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Choosing Bridal Lingerie

September 13, 2012

Buying bridal lingerie is a challenge at the best of times, but when you outsize most bridal boutiques, it makes finding that perfect undergarment doubly hard.

It has taken me quite some time to compile this selection (not least because I’ve been simultaneously planning the wedding – just 1 day left to go now!)
Of course these are just some of the lingerie items I tried and tested. I browsed different brands in Debenhams (not including the Debenhams Gorgeous range, as the current extent of their bridal range is one ivory t-shirt bra) and saw that almost every ‘bridal’ devoted section carried mainly 38Cs – none had bands smaller than a 34, and there were no cups bigger than a D. I was disappointed to say the least, but then again, high street brands never fail to disappoint.

After a great deal of trial and error, I found a selection of lingerie perfect to test out for the big day.

I visited my faithful friend Bravissimo, knowing they would have at least a few pieces of Bridal lingerie in store.

First I tried the gorgeous Evie basque by Panache.

Panache Evie – 32G

First and foremost, this basque looks and feels beautiful. It’s soft, supportive and just lovely to look at. My only problem was that it wasn’t right for my dress. My gown has a v-shaped neckline, so the standard strapless straight-across-no-cleavage style just wasn’t going to work for me. The size however, was spot on for me in a 32G.

The next thing I tried, was the Gossard Ooh la la Corselette in vintage cream.

Gossard Ooh la la Corselette – 32G

This was mildly better in terms of shape relating to my dress, but frankly it wasn’t half as comfortable as the Evie basque, and I felt like it was just too much (especially with the bow in the middle – how does that work under a wedding dress?)
Again I tried a 32G, but this one came up a little big in both the cup and the waist. I just didn’t find it particularly flattering for my shape, and it very much felt like a big busted corset made for a very straight slim figure.

By this point, I felt like even the bigger busted brands were starting to let me down. Why did nothing seem to be quite what I was looking for?
I decided that the answer was that a basque or corset just wasn’t for me. Perhaps it was time to start looking at matching sets rather than a single piece.

I had seen just the thing I wanted to try. Bravissimo’s new Ivory Satine bra. But guess what? They had sold out of every size even remotely close to my own size! I was so disappointed, but never fear, there was something else I could try in the meantime…

The Satine bra is the same design as Bravissimo’s Oh So Kimono bra. All I needed to do was find my size in that style, and rush home to order the Ivory Satine online! Problem solved.

Bravissimo Oh So Kimono – 30H

As I have discovered with other Bravissimo own bras, the 32G I tried ran loose in the band and small in the cup. The best size for me was actually 30H, there was still a little emptiness in the very bottom of the cup, but the style just naturally pushes your bust to the top of the bra. It’s smooth, soft and very very comfortable, I couldn’t wait to try out the Ivory version.

Bravissimo Ivory Satine – 30H

The Ivory Satine was out of stock in my size for quite some time, so it was a month or so before one arrived at my door. Unbelievably, as bad luck would have it, I had lost a bit of weight by the time it arrived, which meant the 30H was just now a little too big, which you can perhaps see a little bit in the pictures. Despite this, I adore this bra, it is just so beautiful – I have decided to keep it anyway, as I’m sure it will fit me again. 🙂

By this time, it was too late to order a replacement, and so I went to my trusty Polish favourite – Ewa Michalak – and bought a couple of bras to test out, hoping one would do the trick.

First I tried their white Mleczny strapless bra:

Ewa Michalak – Mleczny – 65GG (30GG)

This was a terrible fit on me, unfortunately. I got a tighter band 65 (30), and that felt perfect, but for some reason, the cups just did not work for my shape. Weirdly the side I have that big gap at the bottom of the cup, is my bigger side. The shape of this bra is really better suited to a top-heavy breast shape, unlike mine. You may often find that a bra that works for one woman, won’t work for another woman of the same size, purely because their breast shapes are very different.

