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A Rival for the Deco Bra

July 30, 2012

As some of you may remember, last month I reviewed the very lovely Parfait by Affinitas Charlotte bra. At the end of my post, I talked about their beautiful Casey bra too, and how I was very keen to get hold of that particular style. I am an absolute sucker for a blue bra (particularly the lovely light blue of this one).

Well, the wonderful Cha from Large Cup Lingerie (who I believe is the only UK retailer to currently stock the Affinitas Charlotte bra) very kindly did some digging, attempting hunt down the Casey bra for me. She really knows how to unearth those hard-to-find bras, because sure enough, I am now the proud owner of a gorgeous light blue Casey.
I cannot recommend Large Cup Lingerie highly enough – rarely have I ever asked a company for help finding a certain item (that they do not usually stock), let alone have them hunt it down for me and keep me very well-informed along the way. Remember that LLC also offer free worldwide shipping, so if there is a particular item of lingerie you are after, they should be your first stop for information, without a doubt. As always, their customer service is beyond reproach. Click here for more information about their site.

Parfait by Affinitas – Casey – 32G

So, on to the review. As the title suggests, I think we may finally have found a rival for Freya’s very own Deco bra. The Casey is lightly padded (in a very similar style to the Deco), and gives a nice smooth cleavage, again, much the same as the Deco. The colours are fairly limited, it only comes in light blue and nude, but despite this, looks-wise it is actually very elegant. The cups are overlayed along the sides with a beautiful lace of the same colour – this definitely gives it a little something extra so it doesn’t feel quite like your run-of-the-mill everyday bra.

Parfait by Affinitas – Casey – 32G

The sizing however, is very different to that of the deco. I have this in a 32G, the same size as I have my Charlotte bra. The cups are very generous, and I think possibly I would even have chosen to size down. In any case, this is good news for H-cup girls, as it means they may not necessarily be outsized by the brand. I found the 32 band true to size, not overly loose like the deco, and not too tight either. The straps are fully adjustable, with the standard 3-hook clasp at the back. I felt wonderfully supported in this bra, and it passed the wear-test with flying colours, causing no discomfort whatsoever.

Parfait by Affinitas – Casey – 32G

If you’re looking for a deco alternative, keep the Casey in mind, it does not dissapoint. As ever, I really do hope Affinitas consider increasing their size range. They have such a charming selection, I really think branching out a bit further would give them a lot more business.

Curvy Kate – Smoothie Bra

I’m also very much looking forward to the release of Curvy Kate’s Smoothie bra which will be released later this year. Not only does it look like another rival Deco bra, but it goes all the way up to a J-cup! Exciting news!


Sophia xxx


USA Star in a Bra – Cast Your Final Vote!

June 19, 2012

Star in a Bra USA

You may remember my recent post about the gorgeous girls that made it to the Top 30 of Curvy Kate’s USA Star in a Bra. Well, the top 10 have now been chosen, and as always, they are a lovely group of girls.
The lucky 10 flew to New York for a professional make-over and photoshoot; you can see the behind the scenes footage of their photoshoots here.

From Left to right: Cristyen Fowler, Rhiannon Mariani, Jackie Flores, Brittany Jencks, Michaela Duerson, and Chandler Jade

From left to right: Danielle White, Katie Simpson, Krista Cousins, and Tiffany Schmidt

Star in a Bra is not just about finding a lingerie model, but finding a woman who can represent the brand and be a positive role model for women all over the world.
Who would you like to see modelling the lingerie you buy?
The winner this year for the UK competition was the very beautiful Sophie Morgan, but who will be the next?

UK 2012 Winner – Sophie Morgan

The two beautiful bloggers Brittany and Cristyen both made it to the top 10 (which is very exciting news!), and now we need your help for the final round. Unfortunately you only get one vote this time, but in my humble opinion, both of these girls would make fantastic ambassadors for the brand. Like the rest of us lingerie bloggers, they have backed the war against plus four, the 30-band project, not to mention aided women all around the world with fitting advice through their blogs. These girls are determined to make a difference, and you can help make that happen.

Criss and Brittany Behind the Scenes

Vote for Brittany here


Vote for Cristyen here

Which girl will be representing the busty women of America? It’s up to you to decide.


