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Hello fellow lingerie and fashion enthusiasts, welcome to my blog.

My name is Sophia, and I started this blog in 2011 when I became a finalist in Curvy Kate’s ‘Star in a Bra’ competition – a competition designed to challenge our perception of what a lingerie model should look like.

Stats show that around 80% of women are currently fitted into an incorrect bra size; this has fueled my determination to help others find a well-fitting bra, and fight the ‘war against plus four’ fitting method. 

Having spent many of my younger years wearing ill-fitting bras myself, I know all too well how frustrating and uncomfortable it can be. I hope that my blog can help others find their correct bra size, and link you to exciting clothes designed with a bust in mind. 

I am also a Mummy to two lovely children, which means I am very familiar with the trials and tribulations of pregnancy/nursing bras and breasts! 

Please feel free to ask me any questions – I may not be able to respond immediately, but I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Happy Bra Hunting!




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  1. specially loved the last lines! Go girl. Share your bra recommendations and findings with us 🙂

    • Thank you 🙂

      • ohh no thx to you sweetheart xxx 🙂 😚

  2. Just came across your blog while looking for info on bikini tops, LOVE IT! I’m 24 and wear 32HH but that fluctuates almost daily.

    If you’re looking for ideas for future posts, I would love advice for finding jackets and coats that fit but still show off my waist and tips for tops that flatter and are appropriate for work.

    Thanks for keeping this blog!

    • Hi Sarah, very glad to hear it, and thank you. I really appreciate your suggestions. I absolutely love blogging, but as I work full time it’s a rarity that I get much free time to write anything. I won’t forget your request though, so bear with me – hopefully in time I can write one for you 🙂 x

  3. My Girlfriend is a 30G, and has trouble with finding good fitting, and more importantly for me, Sexy looking Bras. Shes a 10-12, but with large Boobs, and this makes finding sets impossible. She gets a lot from Bravissimo, and the odd thing from Debenhams etc, but cant find anything a little ‘Naughtier’. Im not talking trashy, in fact the Freya Arabella? is pretty good, but I bought her a Freya set (The Pink and Black – Yes Predictable!!!) and she didnt like the materials, so wont go near Freya stuff at the mo! (Dammit!) If you do come across other brands with the emphasis being on ‘How long will it stay on’, then please post something so I can show her. What I dont understand though, is where do all the Silicone enhanced ladies shop? Surely California would be a big enough market for someone to manufacture for them? Ive even considered making one (Im an Engineer, can work out Stress/Strain etc, and quite good with my hands), but finding supplies would be impossible. Keep up the good work.

    • Hi Craige, thanks for your question, it’s a very good one actually, and I do have some suggestions. First I’d like to ask which pink/black freya bra it was that you got her? Freya bras are made out of lots of different materials so it really depends on the bra – unless of course you were talking about the black Arabella with pink. There is a brand called Kris Line that does very stunning sexy bras, unfortunately they tend to use models that look like pornstars, so to many women, buying them is quite off putting. I have this one: http://www.brastop.com/SetDetails.aspx?setId=2998 and I think it’s gorgeous. It actually runs a cup size big, so I have it in a G rather than a GG, so you may want to get her a FF if you did go for it.
      Some of my favourite bras are the curvy kate tease me/thrill me/tempt me collections. The tease/thrill bras run a cup size small and a back band big, so as a 30G, I would get her a 28H probably. These are a few that I like: http://www.brastop.com/SetDetails.aspx?setId=2715 and http://www.brastop.com/SetDetails.aspx?setId=2712 (they also come in lots of other colours). The band for the tempt me is fine, but the cup also runs small, so 30GG for this one (http://www.lovebras.com/SetDetails.aspx?setId=2976). The sheer bras from Ewa Michalak (http://www.ewa-michalak.pl/product-eng-105-HM-Halfek-Milosc.html) are meant to be stunning in real life, but I haven’t had the chance to try one yet. If none of those are any good, I’ll try and have another think for you.

  4. Hello Sophia,

    I can’t find any contact email anywhere so I apologize that I have to post here.

    I think we have a product for you to try that you might like. Can you give us your contact email so I can send you more details?

    • Hi, you can contact me via twitter @sophjenner – I can give you a contact email that way.

  5. You so beautiful. Found you on celebrity bra size site. I must say you have beautiful breasts.Even though you are a GG cup they look in proportion to your face and body.It’s hard to not keep looking at your picture.Does it bother you that men are so attracted to them.Not that you try to hide them 🙂 My wife’s Mom is having breast cancer surgery on Oct.11. She has everything going for her..Great doctors great family, and most of all God is on her side.Keep her in your prayers.


