL Malwa looks gorgeous on you, though!

    • Thank you! Yes I think maybe if I had planned ahead I might also have asked my dressmaker to do that πŸ™‚ x

  4. Imagine Ewa Michalak made basques, or even long lines? Ugh, that would be awesome.

    • That would be amazing! Let’s hope they do in the future πŸ™‚ x

  5. Good luck! And have fun and hopefully you’ll remember it. I hardly remember mine!

    But I do remember the pain of looking for a strapless bra — my dress had a low vee in back, so I had to find a bra that not only worked with the vee-neck in front, but also was low in the back. Not easy when you’re a G (which I’m sure I was at the time, I was in the wrong sized bra.) I ended up with a frankenbra — a 38DDD that my seamstress nipped in the cup slightly on, then took at least 4 inches out of the waist!

  6. Heartfelt congratulations Sophia on a wonderful, insightful article once again, your blog goes from strength to strength! Plus, I just wanted to say I hope you and your fiance have a fantastic day tomorrow and a long and loving future together, take care, Ru.

    • Thank you very much for your lovely message Ru πŸ™‚
      Hope you’re well. X

  7. Congratulations! Wish you a wonderful wedding day and happy marriage!

  8. You should have taken Mleczny in 70/32 or even 75/34 band, it creases at the bottom because it’s stretched too much, and put the band higher at the back, it will open the cup and you’ll be able to fill the bottom. You wear all of your bras too low at the back, probably because they are too tight and you can’t pull them up.


    • I actually have the Czarny (same style) in a 32 band and the band is so loose it slips down about 2 inches. Trust me this band was the right one, and even then it was on the second hook already. It’s just not right for my shape unfortunately.
      As for wearing my band too low, you’re completely incorrect about that. My chest sits quite low on my frame, and the band as exactly parallel. You should already know every shape is different, and that it won’t be the exact same placement on everyone.

    • Folds in the bottom of a cup can be due to a few different reasons. A too tight band is one of them, so is a too small cup. The fact that she’s having this problem in her larger breast suggests it’s a cup size related issue, not band.

      There are others, i just forget what at the moment.

      • Actually, as I mention in the post, it’s due to breast shape, as the band was perfect, and the cups would’ve been too big if I had gone up a size. Bras can fit very differently for each person depending on their shape – that one just didn’t work for mine because I’m fuller on the bottom.

  9. HI Sophie…. good to see u after long time… i really miss ur post.
    I was 100 % sure that next post would be for some bridal stuff…
    Well Bravasimoo’s bra is lookin a bit lage on ur….but i think if u will go for 28 band then ur bust will spill out from top…
    i love u collection….
    Best of luck for ur marriange and ur wedding day….
    We all fans will wait for the wedding pic….



    • Thanks very much Zoni! I’ll be back in a few weeks & will hopefully be back to posting regularly then. X

  10. I missed this post!!!Hope you are having a wonderful wedding (had perhaps!).

  11. Wow, as if the dress wasn’t gorge enough – you looked like that under it?!x

  12. Hi Sophia,
    I’d love to thank you for your blog because it truly changed my confidence. Sorry for the long story you’re about to hear, but this is a message I can’t avoid writing. =]

    I started off developing boobs at a very young age (maybe 8-9?) but they never grew big at first. I was bullied for having small boobs all through middle school by boys. I remember being on the bus once with a girl with bigger boobs (in middle school) and the boys were always saying how much they liked her boobs. One boy asked what size she was and she simply said “C cup.” Then she told the boys to start looking at someone else’s boobs instead, so she pointed at me. The boy said I didn’t have any. They didn’t think I was listening, but I was and I got really hurt. Now I know she was not a C cup, she was probably over a G cup at the time. But I wasn’t educated on bras, as my mom/aunts/friends were wearing the wrong sizes as well. So the entire time while I was shopping in middle school, I always bought the smallest band size possible, which was a 32, and bought whatever cup size made my chest look bigger. I also bought extremely padded bras for a while because I liked feeling of being bigger, but I felt extremely insecure when taking them off. It sucks that I spent my middle school years worrying about this and the media/boys at school were not helping.