The last one I tried was the very lovely PL Malwa bra.

Ewa Michalak – PL Malwa – 70G (32G)

This was perfect. Both comfortable and cute (look at that adorable flower detail!), it was just what I was after, not to mention it gives great lift and cleavage. I got this in a 70G (32G) and it was absolutely spot on in that size – a nice tight band (considering I measure 30 underbust at the moment).

Ewa Michalak – PL Malwa – 70G (32G)

The matching pants were very cute too! They do run small, so I made sure to size up.

I should also mention that I was very keen to get hold of the PL Lilia bra to try, as it has that beautiful satin-y finish that I was after, but alas my size was out of stock, and I really had run out of time by this point.

I think looks-wise, my real favourite was the Ivory Satine bra, but in terms of what worked with my dress, the Malwa was the clear winner. Both brilliant bras, and definitely my favourites out of everything I tried on.

Well girls, sorry for the fairly short post this time, I am finishing this just as I nip out the door to my hotel, and won’t be back until after the wedding! Wish me luck!


Sophia xxx


Freya, Fantasie, Fauve, Elomi and Huit 8: Autumn/Winter 2012

May 6, 2012

Eveden Lingerie Group

I was absolutely thrilled to be invited to the Eveden Group Press Event, showcasing their upcoming Autumn/Winter collections out later this year. They had lots of eye-catching new lingerie, activewear and lounge wear to show, from brands Freya, Fantasie, Fauve, Elomi and Huit 8.

Surrounded by beautiful Swarovski crystals, the lingerie looked stunning. Eveden stated that the collections ‘took inspiration from the mesmerising hues of the Northern Lights, where ice cold skies of frosty blue and arctic mint green merge against warmer strokes of purple, red and gilded gold’. I couldn’t agree more, it was a wonderful display, which unbelievably, included a lingerie ice sculpture!

Freya and Fantasie are two of my favourite brands, so I was especially excited to see their new collections.


Freya – Ginny

I liked the mix of blues, browns and whites to create a more vintage feel.

Freya – Carys Longline

Freya – Piper Longline

I was really pleased to see more longline bras, similar to the Nieve in their collection last year.

Freya – Piper

Freya – Taylor (this time in charcoal and teal!)

Freya – Rosie

Freya – Marina

I adored the colours on the Marina bra, it’s definitely one I found myself wanting to take home. This is the balcony bra which goes all the way up to a K cup! There will also be a half cup padded version available up to a G.


Freya – Gem

Freya – Dionne

This cute leaf print on the Dionne is going to be absolutely perfect for autumn. I can’t wait!



Freya – Deco Hatty

Freya – Martha


Freya – Deco Honey

I fell in love with the Honey Deco at first sight. The bright fiery red (which actually has a slight orange hue to it) matched with the delicate lace really adds something extra to a favourite staple bra. This is also the bra they chose for the ice sculpture, and it looked incredible.

Deco Honey Ice Sculpture

Deco Honey Ice Sculpture

Freya – Patsy

Freya – Ivy Longline

Another longline; the Ivy bra has a very autumn feel to it.

Freya – Ada

Freya – Ada

I LOVE the Ada bra. It has a really fun tattoo design with a ‘Freya’ motif, and goes up to an H cup. Definitely one for my wish list.

Freya – Deco Soft Cup

You’ll be very excited to hear that Freya have now brought out a soft cup version of the deco, and it comes in a 28 band. It might seem like a soft cup won’t give you that stunning cleavage that the deco is so well-known for, but check out their model wearing the Nude version. There’s plenty of cleavage there, and she mentioned it was one of her favourites to model.

Freya Active:

Freya Active – Underwired Sports Bra – Black Samba

Freya Active – Performance Wear – Sports Top and Capri Pant

As well as their ever popular sports bra, Freya Active have brought out their own Performance Wear now too. It uses a special polygiene technology that keeps the clothing odour free!