    • Hi Dennis,
      I appreciate the compliment, but I guess as the aim of my blog is to help women find their correct bra sizes, and the best ones available to them. I’m sure people do stumble across the blog and wonder what’s going on, but to be honest, it doesn’t matter, because I know how many women appreciate the help I’m trying to give. My real life however, is of course very different to my blog life.
      I wish your mother-in-law the best of luck, and it sounds like she’s in a good position for a healthy recovery. Look after your wife too, I imagine she’s finding it tough. All the best,

  6. Hi 🙂 I recently got measured at a department store in my area (Southern Mississippi, USA). The saleswoman said my size is a 34DD (I was wearing a 38C). She measured above my breasts for the band size. I bought 3 bras in a 34DD. I thought they fit until I scooped my breasts away from my under arms into the cups, which gave me spillage.

    So, I measured myself using the method shown here: http://www.thinandcurvy.com/2010/10/how-to-measure-your-bra-size-correct.html?showComment=1317001397706 . My band measurement is 32″ and my bust measurement is 40″. So, should I seriously be wearing 32FF? Also, where can I shop since none of the stores around me carry a size larger than DD?


    • Hi Ashelyn,
      Some people do measure above the breasts for the band size, but personally I find this comes out inaccurate. The best is to measure underneath, although it does sound like 34 is a drastic improvement from 38. If you were wearing a C, I understand why she put you in DD, however, most women are wearing a cup size or two too small, and overspill proves that.
      Brittany from ‘Thin and Curvy’ is a friend of mine, and her measuring method is usualky very accurate. I think it’s probably correct that you would need a 32FF. I know it’s a pain because in the US they’re hard to come by. A friend of mine swears by Nordstroms, and they carry smaller band sizes and bigger cup sizes. If you can’t get to one of them, try some online stores: http://www.brastop.com, http://www.figleaves.com, http://www.bravissimo.com, http://www.ewa-michalak.pl – these places are all great. Brastop and Figleaves in Particular have good offers on, so you could get one fairly cheaply to try it out. I hope this helps!!

  7. Thank you so much! I figured I’d ask you since Brittany hasn’t posted in a little while. 🙂

  8. Ciao, Hi there Sophia
    I just discovered your Blog: It’s Great and You are Amazing !
    I love the fact that you embrace your Curves and you dress well even in Underwear to show that Curvy Body
    I think You are such a great role Model to Curvy Women !

    Viva le Donne con le Curve, W the Curvy Women, W the joy of Life!

    Ciao dall’Italia
    Best regards from Italy by fellow Artist Aurè
    – Italian Curvy Art & Fashion by Aurè –

    • Thank you for your kind words, I wish all women would learn to love their curves, and this is the first step! I think anyone can, and hopefully this blog helps other women too. 🙂 xx

  9. Wow that was odd. I just wrote an really long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t show up. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyways, just wanted to say excellent blog!

  10. Hi
    I love your blog!
    Have you got a email address where I can contact you on. Or you could follow me on twitter and I’ll direct message you. My twitter name is ‘maameafrica’

    Kind regards.xo

  11. Hi! I really love your blog. I’ve been reading your posts about bra sizes and am going shopping tomorrow, hopefully i’ll find my first perfectly fitting bra 🙂 I’ve thought i’m a 36C but according to the size guides you recommended i’d actually be a 32E 😮

    BTW, I think you are absolutely gorgeous. I’ve been struggling with my weight and especially with my waist which is currently 30-31 inches. I was wondering what your waist measurement is since you seem to have the perfect tummy i’m striving for…? 😀 If i could only learn to love my curves like you seem to…

    • Hi Elisa,
      I’m so pleased to hear you might be finding your correct bra size, it’s such a freeing feeling to really find something that fits. Thank you for your lovely comments, it has taken me many years to be happy with my size, and I think a big part of why we women struggle with the way we look is because of the pressure put on us by the media to look a certain way. Sometimes having curves can be a burden, but the reason is often because the fashion industry doesn’t cater for our short of shape, and clothes can end up being really unflattering (hence my blog to find the right bras/clothes for curves). Oh and also, my waist is the same as yours. In my thinner periods I’m occasionally 29 ins but definitely after Christmas I’m about 31 ins 😛 – you have to love your body the way it is, which is easier said than done, but you’ll get there. X

      • Thank god for your blog, i finally have the right size bra 😀 Turns out i’m a 32D. Although my measurements imply i should be 32DD/E, my breasts are such funny shape that i don’t really fill a DD/E cup. I bought four bras, three were 32D and one was 34C. Thank you for your encouragement, i think i’ll try to accept my body the way it is and try to keep it healthy by exercising and eating right and forget dieting for now. I would have never thought that your waist is even 29, it looks so tiny 🙂 I guess i don’t really have a realistic view about my own size, maybe i’m not that big after all…