Sophia xxx


Star in a Bra heads to America!

May 12, 2012

Star in a Bra USA

You may remember I mentioned before that the Star in a Bra competition run by Curvy Kate, has packed their bags and headed to America to find some gorgeous curves across the pond. The USA really does need to update their bra fitting guides (what with Victoria’s Secret sizing disasters), and I think more awareness about this competition and bra sizing in general will do wonders over there.

The top 30 have been announced, and of course they are a beautiful bunch (although I do wish I could help with some of those badly fitting bra issues).

Star in a Bra USA – Top 30

Another very exciting thing about the USA Star in a Bra is that we have some fellow bloggers in our fab top 30!

The very beautiful and talented wordsmith Brittany from Thin and Curvy has made it through, and she looks stunning. On her blog she is a strong campaigner for smaller band sizes and helps women find great clothes for a bigger bust. She also wrote a joint post with me about Christina Hendricks here.

Brittany – Star in a Bra USA

We also have the gorgeous, cute, and bubbly Criss from Red Hair & Girly Flair (check out this video and this video she made, they’re not only adorable but funny too!) On her blog she discusses body image, health and fashion with a very unique and fun style. Her pictures are wonderful as well, and I’m so pleased to see both of these brilliant bloggers make it through to the top 30 of Star in a Bra.

Cristyen – Star in a Bra USA

Remember, at this stage in the competition you get 3 votes. If you are not sure who to vote for (as not only are there so many great girls, but great reasons for entering too), then please save two of your votes for Brittany and Criss. They most definitely deserve it.

Vote for Brittany here


Vote for Criss here

One last thing, Brastop are currently in the midst of running their Covergirl competition. If you could take a moment to vote for the lovely blogger Kelly Parks from The Curvy Kitten, I know it would be really appreciated. Doesn’t she look beautiful?!

Kelly – Brastop Covergirl

Vote for Kelly here. Voting for the Covergirl competition ends Friday 18th May.


Sophia xxx


Star in a Bra 2012 – TOP TEN!

April 19, 2012

Finally we get to see the fantastic photoshoot pictures of the Top 10 Star in a Bra girls, and don’t they all look absolutely gorgeous?! Check out the pictures here.

I am at a complete loss of who to vote for. During the top 30 with 3 votes it took me quite a while to decide, and now that I only get one vote, it’s even more difficult!

Here are some great behind the scenes pictures of the girls.

In alphabetical order from left to right: Hattie Bland, Jade Emery, Madeleine Havell, Victoria Holmden, Rachael Holmes, Jesse James, Sophie Morgan, Alice Rose Rayman, Abby Russel, and Charlotte Upton

Curvy Kate have posted a video here full of interviews with the girls, as they have done in previous years. I had my eye on a couple of girls in particular, but after seeing that video I’m even more stuck than ever. I’m unlikely to pick whichever girl is right in the middle of the limelight – I know from experience that they can often overshadow the shy girls, and lingerie modelling doesn’t necessarily require that in-your-face loud confidence that can sometimes be seen in girls that make it to the top. However, they all seem especially friendly in the video. A really great bunch this year.

To me, Curvy Kate is a girl-next-door type of brand that caters to women of all different shapes and sizes. All of the girls this year are lovely, and they are exactly that; all different. I think whoever wins will be a fantastic model for the brand, but my own personal choice will reflect the girl that I feel will benefit the most from becoming a role model for us all, and not let it go to her head.

Please please VOTE HERE for your favourite girl, every vote counts, so don’t waste yours.


Sophia xxx


The Bra that Changed my Life: Flirtelle Sublime

April 3, 2012

As some of you may know, the lovely Kitty from Undercover Lingerista is holding a competition for the one year anniversary of her lingerie blog, and what a competition it is too. To enter, you need to write a blog post about the bra that changed you life. As soon as I heard about the competition, I thought about which bra really had changed my life.

It didn’t come to me straight away. I sat for a little while with a cup of tea and pondered the many bras I own. I sifted through my underwear drawer considering what each bra had done for me, what it had meant. My first thoughts were of my fabulous trusty deco bras, useful and brilliant for pretty much any occasion, but useful wasn’t quite what I was looking for.