    Sometime between 8th grade and 9th grade, I grew quickly but I never shopped for the right size because I thought there was no way I’d be larger than a C cup. Stores didn’t carry a band under 32-34 and cup sizes were no larger than a D cup. I eventually settled for an unpadded 36D. Mainly because I wanted to feel like I had bigger boobs, and a D cup is always viewed as big. I was also a little proud of getting rid of the padding. There was gaping (which I later found out it was because the band was too big and the cup was too small, fitting in weird areas) and my mom was always making fun of me for not filling out the cups. I liked being a D cup, but I still felt terrible for a long time after that because the bra didn’t flatter me.

    At one point during a summer vacation, I was addicted to the internet and finding a way to get my boobs to be bigger and like the “other girls at school.” I eventually stumbled across your blog. I enjoyed reading it, but I couldn’t believe you at first because I didn’t know an F+ cup even existed. (which is true in America) I thought there was no way I would be over a DD cup anyway, so there was no use buying a bra online.

    A year or so later brings me to now. I started reading your blog again. (and Brittney from Thin and Curvy, thanks to her too!) I was completely tired of the band that was so loose that it could fit 2 of me at once. I decided to ask my parents to buy me a bra online for my birthday gift. I bought Curvy Kate’s thrill me bra in the size 28G, although being skeptical about the G cup because I measured myself. (Although, bratabase.com helped a lot!) All I have to say is, WOW I feel great. I’ve never felt more confident before. That bra I previously mentioned with the 36D size was the same bra I wore for over a year. Then I tried on this bra and it literally felt like I tried on Cinderella’s shoes. The 36D bra was unflattering and it squished my boobs into a flat, oddly pointy, quadraboob in some spots, gaping in others mess. The thrill me bra made my boobs look a ton bigger, which I don’t really care about anymore, but besides that, it looked FLATTERING. I finally look great and the band actually fits!

    Before I end this, I do need to clear a few things up though to other readers. =] I am not saying that the right bra will make your boobs bigger, it will just bring out the most of it instead of squishing it in weird areas. In my case, I do look larger under clothes. I am not an insanely large size, though. I would say I’m average sized and maybe even just a tad smaller than my peers. I finally understand the correlation between band and cup size. And I don’t want to scare off bigger busted girls from trying on the right size. The biggest difference I noticed in the right bra wasn’t my boobs getting bigger, but it was more supportive and flattering. The size increase is just something I personally notice and I don’t think people around me would notice if they’re not paying attention. Also, even if your boobs are on the smaller end, the right bra will still make you feel much more confident. And I know my entire post made me push off smaller busts, but that was not my intention. The reason I felt so insecure was because of the immature boys in my school. If I had smaller busts now, I would be just as confident. Smaller busts are just as beautiful. (Look at Kiera Knightley, I’m insanely jealous of how beautiful she is!!!) Oh and by the way, if you’re in middle school/high school, schoolwork comes before boobs! Only obsess over insecurities after homework is finished. πŸ˜‰

    Sorry for the novel I just wrote, but thank you Sophia, you completely changed my confidence and comfort! (And thanks to the blogs brasihate, fullerfigurefullerbust, bybabysrules, voluptuouslythin, bralessinbrasil, investinyourchest, armoiredenuit, thinandcurvy, sophisticatedpair, and a bunch of other blogs I can’t remember on the top of my head, but have also helped me by providing thrill me bra reviews or other advice!) =]

    • Mimi, thank you for sharing your story. I’m so glad that I and other bloggers could help you find your correct size! That is after all what are blogs are for, so it’s wonderful to hear of your trials and tribulations finding the right fit, I’m so pleased for you πŸ™‚

  13. Well done sophia. Its such a beautiful blog ever i have read

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