      • Oops, i guess i didin’t find the perfect bra after all… I read a little more and i visited Brittany’s Thin and Curvy -blog and i came to the conclusion that none of my bras are the right size 😦 how can this be so hard? I got measured at Change (I live in Finland and my friend recommended the place) and the woman there said that my size is 32D/34C and i bought one of my bras there. But now after reading more i realised that the underwire doesn’t enclose my whole breast and there’s some spillage on the sides, so called “armpit fat”. So apparently the cup is too small? I did try a lot of bras that were 34D and 32DD/E but none of them seemed to fit either. There was always to much space in the cup so i figured that the cup was too big. I can’t go down a band size because even 32 feels quite tight. What should i do now? I’m so confused, i really thought that the bras i bought were the right size. And one of them was really expensive and i probably can’t take it back because i removed the tags already 😦 The others i guess i could take back but it feels impossible to find ones that would fit better than they do.

  12. Any ideas on finding fabulous lingerie for valentine’s day that is cup sized? I need some fabulous supportive stuff to show off my curves 🙂 32-34dd or e.

    • Great idea Sally. I’ll see if I can get together a valentine’s day post for you as soon as I can. X

  13. Thank you so much for your blog, I can’t tell you how much it’s opened my eyes! I’ve been measured incorrectly so many times and never realized it until reading your posts. I wanted to ask, if you can pull your bra inches away from your chest, that means the band size is too large? Or does it just mean the fabric is stretchy? I feel like that’s such a stupid question, but I just wanted to be clear 😛

    I currently wear a 36D and I’m pretty sure the band is overly large. My underbust measurement is 31-32 and my bust measurement is 38. Should I be trying a 32E or 32F?

    • Hi Nat, apologies for my slow reply getting back to you I suspect that yes the 36 band is too big for you, especially when you measure about 31-32 underneath. Probably a 32 is thebest band size for you, but leaping from a 36 to a 32 will feel quite tight at first. You could try a 34, then ease yourself into a 32 after a while. It’s really a question of trial and error. If you can get yourself to a store and try lots of different sizes (don’t get measured unless it’s somewhere tried and trusted like Bravissimo) then you may find the one that suits you best – maybe try both a 34E and 32F, although I suspect 32 will end up being more comfortable in the long run. Of course there are some bands that can be tighter because of the fabric (Ewa Michalak bras are a good expample), but in this case I suspect it’s not the fabric. Let me know how you get on! x

      • Hi Sophia! Please no need to apologize! I know you must be quite busy outside of blogging 🙂 I’m just thrilled you were able to respond to me! Do you have an e-mail I could contact you at? I want to ask some questions about how my bras are fitting me, if you don’t mind. I hope it’s not too weird that I’m a total stranger asking you for help, I just don’t know where else turn!

      • If you prefer, you can contact me via twitter @sophjenner – I can PM you my email address if you have questions. If you’re unsure about bra fitting, I wrote a post a while back: https://sophiajenner.wordpress.com/2011/06/18/are-you-wearing-the-correct-bra-size/ – this might have some pointers to guide you along the way 🙂

  14. I don’t have a twitter, so I guess I’ll just ask here if that’s ok 🙂 I seem to fit 32F in other bras (Panache Harlequin & Fantasie Smoothing T-shirt bra) but in the Freya deco bra I get slight gaping at the top of the cups. I’ve tried it in a 32F and 32E and have the same problem with both. The 32E gives me “sideboob” so I don’t think I can go smaller. Am I not actually a 32F or is this bra just too rounded at the top for me? Do you have any suggestions for good soft cup bras? I’m trying to order from Herroom.com since that is where I have to exchange the Deco 😛

    • The deco is an unusual bra, because almost everyone who wears it sizes down in both band and cup. So, if you would normally wear a 32F, your deco size would probably be 30F. Some of the different styles of deco are different, for example, the Carly bra is smaller for me than some of the other styles. It also depends on your shape; if you are fuller on top (you may have difficulty), whereas fuller on the bottom usually works. You may need to try other sizes and see, and if not, perhaps the deco isn’t right for you, in which case you could go for a padded plunge Ewa Michalak bra which could possibly work better.
      As for the soft cup bras, I think my favourite brand is Fantasie, but it seems you have already tried them. The Evie is my favourite, so perhaps a style similar to that one. x

      • Thank you so so very much. I truly appreciate all your help! I think if I try the deco again I’ll size down. I had just a plain Deco and then tried a smaller cup size in the Lupin Deco which might have been different so that could have been the problem. I’ll check out the Fantasie Evie for sure. Thank you again, if it weren’t for you, I would never have found my correct bra size! Because of you I no longer hate bra shopping and am actually comfortable in a bra for the first time since I was a teenager! 🙂 Many, many thanks! 😀

      • Glad to be able to help Nat – I hope you find the right one! x

  15. Thank you very much for your site! Reading what you write has made me feel more confident in my curves! I really appreciate it. You are very beautiful, don’t foreget that!

