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Choosing Bridal Lingerie

September 13, 2012

Buying bridal lingerie is a challenge at the best of times, but when you outsize most bridal boutiques, it makes finding that perfect undergarment doubly hard.

It has taken me quite some time to compile this selection (not least because I’ve been simultaneously planning the wedding – just 1 day left to go now!)
Of course these are just some of the lingerie items I tried and tested. I browsed different brands in Debenhams (not including the Debenhams Gorgeous range, as the current extent of their bridal range is one ivory t-shirt bra) and saw that almost every ‘bridal’ devoted section carried mainly 38Cs – none had bands smaller than a 34, and there were no cups bigger than a D. I was disappointed to say the least, but then again, high street brands never fail to disappoint.

After a great deal of trial and error, I found a selection of lingerie perfect to test out for the big day.

I visited my faithful friend Bravissimo, knowing they would have at least a few pieces of Bridal lingerie in store.

First I tried the gorgeous Evie basque by Panache.

Panache Evie – 32G

First and foremost, this basque looks and feels beautiful. It’s soft, supportive and just lovely to look at. My only problem was that it wasn’t right for my dress. My gown has a v-shaped neckline, so the standard strapless straight-across-no-cleavage style just wasn’t going to work for me. The size however, was spot on for me in a 32G.

The next thing I tried, was the Gossard Ooh la la Corselette in vintage cream.

Gossard Ooh la la Corselette – 32G

This was mildly better in terms of shape relating to my dress, but frankly it wasn’t half as comfortable as the Evie basque, and I felt like it was just too much (especially with the bow in the middle – how does that work under a wedding dress?)
Again I tried a 32G, but this one came up a little big in both the cup and the waist. I just didn’t find it particularly flattering for my shape, and it very much felt like a big busted corset made for a very straight slim figure.

By this point, I felt like even the bigger busted brands were starting to let me down. Why did nothing seem to be quite what I was looking for?
I decided that the answer was that a basque or corset just wasn’t for me. Perhaps it was time to start looking at matching sets rather than a single piece.

I had seen just the thing I wanted to try. Bravissimo’s new Ivory Satine bra. But guess what? They had sold out of every size even remotely close to my own size! I was so disappointed, but never fear, there was something else I could try in the meantime…

The Satine bra is the same design as Bravissimo’s Oh So Kimono bra. All I needed to do was find my size in that style, and rush home to order the Ivory Satine online! Problem solved.

Bravissimo Oh So Kimono – 30H

As I have discovered with other Bravissimo own bras, the 32G I tried ran loose in the band and small in the cup. The best size for me was actually 30H, there was still a little emptiness in the very bottom of the cup, but the style just naturally pushes your bust to the top of the bra. It’s smooth, soft and very very comfortable, I couldn’t wait to try out the Ivory version.

Bravissimo Ivory Satine – 30H

The Ivory Satine was out of stock in my size for quite some time, so it was a month or so before one arrived at my door. Unbelievably, as bad luck would have it, I had lost a bit of weight by the time it arrived, which meant the 30H was just now a little too big, which you can perhaps see a little bit in the pictures. Despite this, I adore this bra, it is just so beautiful – I have decided to keep it anyway, as I’m sure it will fit me again. πŸ™‚

By this time, it was too late to order a replacement, and so I went to my trusty Polish favourite – Ewa Michalak – and bought a couple of bras to test out, hoping one would do the trick.

First I tried their white Mleczny strapless bra:

Ewa Michalak – Mleczny – 65GG (30GG)

This was a terrible fit on me, unfortunately. I got a tighter band 65 (30), and that felt perfect, but for some reason, the cups just did not work for my shape. Weirdly the side I have that big gap at the bottom of the cup, is my bigger side. The shape of this bra is really better suited to a top-heavy breast shape, unlike mine. You may often find that a bra that works for one woman, won’t work for another woman of the same size, purely because their breast shapes are very different.

The last one I tried was the very lovely PL Malwa bra.