Freya Swim:

Freya Active Swim – Soft Suit – Ultramarine

Freya Swim

Freya Swim – Phoenix

The Phoenix was my favourite of the bikinis, the colours just look fabulous together, not to mention there is a matching kaftan.

Freya Swim – Kansas

Kansas is the perfect name for this style; it looks like Dorothy packed up her things and went on a tornado-free beach vacation!

Freya Lounge:

Freya Lounge Wear

Freya Lounge – Marina – Long Sleeve Top & Pant

Freya Lounge – Piper – Cami Top & Short


Fantasie – Josephine

Fantasie – Susanna Basque

I adored this new Susanna Basque from Fantasie. It is an absolutely beautiful design with a sexy black lace overlay.

Fantasie Swim:

Fantasie Swim – Mauritius

This Mauritius set is especially versatile because it has all sorts of mix and match bikini briefs/tops/tankinis to go with it – both in black or the lovely bold dot print. It also has a sheer black (with dot print sleeves) matching Kaftan.

Fantasie Swim – Costa Rica

Fantasie Swim – St Lucia (left) and Trinidad (right)



Fauve – Marla

Fauve – Coco

Fauve – Evangeline

The Evangeline set looked wonderful – the red and nude lace together works beautifully. It comes in both a padded half cup, and a moulded plunge bra too.

Fauve – Emmanuelle

Fauve – Sabine

Fauve – Marla

Fauve – Veronique

Fauve Lounge – Genevieve

A sexy lounge set from Fauve!


Elomi – Maggie Babydoll

Elomi – Maggie

Elomi – Valentina

Elomi – Paloma

Elomi – Briony

The pinks in the Briony are just lovely.

Elomi – Betty

Elomi Swim – Fiora

Huit 8:

Huit 8

Huit 8 formerly only catered up to a DD cup, they have now expanded their size range to an E. Here’s hoping that in the not too distant future they reach to G, and maybe even all the way to K! We can dream anyway :).

Huit 8

Huit 8 – Equivoque

Huit 8 – Rumeur

Huit 8 – Rumeur

Huit 8 Swim:

Huit 8 Swim

Huit 8 Swim – Pepsy Pretty

Huit 8 Swim – Tropic Toffy

I am very excited about the upcoming collections, and impressed with everything on display. Freya do offer a little more than the other brands, but I loved the new Fantasie and Fauve lingerie too. Elomi caters specifically for the fuller figure which makes them both popular and unique, whereas Huit 8 is a timeless French style usually more suited to a slimmer figure.
It was also great to see that Freya are expanding their Active range even further, especially with the olympics coming up, it’s bound to be a big hit. It was a pleasure to meet the team behind the brands, (and they looked after us so well, I was especially fond of the cake!) and great to catch up with fellow bloggers; Fuller Figure Fuller Bust, Undercover Lingerista, Curvy Wordy and Lily Bo Bombs I’m sure we will all be saving our pennies to purchase some of this lovely lingerie later this year.


Sophia xxx


Twelve Gossard Bras of Christmas

December 13, 2011

A few months ago, Simply Yours and Simply Be launched a ‘Get Your Straps Out’ competition – you were asked to send in a photo subtly exposing your bra strap in the most imaginative place. After entering the competition, I was really surprised and over the moon to hear I was picked as one of the lucky winners; the prize being 12 sets of Gossard Lingerie (the equivalent of a years supply!)

I was so excited to be chosen, and thought what better way to test out this lovely underwear, than review it on here. It’s no secret that I’ve often struggled with Gossard, and have previously had trouble finding the perfect fit. This is largely because they don’t make my regular size of 30GG. It is important to note that their bras go no higher than a G cup, and no lower than a 30 band although I do hope this changes one day.

Having tried only 32Gs in their styles in the past, and knowing that they were too loose all over, I felt confident enough to decide on 30G. It was a risk, but a risk I’m glad I took. All the styles I was sent are 30G, and all the pants are a Large.