  16. Also: do you have any idea of stores in the US that are good for curvy girls (im a size 14)

    • Thank you, and I’m glad you’re feeling more confident 🙂
      As for stores in the US, the only shop I know of that carries bigger cups and smaller bands is Nordstroms, otherwise you could perhaps order online from somewhere like Brastop, Figleaves, Bravissimo, Ewa Michalak, as they all deliver to the US. I will try to find out some more info about stores for you.
      If you’re on the lookout for clothes, jeans-wise try PZI, they are great for curves, then another great site is pin up girl clothing – they do some fabulous stuff, and Trashy Diva (I think there is a Trashy Diva shop, but I forget where exactly, will look it up for you).

      • Thank you! I will try that!

  17. Do you know of any inexpensive US stores like the ones you mentioned above? I really like those clothes!

  18. Hello,

    Is there any way that I am able to get your email?, As I have an idea and would like to email you about it!

    Kind Regards,


    • Hi Maya, you can contact me via twitter @sophjenner

  19. Gosh I need help! I just found ur website! I am a naturally overly curvy woman. My problem is that I am also a police officer. I’ve never been able to find the right bra. I can’t run anymore because of this so I’ve gotten so heavy that it seems like there is no such thing as a bra that I can wear. I’m thinking about mutilating my breasts just so I can be cut down several sizes to be able to fit in a bra. I’m 46 around my bust (in my one best fitting bra) and 36 around the rib cage. I used a bra fitter calculater and it said a 36 j. I’m currently wearing a 38 gg. Any ideas?

    • Hi, wow that sounds uncomfortable. Yes definitely you should try a 36J then – have you tried Panache’s new sports bra? It’s meant to be really comfortable, and they should have your size. I will try and send you a link when I’m not on my phone. If you’re looking for something less sporty then possibly the Flirtelle bras that you can buy on brastop.com – I personally find them very comfy.

  20. Thank you I’ll try those suggestions! My main problem is that I’m already so busty and wearing my bullet proof vest is pure torture. I haven’t measured myself with it on yet to see how many inches it adds but it’s very thick and stiff.

  21. Hi! I LOVE your blog! I’m American, with large boobs, and ever since I was about 14 I’d given up on American bras and finding this website has made it SO much easier to find good bras! Thank you! If you know of anymore clothing companies that cater to large busted but still thin women, could you recommend them? My torture in life is finding shirts that fit my boobs and my waist.

  22. Hello Sophia! First of all, I want to say what an amazing help your site has been to me! I was stuck wearing a 38/40 DD all of these years, when I am about a 34/36 F/FF. As I am new to properly fitting bras, I have a few questions. My first question is should you have a few different sizes of bras? For example, I just went and got a Freya lace bra in a size 36 F, which fit amazing. But I was on my period at the time. And a few weeks later, it seems a bit too big in the back. Is it normal for women to wear slightly different sizes during their time of the month? One other question I have is I have one breast that is a cup size smaller than the other one. I know it’s normal for your breasts not to be perfect, but I found that accommodating my bigger breast seems to let my smaller one with a lack of support. Do you think a bra insert for the smaller one would work? Also, I wanted to find a bra for sleeping in. Do you have any suggestions on what to look for in a sleeping bra vs. a day time one? Just two more questions. I used to weigh more, and have lost weight. I have noticed that my breasts seem to have more weight at the bottom now, when they used to be fuller on top. Does your breast shape affect what bras you should/shouldn’t wear? And the last one. I live in the USA, so I wanted to order bras online from the UK because they seem to have a lot more brands and sizes. Do you have any tips for someone who has an idea of what size they are, but wants to order online? Thank you for reading this, and I’m sorry I asked so many questions. I’m so glad I found your website, even if it was by accident!