Ewa Michalak – PL Malwa – 70G (32G)

This was perfect. Both comfortable and cute (look at that adorable flower detail!), it was just what I was after, not to mention it gives great lift and cleavage. I got this in a 70G (32G) and it was absolutely spot on in that size – a nice tight band (considering I measure 30 underbust at the moment).

Ewa Michalak – PL Malwa – 70G (32G)

The matching pants were very cute too! They do run small, so I made sure to size up.

I should also mention that I was very keen to get hold of the PL Lilia bra to try, as it has that beautiful satin-y finish that I was after, but alas my size was out of stock, and I really had run out of time by this point.

I think looks-wise, my real favourite was the Ivory Satine bra, but in terms of what worked with my dress, the Malwa was the clear winner. Both brilliant bras, and definitely my favourites out of everything I tried on.

Well girls, sorry for the fairly short post this time, I am finishing this just as I nip out the door to my hotel, and won’t be back until after the wedding! Wish me luck!


Sophia xxx


Debenhams – Celebrating 10 Years of Gorgeous Lingerie

May 24, 2012

Gorgeous Lingerie 10th Anniversary

The Debenhams Gorgeous range of lingerie is something that often gets overlooked. While we bigger busted girls run straight to Panache and Freya, we forget that actually there are some really lovely (and purse-friendly) other options available. Gorgeous do cater for the bigger bust, and I am impressed with their range of sizes and styles.

I saw a beautiful bra on their facebook page recently that really caught my eye. It was pink and girly and just overall exceptionally pretty.

Debenhams – Floral Dot Bra

The photo of this bra on their website doesn’t remotely do it justice. It really is a lovely set, and I can see it being very popular.
This particular style only goes up to a G-cup – which is still something considering most high street stores don’t even go that far.
But, don’t give up hope yet, they do have other styles in bigger cup sizes…

Some of the Gorgeous range bestsellers are actually their full-cup bras, and one of the best things about them, is they go all the way to a J-cup!
Don’t be put off by the fact they do not cater for a 28 band; their bands are actually very firm. I probably couldn’t fit into a 30 band in the Gorgeous range – I always find 32 just right.
However, I do hope at some point in the future as they expand, they will delve into the 28-band range – even though their bras are tight-fitting, there are still girls scouring the net for 26 bands.

The first bra I tried was the Gilda pink embroidered mesh full-cup bra.

Debenhams – Pink Embroidered Mesh Bra

It is unpadded and underwired, and has soft satin-like cups with a scalloped mesh trim. The straps are fully adjustable, but they’re also quite firm, so you won’t need to adjust them all that much. As I mentioned before, the band is very firm, so even the 32G was a nice sturdy fit on me. The cups are generous, I prefer to have a bigger cup for my larger side, so I wouldn’t size down, but some may prefer to.

Debenhams – Pink Embroidered Mesh Bra

It is a beautiful dusky pink colour, the shape it gives is perfectly rounded, with none of that tear-drop or pointy-ness that some unpadded bras can cause.

Debenhams – Pink Embroidered Mesh Bra & Brief Set

It comes with lovely matching briefs in the same style, with the satin-like finish on the front, and soft mesh at the back. I got a size 14 and found them pretty true to size, and very comfortable.

I can honestly say, this is one of the more comfortable bra sets I have tried. It is the kind of bra you could wear all day long, and completely forget it’s even there.

The next bra that I tried was the Provence white embroidered mesh full-cup bra.

Debenhams – White Embroidered Mesh Bra

Now while they are a similar style, the white bra has a full mesh cup with embroidered trim, rather than the satin-esque cup of the pink bra. This is just as lovely, especially as the detailing is beautiful, and it feels very cool to wear (which is brilliant for this warm weather we’re having!) The fit is much the same as the pink bra; fully adjustable straps, firm band and generous cups. It is another really comfortable and useful everyday bra.

Debenhams – White Embroidered Mesh Bra

I’m actually very impressed with these two hidden gems, they are going to make my days at work a lot more easy going πŸ™‚

My only criticism isn’t about the bras themselves, but rather the fit on their models – on their website there are a lot of arched bands in the photographs, and I do have a little bit of concern regarding what their customers will assume a well-fitting bra looks like. In any case, I cannot fault their fabulous range.