The Sublime Bra

I thought back to the girl I was before I entered Star in a Bra last year, before I started writing this blog, before I knew what a well-fitting bra even looked like. There was only one bra that stood out in my mind like a beacon. Only one that despite not being my size anymore, I have still kept; the one I cannot bring myself to give away. As soon as I realised this I raced to go and dig it out…but alas, it was nowhere to be found. My heart absolutely sank, I couldn’t believe that I could not find it. My little moment of grief over the lost bra really showed me how important it was.

I did eventually find it; the Flirtelle Sublime bra – oh how I love you.
Of course I do have this bra in two other colours and sizes, because it is a staple in my wardrobe, and I would be lost without a version of it that didn’t fit.

Now let me tell you my story of the Sublime.

Flirtelle Sublime – Brastop

After joining a wonderful and private women’s group on facebook (about bras and clothes for a bigger bust), it was quickly pointed out by some very insightful women that I was wearing the wrong sized bra. I listened to everything these women told me, their suggestions of sizes and styles, of colours and brands – they convinced me to take a leap out of my comfort zone, and try a completely different size.
Being nervous of fitters and usually overwhelmed by lingerie shops, I decided to buy online, and bought three different sizes in the hopes that at least one would fit.

When they arrived, two of them were a bit hit-and-miss, but the one that fitted perfectly was the trusty and beautiful Sublime bra. Up until this point, I had never ever owned an unpadded bra before. Those of you who know about bras will understand that if you don’t know your correct size, it’s almost impossible to squeeze yourself into an ill-fitting unpadded, but very easy to squeeze into a padded bra, no matter what the terrible sizing.

I could not believe my eyes when I saw how well a bra could fit. The shape, the style, the COMFORT! The size was a 32FF and I had been wearing mainly 34 DD’s and E’s. I was so overwhelmed, that I didn’t take it off for the whole day. From then on, it was my go to bra. It’s a great everyday bra for work, it’s very comfy to lounge around the house it, and it looks cute too.

The first picture I took of the Flirtelle Sublime bra

After a quick rummage through my old photos, I stumbled upon the first picture I took of it; taken about 5 minutes after trying it on. I look at this picture, and still remember that elated feeling of happiness and relief at finally feeling like there were bras out there to fit me. I knew very little about bra sizes before this, especially when it came to my own body. I am still ever so grateful to the women of PAC (you know who you are) for pointing me in the right direction.

I don’t think any woman should feel daunted by the prospect of a bra fitting, but so many do, and I remember that feeling well. It has taken me a long time to get over that fear, but now that I’m on the otherside, I can see how important a proper fitting is, which in fact, was why I started this blog in the first place.

From wearing badly fitting bras and clothes, and feeling hopeless, to great fitting bras and feeling confident! Here are a few pictures to illustrate my bra-fitting journey.

Bra disaster – Uncomfortable – Perfect Fit – Comfortable

About 10 months or so after I discovered the Sublime, I wore it again to take some photos of the whole set. I realised that this bra I had worn and loved so much was getting really small for me, and it was probably time buy it in a new size.

Flirtelle Sublime Set – Chocolate

Just for fun I tried it on today when I finally found it…well I guess now it makes a good example of what a too-small bra looks like! πŸ˜›

Sublime – Chocolate – 32FF

I have a black version in a 30GG, which is my current size, and fits perfectly. It is a really sturdy supportive bra, and I highly recommend it (in addition to the fact that I love it regardless).

Sublime – Black – 30GG

I also have a white Sublime in a 30H from when I got a little bit bigger. It’s too big for me now as you can tell, but I keep it just in case.

Sublime – White – 30H

I will probably love this bra forever, for helping me become the woman I am today. The Sublime bra not only showed me the way forward, but has been with me through everything since. I know some people will say “it’s just a bra” but it’s more than just a bra to me; it’s a symbol of how far I’ve come. It was the making of the ‘me’ I am now.
I think that also means it’s time for me to give it away, to a better home than I can give it, and who knows, maybe it will help someone else as much as it has helped me.

If you have any bras you want to give away, remember you can donate them to one of Against Breast Cancer’s Bra Banks.

I really look forward to hearing about the other bras that have changed people’s lives! πŸ™‚


Sophia xxx


Star in a Bra 2012 – Top 30

March 28, 2012

Curvy Kate have announced their top 30 girls in the running for Star in a Bra 2012, and what a beautiful bunch they are.