    • Hi Cori, no problem, I’ll try and answer all your questions for you!
      First, yes your size will fluctuate. It’s both a combination of brands fitting differently and the fact that when you lose or gain weight, or when you’re on or off that time of the month, you size can easily fluctuate. I have a lot of different sizes in my undie drawer and wear a larger band size sometimes when I’m feeling more bloated.
      I also have one breast slightly larger than the other, but I usually accomodate the larger one. My friend does the opposite, and she prefers to accomodate the smaller one, so it’s up to personal preference. I actually got some sillicone inserts for about £5 on ebay, which are really great if you want to even them out in a particular bra.
      As for sleeping, I’ve found that secret support tops are the most comfortable. The ones I wear are from M&S over here (although not sure if they deliver to the US) – http://www.marksandspencer.com/Secret-Support-DD-G-V-Neck-Stretch/dp/B0030JDGKY?ie=UTF8&ref=sr_1_4&nodeId=42966030&sr=1-4&qid=1333096148&pf_rd_r=0VHXKB2ANMBKBJ1YZSSB&pf_rd_m=A2BO0OYVBKIQJM&pf_rd_t=301&pf_rd_i=0&pf_rd_p=215485807&pf_rd_s=center-3.
      BUT, Bravissimo also make support tops, and they definitely deliver to you – http://www.bravissimo.com/products/nightwear/pyjamas/racerback-top/lemon-sherbert/rn59ls/?show=16&sort=4&level=2. I have a few other friends that have tried wire-free maternity bras to sleep in, and been comfortable with that.
      As for breasts and weight, there’s an easy way to explain that. The breast tissue at the top is usually the ‘fatty’ part, which is why women with fuller-on-top breasts seem more perky, because the fat doesn’t weigh so much. At the bottom of the breast is the heavier ’tissue’, which is the part that stays whether you lose weight or not. I have fuller-on-bottom breasts which means my size doesn’t vary much with weight loss, but obviously your band size might change, so you always need to double check. There are some bras I avoid, mainly ones with a lot of material up top. But you will learn which ones work for your shape.
      There are a number of companies that deliver worldwide: Brastop – http://www.brastop.com/, Bravissimo – http://www.bravissimo.com/, Figleaves – http://www.figleaves.com/uk/home.asp, Ewa Michalak – http://www.ewa-michalak.pl/, Lembrassa – http://www.lembrassa.com. There are more, but I’ll have to complile a list at some point I think 🙂
      I hope this helps!
      Sophia x

  23. Hi Sophia, I just want to ask, do you need to wear a bra when you are measuring your cups? If you do, do you need to have a special bra just for fitting so that it won’t affect the size?

    • Hiya, it’s best if possible not to wear a bra, and to lean forward, and measure that way. Usually that’s most accurate. Alternatively, try and measure with an unpadded bra (but make sure it’s not one that flattens your breasts). x

      • Really? I’ve never heard of that method before. Thank you! I think this really helped!

  24. hi do you know anyone about the new thrill me white topaz i saw it in bratabase ,is it new ?

    • Hi Maria, can you send me a link? I can’t find which one you mean.

  25. hi sophia one is this http://www.lesbellesplaces.com Blog | Bratabase i hope i help

    • The aqua blue with the pink trim? Yes that’s one of the newer ones. I think it’s available at brastop and lovebras too. I think the fit is the same as the wine coloured thrill me, and the others from that collection.

  26. you mean that brastop has this bra and the lovebras ,because i dont see it ,it it white with blue straps look maybe this will help http://bratabase.com/blog/2012/mar/15/thrill-me-tease-me-explain-me-183/

    • Oh yes, I see which one you mean. I don’t think that one is available on many sites yet. I think it’s in their new summer collection

  27. i like it very much i need one white bra and i am a big fun of the thrill me do you know which month?,do you know any sites?

    • I think technically their spring/summer collection is already available, but this particular bra doesn’t seem widely available yet. Just keep checking online, at some point they will come up on the usual shopping sites I expect. You could also try the thrill me in ivory/black if you need a light coloured thrill me.

  28. hi the ivory black didnt had in my size nowhere. i hope they get this bra in the sites ,i will checking thank you ,if you learn anything let me know

  29. I am SOOOO happy I found this blog. I am 23 and I currently wear a 30HH/J. I am from the US and I find it incredibly fascinating that there are VERY few places in the states, even online, where I can find a bra. I send out to Bravissimo because it’s cheaper for me to pay international shipping then it is for the sites I’ve found here.

    I was hoping you, or anyone following this blog, would help me find some pretty lingerie for my upcoming wedding in September and a boudoir shoot I’m planning in the summer.


    • Kathleen I’m so pleased to hear that. When are you getting married? I’m also getting married in September, on the 14th. I’ll definitely do a bridal lingerie post at some point, because I need to get hold of some myself too! 🙂

      • Thanks for replying! I’m getting married the 8th. I really am excited for this blog and thanks again for taking my suggestion!

  30. Hey I love your blog and have just found it i am 15, and since I was first measured when I was 12 I was a dd. I then every time my boobs got bigger went up a back size refusing to go to the dreaded E. Finally last month I went to Bravisimo and was measured a 28 HH . My back doesn’t hurt and it has changed my entire perspective on my boobs. Thanks for this awesome blog xx

    • I’m so glad you got fitted. There is such a taboo on bigger sizes, so lots of women avoid getting a bigger cup. Now you can spread the word on getting properly measured. I wish I had known my correct size when I was your age 🙂

  31. hi sophia i want to ask you about my friend she is under bust 30 and fullbust 35 what size she try in curvy kate padded bras?