When the very large box arrived, I was slightly overwhelmed by what a great gift it was. I opened it feeling like it was Christmas morning, to find an array of beautiful and striking garments. I have since been (not so patiently) waiting for my day off to test them out.

There are a total of 12 sets, and what seem to be 5 different styles.

Three Gossard Superboost Laces
Two Gossard Wild Prints
Two Gossard Superboosts
Two Gossard Fleurs
Two Ooh La La’s
And One Gossard Allure

Unfortunately the only full length mirror I have is permanently scuffed, so I’ve taken some more photos of each set on the hanger to give a better reflection of the colour and material. Please do excuse the shoddy full length photos.

Numbers 1, 2 and 3; the Superboost Lace bras.

Gossard Superboost Lace Sets

Superboost Lace - Jade

Superboost Lace - Rouge

Superboost Lace - Black

I found the Superboost Lace bra very sexy, especially with all that lace, but the cup felt a little more like a 30G than some of the others, which meant it was on the small side. Fortunately it’s not so small that I can’t wear it, but I definitely could do with wearing a cup size bigger. The back was nice and tight, definitely a firm 30. I preferred the comfort of the briefs compared to the thong, but I did think the thong looked great alongside the lacey suspender belt!

Numbers 4 and 5; the Wild Print Bras:

Gossard Wild Print Sets

Wild Print - Jade/Brown

Wild Print - Purple/Black

I very much love the Wild Print bras – I think every woman should own at least one animal print undergarment. I’ve tried this style of Gossard bra before, but in a 32G, and the fit was just way off. I’ve discovered it’s actually big in the cup, so to downsize to a 30G was actually spot on (phew!). The colours are bold and exciting, and the 30 back was just perfect, not too loose and not too tight, the briefs were comfy too!

Numbers 6 and 7; the Satin Superboost bras:

Gossard Superboost Sets

Superboost Celebration - Champagne

Superboost Satin - Purple

The Satin superboost bras actually fit surprisingly well. The back was very firm, and the cups were actually quite comfortable. I don’t often wear thongs, but these ones were very soft to the touch. The Celebration set has a little champagne bottle detail on the front instead of the classic ‘G’ detail – a nice added touch!

Numbers 8 and 9; the Fleur bras:

Gossard Fleur Plunge Sets

Fleur - Blueberry

Fleur - Rouge

Possibly my favourite sets out of them all. I am a sucker for blues and purples, so the Blueberry really caught my attention. The red with the black lace edges just looks divine – lingerie heaven!
I found again that the cups and the back fit very well – I definitely wouldn’t want this one in a GG, the G was actually perfect, the back felt very similar to that of the Wild Prints. This time I actually liked the briefs and thong equally. The thong was cut in such a way as to flatter curves rather than cut into them. A great set all round.

Numbers 10 and 11; the Ooh La La bras:

Gossard Ooh La La Sets

Ooh La La Longline Strapless - Ivory

Ooh La La Plunge - Ivory

I got on very well with The Ooh La La plunge bra, the back was tight but not too tight, and the cups just about fit, although I could do with a bigger cup. The strapless, which has some useful removable straps, is a full cup bra – because of this, it meant there was no way I could really fit in to it. It is a lovely garment, but the back was also much tighter compared to the plunge – I think this may be an instance where I could fit into one of their 32G’s, possibly! The suspender belt was lovely, but as I was wearing size large pants, the belt was also a large, but my waist isn’t. Now I know this, next time I order with them I will pick a different suspender belt size for sure!

And last but not least, number 12; the Allure Plunge bra:

Gossard Allure Plunge Set

Allure - Noir

A smouldering and beautiful set, the Allure certainly lives up to its name. There is a sort of nude underlay, which makes it more exciting than being just a simple black bra. I found the cups very small. They were quite stiff which made it less easy to squish myself in, I think even a 30GG would’ve been just about manageable, and probably even in that size I may have wanted to size up. For those who can fit into it, I would recommend it, it feels great on.