Star in a Bra 2012 - Top 30

There’s a really great mixture of different shapes and sizes from D all the way to a K cup! They all look unique with great pictures, and all deserve a shot at winning this great competition.

Being in the competition is an incredibly exciting feeling, and nerve-racking too. They will need to publicise themselves as much as possible to get the votes they need to continue on to the next round. Quite frankly I found it exhausting, and I have no doubt they will too.

I waited to cast my three votes until I had read all the interviews that went up on the Curvy Kate Blog. It was interesting to hear why each of the girls had entered; it always makes for inspirational reading. It was a tough decision, and I did have to sit and think about it for quite a while. I picked the three girls whose interviews I liked the most, and considered how well they might suit the brand.

The one thing I will tell you, is that each girl I picked had a different hair colour, but that’s the only clue I can give πŸ˜‰

Top 30 - Vote Now!

I wish them all SO much luck, I know exactly how they feel.

Don’t forget to vote for your three girls before the 3rd of April!!

You can vote here: Curvy Kate – Vote

Remember, if you’re in the USA, the Star in a Bra competition will soon be coming to you – check out the Curvy Kate USA facebook page for more info.


Sophia xxx


The Winter Blues

February 17, 2012

As some of you already know from previous posts, blue is my favourite colour. Blue clothes, blue shoes, blue ring, blue nail-varnish (blue hair if I could), and of course, blue lingerie.

In the cold weather, for me, blue is even more wonderful to wear. The child in me feels like a snow girl when I wear blue in the cold, so I’m always trying to get my hands on new blue bras.

I purchased two blue bras recently that I hoped could be great everyday bras this winter. The Flirtelle Vineyard bra (or possibly Viniard, because they have two different spellings on the Brastop website), and the Fantasie Elodie bra from Leia Lingerie.

So far I have loved the Flirtelle bras, the Sublime bra is made of very sturdy material and is a real winner for me. The Vineyard, while not so sturdy, was lovely in a completely different way.

Now, while the Sublime bra fits me best in a 30GG, I had heard that the Vineyard was a little tighter in the band. I decided that to be on the safe side, I would order a 32G. It’s good thing I did too, because the 32G fits perfectly.

Flirtelle Vineyard Bra

The bra is made of a lovely delicate mesh material all over (similar to the Freya Arabella), and has beautiful detailing on the cups. I loved it at first sight, the pale blue was just the sort of colour I had been looking for.

Flirtelle Vineyard Bra

It fit me the same way the Curvy Kate unpadded bras usually do, which is generally good if you are quite wide-set. It’s a very naughty but nice bra all at the same time – it looks cute and girly, but it’s also a little see-through; there’s no hiding what’s underneath!

Definitely a winner in my opinion!

Next we come to the Fantasie Elodie bra.

I absolutely love the fit of a Fantasie bra; they are really supportive and really beautiful at the same time. The Elodie has the same shape as many other Fantasie bras I’ve tried, and felt like a similar fit to the Sylvie bra that I have written about in the past.
Online, the colour of the blue Elodie bra looked gorgeous! I was really excited to get another lovely blue bra, especially a Fantasie one.

Fantasie Elodie Bra - Blue

Sadly, as great as the bra was, it didn’t look very blue in real life. As there is a grey version too, originally I thought there had been a mix-up, and I had received the wrong colour by accident. However, it soon became clear this was the blue version. Such a shame given how lovely the colour looks on their model version.

Fantasie Elodie Bra - Blue

The fit, as with most Fantasie bras, was great, and it is a beautiful and supportive bra. Fantasie bands generally run slightly looser, so I got this in a 30GG, which was a perfect fit. Unfortunately, I was after the kind of blue that makes me want to gaze at the bra lovingly all day, and this one just wasn’t it for me.

In the meantime, I’ll continue on my hunt for blue lingerie!

I’m planning to write a post soon about celebrities in badly fitting bras, whether they know their size or not, and how this affects the way society views larger sizes. If there is a celebrity that comes to mind when I say this, feel free to mention it in the comments below. I have no doubt there will be quite a few I haven’t remembered πŸ™‚ .


Sophia xxx