    • Well that would make her a 30E (most probably). Curvy Kate padded bras sometimes run loose in the band (particularly the thrill me bra), and also run small in the cup. So I would suggest either 30F or 28FF. Hope that helps 🙂

  32. hi thank you, we will try 28FF.do you learn anything about the new thrill me [white topaz] when it come out,i bought the fleurty is gorgeous,i think is similar with thrill me except the ribbon in the cups and the outside lace, i think the fleurty is going to be a favorite .anyway its very same that they stop thrill me

    • Nothing yet I’m afraid, just keep an eye out. I was informed lately that the fleurty is a similar fit to the tease me, the thrill me isn’t too different I think.

  33. the tease me has low cut the fleurty i think has more full cut ,inside the cups are similar with thrill me ,maybe the fleurty is fuller in the cups ,Anyway i need a bra in white or ivory but i cant find any ,what do you think about the elegance? what size i try?must i go one cup more up?in the others styles i get 28J and it ok ,i dont know

    • The elegance is also a little small in the cup, so I’d say go up a size in that aswell.

  34. hi sophia may i sent you some photos to see ,and tell me your opion if i wear the right size,have you got mail ?

    • Hi Maria, if you send me a message via twitter (@sophjenner) I can give you an email address that way. x

  35. hi i try but its difficult how i sent message?now i get in the twitter i dont know it

  36. hi can you do this ?[@maria zetta] now i was writing in twitter

    • Maria, I’ve sent you an email to the address that links from your comment – hopefully you’ll get it!

  37. sophia hi i found the thrill me ivory black in 28J .what cani do?is the fit and the size same like my other thrill me?

    • They should be a very similar size, yes.

  38. you are not sure ,i think i try it ,i read that the cups are bigger this season you have the thrill me in colbalt fuchia how it fits?

    • Well I can never say 100%, but I am pretty sure all the more recent thrill me’s are the same fit, it’s only the much older styles that vary a little.
      The cobalt one I had when I was smaller, so I can’t compare them.

  39. hi sophia the thrill me in ivory doesnt fit and i sent it back ,i think to try the daily boost ,i dont know yet.Well i wnt to ak you about my friend she is 33 underbust and 44 fullbust ,i think probably is 32J what do you think?or 32K ? in unpadded bras of curvy kate

    • Hi Maria, hope the daily boost works better for you!
      It sounds like your friend’s regular size would be 34HH, so yes probably for Curvy Kate it would be 32J possibly 32JJ if the cups are a little small (as we already know lots of us need to size up in the cups). I think probably 34HH or 32J for the unpadded Curvy Kate bras.

  40. Hi Sophia, I have a stupid question but do bras like this one exist, only where the transparent top part is used in the bottom too? 🙂

    I’m trying to surprise my girlfriend with some sexy underwear but I find it really hard to shop alone as a guy. I think I’m a very good looking guy but all my confidence just disappears when I enter that realm alone! I did a Google search for bras to find some inspiration and then that photo appeared 🙂 I have looked at some of your pictures and all of the bras have this bottom-cup..is it because it gives better support to the girl, or is it unpleasant if the bra is entirely made of that transparent material if they do exist? Sorry for the stupid questions 🙂

    Regards, Martin

    • Hi Martin,
      No don’t worry, it’s not a strupid question. They generally have that thicker cup for bigger sizes for support. But, if you look up the Freya Arabella bra: http://www.brastop.com/SetDetails.aspx?setId=3145 it has transparent cups. It’s also a very comfortable bra. Freya may have a few other bras in a similar style. The only other places I really get transparent cups like that are from Ewa Michalak, the Polish lingerie company.
      Hope that helps.

      • Thank you very much =)

  41. Hi Sophia I am new to your blog I just discovered it yesterday and I was wondering, when did your boobs stop growing or are they still growing? I ask because I am 21(soon 22) and I thought my boobs were done once I was about 16 but now I feel they are getting bigger, every time I go bra shopping it’s a nightmare, I get measured, try on a bra and I feel it fits but then I go home and spend a day in it and I get spillage or the band become so loose and I have no support.Thanks.


    • Hi Crystal, well I think your breasts can always grow and shrink, it depends on your body, your hormones, your diet, whether you have decide to have children, whether you lose or gain weight, so many things. I was a FF last year and G this year, but for a brief period of time I was an H when I gained some weight. For me, they stopped growing (in terms of just general growth) last year when I was 25. But…I still don’t know if they will change again 🙂
      The main problem with bra shopping, is that something can fit for 5 minutes, but not fit after 5 hours. The band MUST be tight, and it has to be 80% of the support, and only 20% of support should come from the straps. Just keep trying more sizes until you find that ‘perfect’ fit.