With all of these sets, I felt they were supportive enough for an evening, but perhaps not all day long. They wouldn’t be the bras I wear to work, but they would definitely be bras I would wear on a night out…or a night in.

So, after my twelve day rendezvous with Gossard, I am now convinced. They have really won me over…well almost. My few criticisms are purely about size. Why is it that they use a model who is at most a 28 band, or possibly something as small as 26 or 24, yet the smallest band available is a 30? If you compare my underbust to that of their models, it is clear we would not need the same band size. I would love for Gossard to factor in smaller bands and bigger cups, hopefully one day, my wish will come true!

Dear Gossard, thank you for the fabulous lingerie, and dear Simply Yours, thank you for choosing me!

Merry Christmas!


Sophia xxx


Ewa Michalak – Heavenly Bras

October 3, 2011

Ewa Michalak, the well-known Polish bra company, has really got me hooked. Their bras never fail to be well constructed, beautifully designed, and most importantly, comfortable.

While their products are great, and the staff are always polite, they do have one big flaw. They are quite strict and rigid about returns, even just after their 10 day return policy has elapsed, even for someone in a different country, and even for loyal regular customers. However, when it comes to great lingerie, I can put aside my feelings about the person running the company (perhaps put it down to cultural differences), and admire the underwear for what it is – fabulous.

This is the HM Granatowy Motyl bra. I tried it in a 65GG (30GG) as I had heard the back band wasn’t one of their firmest. I’m very glad I went for that size as it does fit perfectly. 

HM Granatowy Motyl - 65GG (30GG)

I was immediately enticed by the colour and design whilst browsing their website, so I very much wanted to test this bra out. The cups are made with just a single sheer piece of delicate lace – so delicate in fact, I was concerned it would rip under the strain of my breasts! Lucky for me, the design of the bra, as usual, is perfect. Somehow not only does it hold me up, but it’s actually fairly supportive. I wouldn’t exactly run much in this bra, for fear of falling out of the top, but for work I would actually wear it all day long. It’s also wonderfully comfortable. 
To add to the very beautiful detail on this bra, there’s a little blue butterfly stitched onto one of the straps. If I didn’t know better, I’d think this bra was made for me!

The next Ewa bra is the Czarny Strapless (one I have been promising to try for a while!) Now unfortunately I got this is a 70G (32G) which was just too loose in the band for me, and for a strapless, that’s the worst thing to have.
Due to a miscommunication, I wasn’t able to return this to them within the allotted return period, and am now unable to send it back. I may sell it on ebay, so if this is your size, keep an eye out!

Czarny Strapless - 70G (32G)

It’s very comfortable, and surprisingly gives quite good cleavage and lift for a strapless bra. The inside looked a bit like polystyrene when I first saw it, but somehow, whatever material is used, it works wonderfully. 

CH Onyx - 65GG (30GG)

Last but not least, the CH Onyx bra, which is actually a multiway bra. The straps are removable, and it can be turned into a halterneck. I had heard again that the band was stretchy, so got this in the usual 65GG (30GG). It is a perfect fit, and very comfortable. It actually comes with padded inserts that are removable, so if you want a little extra va va voom on a night out, this definitely gives you that option. 

CH Onyx - Halterneck Style

As lingerie goes, Ewa Michalak is high up on my list of favourites. If you’re not overly concerned about returns or customer service, then definitely order with them. The quality of their lingerie is exceptional high, and I will continue to be a regular customer.


Sophia xxx


Hot Weather and Big Bras – Not a Match Made in Heaven…

July 4, 2011

So we all know that bras can be a pain, even at the best of times, but what do you do when the thermometer suddenly rises into new uncharted realms of heat? You start to resent all those pretty new bras you just splashed out on, and consider leaving them behind in the drawer.

For the bigger busted girl, this is less of an option. A lack of support can lead to some serious breast swinging action, usually taking someone’s eye out in the process…often your own.