Next time I’m in Debenhams I definitely won’t be racing to the branded section, I’m much more likely to be saving my pennies and checking out what other lingerie the Gorgeous range has to offer!

Click here to check out Georgina’s review of the Gorgeous range on Fuller Figure Fuller Bust.


Sophia xxx


The Trials and Tribulations of Bra Shopping

May 28, 2011

Recently I have discovered that some of the 32FF bras I’ve been buying, aren’t quite as perfect a fit as I would’ve liked them to be.
From years of wearing the wrong sized bras, ranging from C’s to E’s with bands in 34s and 36s, I have developed a problem, that is really quite common among women these days.
The term I use to describe it, is, ‘sideboob’ (be warned that this is not the official term, it’s just my chosen name for it :P).
It occurs because breast tissue has, over time, migrated to other areas (in this case towards the armpit) causing it to separate from the rest of the breast, and look a bit out of place.


These are some pictures I found online showing how a bra that is too small, can cause the hideous ‘sideboob’ effect.
It can be fixed, over time, by wearing the correct fitting bra. For me personally, I need to wear a bra that well and truly contains this extra breast tissue, otherwise the tissue will not be able to migrate back. It is a slow process, but an important one nonetheless.

I buy most of my bras online, but of course, because the sizing between brands varies to such an extent, it is inevitable that I will have to make my regular trip to the post office, sending the lovely things back.
If you buy from Brastop (which I often do) you will have noticed that while they have fantastic discounted prices, you will need to pay the postage for your return; which can be a pain.

I despise schlepping to a lingerie or department store; shuffling through the sizes on my hands and knees, checking all the incorrectly hangered (is that a word?) bras praying they have my size, queuing for the fitting rooms along with 10 other grumpy women for half an hour, which then results in getting very hot, flustered and wound up in the changing room, often resulting in tears.
However, I discovered recently, that my local Debenhams (which is only 5 minutes away) stocks Freya and Fantasie bras. Reminding myself that I did in fact have some free time today, I went to try on some bras…calmly.

My selection of bras

I took sizes closest to my regular 32FF. Not all were available, but I picked up all the 30Gs 32FFs and 32Gs I could find.
It was quite interesting to see such a variation with the sizing, and the ones I ended up purchasing, were not the same ones I would’ve bought online.

Among my favourites were:

The Freya Trudie Bra

Freya 'Trudie'

The 32FF was too small in the cup; in the picture I’m pointing to my ‘sideboob’ that isn’t fully encased in the cup. The 30G (also too small) was just to test the back, but I preferred the 32 Back for comfort. The 32G was perfect. It contained pretty much all the extra breast tissue, and was comfortable.

The Freya Pollyanna Bra

Freya 'Pollyanna'

The 32FF in the Pollyanna was perfect, it came far enough round the sides for my liking. I don’t own very many black bras, but the pretty lace detail and blue flowers just drew me in.

The Fantasie Sylvie Bra

Fantasie 'Sylvie'

Blue is my favourite colour, so I just loved this bra competely and utterly. The pictures don’t do it justice; it has this really beautiful delicate lace over the top of the cup, and the rest is a very soft material.
Again, I found the sizing off. Or maybe I have grown, who knows. In any case, the 32FF again, didn’t completely encase the ‘sideboob’ (as you can see), so I went up to a 32G which I found much more comfortable.

And…last but not least…

The Freya Sophia Bra

Freya 'Sophia'

The Sophia bra, well, I think you can all guess why I tried this one. Despite it’s slightly muted colours (which had put me off trying it until now) I really wanted to try the Sophia bra purely because it is, of course, my name.
In actual fact, I found the bra a lot nicer here than it looks online. I tried the 32G, but this time (made more obvious because of the sheer material) it wrinkled too much on one side. The 32FF however, did actually have quite a nice fit. You can tell by my happy face!

If I could afford to buy all of these bras (and the other ones not pictured) I would have; alas, it will have to wait for another pay day πŸ™‚

Remember ladies, evil ‘sideboob’ can be eliminated…slowly πŸ˜›


Sophia xxx