  42. I just wanted to say thank you. Yesterday I stumbled upon your blog by chance or quite possibly fate and through your posts I realized that I had been wearing the wrong size bra for a while now. I thought I was a 38C but I am really a 36D. Today I bought 3 new bras! I have been having back problems for the past year and now I think my ill-fitting bras might be to blame. My back and shoulders already feel better because they are finally getting the support they desperately needed and my breasts look terrific now that they fill the cups perfectly. I really cannot thank you enough; you are an angel! Thank you, thank you!!! God bless ❤

    • That’s great to hear Ashley, and I’m glad my blog was of use. Thanks for letting me know 🙂
      Sophia x

  43. Hi Sophia,,, i am looking for your blog since last year… i really need to admire your work…its really gr8. I want to offer you my services free to help you for blog…i found solution regarding the bra fitting. it help me a lot regarding the different type of bras for online shopping… i am in UAE so i never find a good fitting bras here…well i need to ask some thing. i am feeding these days to my baby, i need to put pad in bra but it start peeking out side in t shirt…it look awkward…can you please guide which bra i use to wear during maternity ?

    • Hi, have you tried Freya nursing bras? If you take a look on Brastop or Large Cup Lingerie, they have some great choices.

  44. hey sophie i found one bra on brastop.com….it is designed by you….http://www.brastop.com/SetDetails.aspx?setId=3727 , its name is sophia plunge bra?

  45. Hi Sophia, don’t know how far your blog has reached yet, but now it reached the Faroe Islands 🙂

    I found it while searching 50’s dresses, and now I have looked through the whole blog, read all the great advice you give us ladies, and can honestly say that it has helped me a lot.

    Lately I have bought all my underwear from a lady that as helped me a lot with figuring out what size I am. And now that I read your blog, I immediately feel good (better) about my body.
    And, I am lucky to have a husband who is more than willing to help me find the right bra, and of course, the right size.

    When I first went to this lady to buy a bra, I was wearing a 75D (Don’t know what that is in your scale), and she said “wow, you need to be wearing at least 70F or 70G”. I was embarrassed that I was that far of my right size, and quite frankly, I was embarrassed that I had so big breasts. I don’t even know why.. I guess it was because it had been several years since I bought a bra, and at that time I used a 75D.

    Well, now I only buy from that particular lady, because I haven’t gotten better service anywhere else, she really cares that her customers are happy and comfortable, and she updates all the time.

    Thank you for showing us that there is nothing to be embarrassed about, no matter what size. And how important it is to have the right support 😉

    • Hi, thanks so much for your lovely comments.
      I’m really pleased to hear you found somewhere with your size, it can be quite a struggle sometimes. Whenever someone finds out they’ve been wearing the wrong size, I think it’s only natural to be surprised, because even though realistically they are quite common sizes, they’re rarely ever talked about, especially in the media.
      I’m really glad my blog could be of some help 🙂

  46. Hey sophia….i was looking for your page on Facebook but i didnt find it…. Can you please tell me if you have already there. Else i will request you to please make a page for your this blog…. You are doing a great work…
    It should be recognized at Facebook.

    • Hi, I don’t have a dedicated blog page on Facebook yet. At some point I will make one – but perhaps a little later in the year 🙂

      • Thanks….But please spare some time for it..
        and make one for your fans…. i really like your blog and i want that it should be more famous on big plate forum….
        well best of luck…

      • Hi Zoni, yes of course if I had time I would. As you may remember from some of my posts this year, or some last month, I’m planning a wedding which is a month away now.
        Definitely when I have more time available to me I will make one, thanks for being a fan 🙂

  47. Hi Sophia,
    Yea i do remember,…. you have marriage in september, So you would be preparing for that. Lots of best wishes and prays for you.
    Please dont miss to post your wedding pics… Give some guidance on some bridal bras as well….
    I am daily coming on your blog to that is there any new post by Sophia……

    • Thank you. Yes I will do my best to get a bridal lingerie post together. As soon as I have a free day, I’ll write one.

  48. Hi what is my true size bra? I was fitted as a 14DD (aus) which is I think a 36DD UK, my under bust is 31 inches overbust 40-41 inches. I find with the 14DD the back rides up, I was originally wearing a 14D, I asked the lady about the back riding up and she said its cos the cup was too small so she fitted me in the DD. I find the DD cup seems to rub on the side of my arms which I find very annoying, Ive tried a 12E seems a better but tighter fit but digs into my underarms. So please help me find the right bra for me 🙂 Thanks

    • Hi Marie,
      Your measurements indicate you are much more likely to be a size 30H or 32GG – I’m not sure what the Australian equivalent is but I can certainly look it up for you when I’m near a computer.
      If a bra band is riding up, it is nothing to do with the cup size. It means the straps are taking all the weight of your breasts because the band isn’t tight enough. The band needs to be 80% of the support, and the straps only 20%. I suspect the 12 will be the correct band size, and perhaps a bigger cup size might alleviate your discomfort. Try some out if you can, and see how you get on.