I thought I’d tell you how I have partially managed to deal with this issue. It’s not something that can ever really go away completely, but there are definitely ways to make your life a little more bearable.
If the weather has suddenly taken a very warm turn, and perhaps it’s a work day and an M&S Secret Support top just won’t do, here are a few tips that have helped me.

First of all, if you can, pick some bras with a high cotton content. I find that gives my skin a little more room to breathe and cool down in the heat. The wonderfully sexy Showgirl  Range by Curvy Kate has a 100% cotton lining, so they are a great padded bra option for a hot summer day. As for unpaddeds, Fantasie Lingerie do some lovely cotton mix bras; their Anna and Gabrielle ranges are especially popular.


A good idea is to put on some light moisturiser before you get dressed in the morning. Nothing thick and heavy, just something thin and cooling. My personal favourite at the moment is Garnier Body Tonic Hydrating Firming lotion. It’s fairly inexpensive, easy to get hold of from any Boots or Superdrug, and smells wonderfully fresh and lemony.

Garnier Body Tonic Hydrating Firming Lotion

Putting this light layer of moisturiser on eases your warm skin, and makes putting on your bra that little bit easier. It also means your bra shouldn’t rub or irritate you quite as much throughout the day.
I would also recommend making sure your bra band is nice and tight – this may sound odd when it’s hot and you want loose clothing, but being more supportive it won’t get the chance to wiggle around too much or cause you unnecessary irritation.

Another option, is to wear a strapless bra. A badly fitting strapless can be really uncomfortable – before I was fitted, I avoided them like the plague, but nowadays I have a lovely Freya Deco strapless, that works really well for me in the heat. I wouldn’t say that the deco bras are actually best type of material to wear during hot weather, but for me it does the job, and I do find that my chest feels a lot cooler in a strapless. Another strapless I have been recommended numerous times (but haven’t had the chance to try it yet) is Ewa Michalak’s Czarny.

Freya Deco Strapless and Ewa Michalak Czarny Strapless

Ewa Michalak is a great Polish lingerie company that I was recently introduced to. Their bras are so soft and light, and a lot of them are made using cotton in the lining, and thin soft materials (even in their padded bras) so I barely ever notice I am even wearing anything with them. I currently only own two, but I will definitely be ordering more in the future.

Ewa Michalak CH Toffik and PL Black

Above on the left is the CH Toffik bra; a padded balcony half cup, with a very vintage look which I love. It’s really comfortable, and the band is really supportive (slightly on the tight side, but not in a bad way for me personally).
On the right, is Ewa’s PL Black. A really lovely plunge bra. I was again surprised at how soft the cups were, and almost thought it wouldn’t be supportive enough. Another tight band, but as I measure 30-31 underbust and this is a 32 back band, it seems to work for me.

Cheryl over at Invest in your Chest has written a great review of lots more of their bras, including the aforementioned very popular Czarny strapless bra, so you may find some more useful information there.
Also, Brittany from Thin and Curvy has finally found, in Ewa Michalak, a company that can make her the 26 bands she’s been looking for; her review is definitely worth a read.

If you do decide to order from Ewa, don’t be put off by the site being in a foreign language. There is a UK flag at the top, which if you click, will translate the majority of the site for you, and each bra costs between £20-£30. You can check the conversion of ZLs into £s on google if you are unsure. The check out is with paypal, so again, it’s pretty secure.

A Bravissimo Racer Back top and Cami Top

Last but not least, if you have more of a choice in what clothing you can wear each day, I would really recommend the Bravissimo cami tops and racer back tops. They have built in supportive bras, and a set of hooks underneath so you can adjust it the same way you would with a regular bra. Because the bra is built into the top, the feeling of wearing one mostly disappears – I personally feel a lot more free in them, and consequentially have no concerns about my bra showing or irritating me while I’m at work. They come in all sorts of sizes and styles, but the cups do run large.

Bravissimo Grey Cami Top with Built-in Bra

This Bravissimo cami (above) is a size 32FF which is actually a size smaller than my regular, but it still feels like a 32G or even 32GG. If you can’t afford to buy one directly from Bravissimo, they do crop up quite often on ebay, so it’s worth having a browse every now and then, just in case.

A few last minute slightly more obvious tips are: drink lots of water to keep you cool, wear unpadded bras when you can (as they are generally much lighter/thinner), and wear clothes made of cotton and linen as often as you can, as this lets your skin breathe and deal with the heat more effectively.

I hope this helps, and if you have any keep-cool tips of your own, feel free to comment below!


Sophia xxx


The Possible Wonders of Wonderbra

June 4, 2011

I’m always looking for new versatile strapless bras, and so far, Freya’s strapless deco has been my favourite. I do however occasionally long for a little more cleavage in a strapless, something which appears to be quite a challenge to find.

After reading a great joint review – by two lovely busty ladies; Cheryl Warner and Becky Mount over at ‘Invest in your Chest‘ – on strapless bras (including Wonderbra’s ‘Ultimate Strapless’), I decided to test it out myself.
Unfortunately, this bra stops at an F-cup, so a 32F was the biggest I could get to try it out. Even though I swing between FF-G, I figured there was a possibility I could get away with F, as from time to time strapless bras can come up loose in the cup.

The ‘Ultimate Strapless’ comes in the colours ‘skin’ and black, however, I was pleased to see there was a little extra variety when it came to the style.

Option 1:

'Ultimate Strapless' - Plain smoothe cup in 'Skin'

Option 2:

'Ultimate Strapless' - Plain smoothe cup in Black

Option 3:

'Ultimate Strapless' - Nude lace overlay in 'Skin'

Option 4:

'Ultimate Strapless' - Black lace overlay in 'Skin'

I chose the ‘Skin’ coloured bra with the nude lace overlay, I thought it was actually a really delicate and beautiful twist, on what would normally just be a plain moulded cup.

The Ultimate Strapless

When my ‘Ultimate Strapless’ arrived, I have to say, I was very impressed. This bra feels like a piece of hardware! It’s very sturdy, and seems almost mechanical – but to be honest, that’s generally what I’m looking for in a strapless bra if it’s going to hold me up all day long!

Without a doubt, it gave me the best cleavage from a strapless bra yet, and it really is so close to being perfect.

Wonderbra 'Ultimate Strapless' - Nude Lace 32F

Alas, I can’t bring myself to wear a bra that is probably about one or two cup sizes too small for me. I’m a girl that struggles to contain the ‘sideboob’, and if that ‘sideboob’ can’t be contained, then unfortunately the bra has to be avoided like the plague.

I was quite surprised about two things: first, that the ‘Ultimate Strapless’ didn’t actually go beyond an F-cup, (because they do go beyond that in some of their other styles; one of which I will talk about presently), and second that it starts at a 30″ back band, and not 28″.
Now fair enough, often strapless bras are tighter than regular bras, but it seems as though Wonderbra don’t do anything with a 28″ back. This surprises me even further, because I can quite clearly see that some of their models, are indeed a 28″ back size or less.

Despite all of that, in my opinion, this bra is very worthy of its ‘Ultimate Strapless’ title, just… not for anyone over an F-cup or under a 30″ band. Other than that, I really would recommend it.

Now to review my second Wonderbra purchase, the ‘Embrace’ bra.

I liked the look of this bra immediately; it seems sturdy and beautiful all at the same time. It’s a lace covered moulded cup plunge bra, with velvet detailing.

It also comes in a range of colours, which I always approve of.