  49. Hi Sophia, I really love your blog and wondered if you can help? I find it a nightmare to find bras to fit. I have been wearing a 34D/DD but find the band is massive on me and rides up. I measure at 31″ under bust and 38.5″ over bust. I am currently wearing a Debenhams 30F but find the back a little too tight so have added a bra extender. The cup is fine though. I have tried Freya bras in 30F and 32E but both times the band was a little loose. I also found a 30E in marks and spencers (own make) was too small in cup and back band. The F cup is fine in m&s & Debenhams but in Freya it was too large. Am rather confused! Can you shed light on this mystery at all? THANKS

    • Hi Lucy,
      Welcome to the world of bras! Unfortunately different brands, and even different styles within brands, will fit you differently. The band runs a little tighter in Debenhams bras, but much looser in Freya. The best thing to do if you find a bra you like, is then to type the bra name into google with the word ‘review’, and most likely one of us bloggers will have reviewed the sizing. Are their any particular bras you had in mind? If I’ve tried it I can always give you some sizing advice.
      Sophia x

  50. Hi Sophia

    it is a minefield isn’t it?! I must say though I am currently getting away with the Debenhams 30F after I added the bra extender it is actually giving me pretty good support now and no more shoulder pain. I found the Freya bands so loose in actual fact I think I could have got away with a 28 band and that is saying something coming from me as I have asthma and can’t constrict my chest with a tight band due to breathing difficulties. There wasn’t a particular bra I had in mind as such but I was looking at the Curvy Kate tease Me and Temp Me on brastop or possibly a Gossard plunge as I have a prominent chest bone and it has to be slightly padded for um, modesty reasons. I really don’t know hat size I am now at all as all those different brands just threw me off today! Thanks so much for your help!

  51. I am so happy that I stumbled upon your blog. I have been so set on loosing weight because I feel like I am a lot bigger than everyone else around me, mostly because I have big boobs. I wanted to find someone that had the same measurements as me and that’s what you are (at least pretty close). I am a 34GG/sometimes a 32 and realized you are gorgeous and no where close to looking heavy. I feel so much better about myself just seeing someone look so hot and be the same size as me.

    • Hi Elissa, thanks for your comments and so glad to be able to help!
      I think so often we’re made to feel we need to look a certain way – high street clothes are made cheaply so with fewer curves and contours, so we end up feeling like we don’t fit in!
      Anyway I’m so glad you feel better about yourself 🙂

  52. Hi Sophia

    further to my previous comment I just wanted to tell you about my experience at Marks & Spencer today. I pulled a whole lot of plunge bras off the racks in different sizes ranging from 30 E to 32 F. I measure at a 30FF but don’t actually own any bras in that size…yet. Anyway I am finding M&S extremely inconsistent with their sizing. I tried on two bras of different styles in a 32 F and one was too big and the other just right. I also tried a 30E but it was so small I couldn’t even get anywhere near it. By small I mean in both band and cups. So the one I bought was the Limited Collected lace overlay plunge black bra which is just right on me. Back band fine, cups fine. However their other 32Fs were way too big in the band on me (which would be about right seeing as I’m technically a 30FF). I’d be interested to know if you have had a similar experience with M&S bras? Incidentally I also own a 30F M&S that fits. Go figure. Also wondered if you had tried the Curvy Kate Tempt Me, Thrill Me or Tease Me and if so what was your experience of the fit and sizing?

    Many thanks again


    • Hi Lucy, yes M&S are so inconsistent with their sizing, I’ve rarely ever had any luck shopping with them.
      I have tried the CK bras. The thrill me and tease me bras run loose in the band and small in the cup. I used to wear a 30H in them when I wore a 32G in their unpadded bras. The tempt me plunge bra runs fairly standard in the band, but the cup is very small. I’d suggest going up one if not two cup sizes in that one. Hope this helps!

  53. Hi Sophia, thanks for that yes it does help. I’ll let you know how I get on. I’m going to give up on M&S I think not only are they inconsistent but all their prettiest lingerie ranges are surprise surprise in an A-D cup. All the plus DDs are much plainer and I’m not a massive fan of the fabrics either. And they do the dreadful plus four measurements. Rrrr. Incidentally where do you get your CK bras from? The cheapest I ave seen is on brastop although they don’t seem to have a complete stock of l sizes at the moment.

    Cheers again

  54. […] Read more about Sophia here. […]

  55. You make an excellent point on the cat that big boobed ladies often seem to keep getting bigger. It is funny how few bloggers comment on this but it certainly does seem to be quite prevalent.
    Funnily enough this continuing increase does not bother me or some of my friends. I guess when you get above the realms of F, the it doesn’t seem to matter so much, because by then you have accepted the fact that in some people’s eyes you are huge and these high alphabet letters all merge into one.

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