Option 1:

'Embrace' - Black lace overlay on nude

Option 2:

'Embrace' - White lace overlay on white cup

Option 3:

'Embrace' - Blue lace overlay on nude

Option 3:

'Embrace' - Purple lace overlay on nude

Option 4:

'Embrace' - Pink lace overlay on nude

This bra goes from an E-G cup, so I tried it in a 32G. I actually felt the cup came up a little big, so for an inbetweeny like myself, I would prefer to opt for my smaller size of 32FF.

Wonderbra 'Embrace' Blue - 32G

Again I found it was a great cleavage enhancing bra, and very sturdy. I also loved the look of the blue lace particularly, it’s very enticing as bras go.
While at least this one does go up to a G cup, I still think they should considering going bigger, and including a 28″ back. There seems to be a myth that busty women either don’t want or need a cleavage enhancing bra, and while, yes, some J-cup women I know wouldn’t dream of wearing a wonderbra, I can think of quite a few HH-cup women that really would like to. These kinds of bras can really flatter the figure, and keep your breasts lifted and in place all day long. Who doesn’t want that?


Sophia xxx



March 29, 2011

I feel that words must be said about Freya’s Deco Moulded Plunge Bra; I’m surprised it’s even taken me this long to mention it!
The Deco is, without a doubt, marvelous. I do own a strapless Deco, but I’m going to start by talking about the original.
I bought my first one in Pomegranate, and it is gorgeous. Soft, comfortable, flattering and great to wear with practically any outfit. It goes up to a GG cup, so it’s bound to keep a lot of larger breasted women happy, although I do think they ought to consider expanding the size range for such a popular bra.

Pomegranate Deco 32FF

The 32FF (pomegranate) is, as I say, slightly too big for me. The girls need to be pulled up a little further, because the band isn’t quite tight enough, and the cups are a little loose. It’s still nice to wear, and when worn in the right size, will be absolutely perfect.

Among the other Deco’s that I own, are: the Freya Frida Deco, the Pistachio Deco, and the Strapless Deco; however, this is by no means going to be the end of my Deco collection.
The Frida is so pretty – probably one of my favourites so far. It’s purple leopard print, and made of really smooth material, with of course, the lovely moulded cups. I have the Frida in a 32F which is a cup size smaller than my regular size – I think if I could’ve found it in a 30FF (which is my Deco size), it would’ve been a better fit, as here I do have to wear it on the tightest hook.

Frida Deco 32F

As I have briefly mentioned above, before you purchase a Deco bra, you should be aware that you will most likely need it a band size smaller than your usual, and possibly a cup size smaller. I am normally 32FF and as I say, it was loose (in both band and cup).
However, the same cannot be said for the Strapless Deco. I made the mistake of purchasing it in a 30FF, and while the cup is fine-ish, the 30 is too tight – of course, this is because strapless bras are always tighter (a point I somehow failed to remember upon purchasing it). So my advice is, Standard Deco: Band and cup size smaller than usual, Strapless Deco: Cup size smaller than usual.

Strapless Deco 30FF

In order to wear the strapless, and still be comfortable in it, I bought an adjustment hook – which means it’s widened the band to 32; phew.

Last but my no means least, the Pistachio Deco; the newest in my collection (not for long!)
This is not normally a colour I would go for, I would describe it as ‘mint green‘, but somehow, it just works. It looks like ice cream, and I just feel great when I wear it (as is often the case with a Deco). I pre-ordered this one, to make sure I could get it in my regular deco size, 30FF (which seems to sell out fast). It is the best fitting one in my collection, but I still can’t decide whether I prefer this one, or the Frida – they’re both fabulous bras.

Pistachio Deco 30FF

Some places I recommend buying them are:

Freya’s own website: Deco Moulded Plunge Bra

Brastop: Deco Moulded Plunge Bra (Pomegranate)

Figleaves: Deco Strapless

Leia Lingerie: Pistachio Deco

The Frida Bra is hard to find, but here is a place that stocks them – not many sizes left though.

Anyway, that is all my info on Deco bras for the time being, and I thoroughly recommend getting one, or two, or more, if you don’t already own one. 🙂

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